4 Smart Devices You Should Get For Your Home

It’s the decade of smart homes and somehow it will be inevitable that you would find a smart device or a couple of them in every home across the country. They are affordable, easily available and can go a long way as an investment into your homes. Not only do they provide the ease of automation in your homes, but security and energy efficiency are added beneficial factors too.

Here are 4 smart devices for home automation and efficiency, and additional benefits they bring along with their features.

Smart Lights

Smart lights are going to be your new favorite thing around the house. These come as individual bulbs that can be individually controlled, or altogether through a central hub. Either way, smart bulbs are essentially controlled through smartphones, tablets and voice assistants – all you have to do is configure them to their mobile applications on these devices.

With smart lights installed around your home, you won’t have to get out of bed to turn off the light again, or worry about leaving the lights on for days while you’re away on vacation. They allow for scheduling of the lights to operate according to – like the front and backyard, as well as the living room lamp switching on at certain times of the day to make it seem like somebody’s home. Scheduling and the remote control feature will also let you cut back on necessary energy wastage, and eventually cut down on your monthly bills too!

But that’s not all. Although the remote control and voice control feature may sound amazing, smart bulbs can also be adjusted to the brightness levels you prefer, and with certain bulbs like the Sengled Smart Wi-Fi LED multicolor bulb they can switch colors – from warm to white tones, and to over 16 million shades of any color!

Smart Thermostat

Think of smart thermostats as an investment into your home. They may be pricey but these devices are really worth the price tag and here’s why.

Smart thermostats just like all other smart devices can be controlled through mobile applications downloadable onto our smartphones and tablets, and can also be enabled through voice control via compatible voice assistants. This makes them accessible remotely and wirelessly – you could be at home, at work, or in another city and still be able to control your smart thermostat!

These devices are designed to be energy efficient, with the option of scheduling available as well as the devices themselves being built-in with the smart technology that allows them to turn down while you’re away, or switch to an eco-friendly mode, as per your settings.

Some smart thermostats like the Google Nest Thermostat for instance, comes built-in with the Google Assistant; that means you don’t even have to pick up your phone, you can just say ‘Hey Google turn up the heat’.

Video Doorbell

There is never a question when it comes to home security, and video doorbells are not just the 21st century’s version of a doorbell, but also the perfect security device for your home. Here’s how they work.

Video doorbells connect to your phones and tablets through the home Wi-Fi network. That means you can answer the door and see whose outside straight from your wireless devices, practically from wherever you’re standing.

And at any point, if you want to see what’s going on outside at any time of the day, you can view the live video footage too! The cameras are usually of HD quality with night vision for clear, crisp video quality, and the devices also features built-in microphones and speakers to facilitate two-way audio.

These doorbells not only send in alerts to your devices when the doorbell rings but also when they detect any movement outside. Great security camera alternative, right?

Voice Assistant

Voice assistants come built into our phones, laptops and now in smart speakers since the last few years. And might we add, this brilliant technology is one we didn’t know we needed! Voice assistants are compatible with several smart devices in this day and age.

Initially, they were used to send texts, place calls, read out emails and set reminders from our phones. But with voice assistants now coming installed into smart speakers, they can be used to control other smart devices around you! You can turn down the smart thermostat, switch on a smart light, and turn on the smart coffee maker, all with simple voice commands! What was once such a mundane task or would let your laziness get the best of you is now something easily doable.

The above-mentioned are only a small fraction of the amount of smart devices that are actually out there on the market. There are whole categories of smart home products, such as the likes of kitchen appliances, utility devices, security devices and much more. Head on over to FirstEnergy’s website and check out their catalog of smart home devices, and you’ll see what we’re talking about.


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