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With the exponential growth of many enterprises, along came the need for storage and handling of their huge data records. It became ever more difficult for their hardware technologies to handle such colossal information. By the year 2013, cloud managed services started replacing hardware technologies. Many small and big managed cloud service providers in the market are specialized and can offer you cloud data management services that suit your needs.

But honestly, choosing a managed cloud service provider can be a bit of a challenge. The expertise and offerings of these service providers vary broadly and hence buyers need to know which provider will be a good fit for their business.

Trial and error can do the job, but it may turn out to be an extensive wastage of time and money. A much better way of doing it is by being proactive and inquisitive. We are here to help you get started with a few observations and surveys that will help you make a better choice for your business.

While picking a managed cloud services provider for your company, check whether your candidates meet the following criteria.

How robust is their security?

One of the most important elements of cloud data management is security. Have a meticulous look at the security features they are offering. Thoroughly understand the free and the paid features. Ask questions related to your core industry to understand how much understanding they have of your domain.

Understand their regulatory requirements and other policies. Most of the time they provide a listing of their security features, paid products, and partner’s integration on the security section in their respective websites.

How adaptable are they to your changing business needs?

Providing data integration and backup for your current business needs is fine, but you have to consider prospects as well. As your business will grow, your requirements from your managed cloud service provider will also change.

Understand how willing they are to change along with the changes in your requirement. Explore in detail how much are they ready to flex with your evolving needs.

Look at their client history and check their collaboration timelines. See how many clients have they retained for a long period.

Do they meet the compliance requirements of your industry?

The service provider you choose for your cloud data management must have an architecture that meets the mandatory compliance requirements of your industry. Know all the dos and don’ts related to the compliance policy. Understand what are your responsibilities and what needs to be taken care of by your provider.

How reliable are they during a crisis?

The managed cloud service provider we opt for will be responsible for maintaining and supporting critical data related to your business. Hence, they need to be very agile and efficient during a crisis.

Any data hitch or cyber issue that arises needs to be dealt with immediately. It is important to check whether your service provider is quick and competent enough to provide all the support and backup that your business may need.

Ask questions about their automation and upgrades. Examine how much safety their network provides against cybercriminals and hackers.

Check for reviews from existing clients:

Any competent managed cloud service provider will have a list of loyal clients, which they will readily share with the potential clients. Their service and backup records can be easily verified by previous users.

Many of the data can easily be found on the internet as well. So do your homework, check out their records, testimonials, etc. before you appoint them.

Compare the Pricing Plans:

Last but not least is to check the pricing plans of different cloud data management service providers in the market. Compare their prices and their offerings and see which one suits your business needs.

One good way of doing this is by specifying the exact amount of investment you are planning to make and then comparing different service providers’ offerings and checking if they can customise the plans according to your needs.

With these questions answered satisfactorily, you may get an efficient partner for the cloud data management of your business.  Set your standards high and be clear about your requirements.

The best service provider for your business will be the one who can your business entirely, customise their services according to your needs, and provide a “round-the-clock” support system.

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