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The Internet is crowded with small games that make for an effective way to kill your spare time. These games are light and do not force you to check specifications on your PC now and then. Some games are large and draw on memory usage of the device, but bubble shooter games work just fine and rarely require a third-party app installation.

The overplayed puzzles and word games are just a spin on the old ones. Download the bubble shooter games listed below to bring a change to your taste in gaming.

Candy Bubble

The game reminds the player of Candy Crush as it has color combinations and bright color grading in its gameplay. The gameplay primarily consists of shooting bubbles that have candy-like visuals. The game starts with a simple grouping of bubbles, unlike those with a massive group of random bubbles.

The grading system used by Candy Bubble is the original three-star grading that the Angry Birds games had popularized. The basic mechanics of the games are the same, providing a known system of replayability. Among all these other features, it also adds visuals that depict the trajectory of the shots and where they will bounce off from the walls. This action aids the player in understanding the concept of the deflected shots.

Bubbles Shooter

This game is entirely different from that of the bubble shooter game. One distinct yet minor difference from the original game is that this game has sound effects and music that the other game doesn’t have. This game should not be confused with the equally popular Bubble Shooter that accidentally has almost the same name.

Bubbles Shooter allows the player to swap around a bubble after being stored. This action is beneficial when the player is just a single shot away from making a combo that will help him win the game. In most cases, it does not instantly let the player win but also prevents the game from being over.

MPL Bubble Shooter Game

This version by MPL features a cannon that shoots colored balls on the provided field of the game. The game’s objective is to match bubbles of the same colors and make them pop. Grouping three or more bubbles in a single segment makes them vanish from the game arena. The player loses if the bubbles tack up and reach the end of the device screen.

This game supports tournament and battle formats of gameplay. Players can actively participate in online battles to win rewards. Also, this game offers 24×7 customer support in case there is any form of technical difficulty while gaming. Download the bubble shooter game right now to get a unique and valuable experience.

Bubble Dragons

The general idea behind this game is quite similar to that of a bubble shooter game. The game augments graphics but does not stop there right away. The game’s primary goal is to match the three coordinated bubbles of the same color and, while doing that, make them land near the dragon eggs.

After the player has matched the bubbles near the eggs, the egg explodes. The fun fact is that if there is another egg within the radius of this exploding egg, it also explodes. Unique to this game is that it allows the player to set up massive combos that we commonly do not observe in bubble shooter games.

The game also serves a user base for colorblind players. The icons that denote each person show the type so that the player does not solely depend upon color for identification.

Kitty Bubbles

According to Latimer, Bubble Shooter games are highly addictive and keep players of all ages hooked for hours. This bubble shooter game is quite an offbeat variant in the bubble shooter segment. This version has used the Internet’s likeness towards cats and included them in the game.

Instead of the usual bubbles, there are yarn balls in this game. The launcher is drawn in the shape of a cat, and it is in charge of shooting the balls to match the swarm placed on top of the screen.

The player can play on mobile devices as the corners of the screen get pillared while playing the PC version. Though the visuals and general theme of the game have completely changed, the idea behind it strictly follows that of a general bubble shooter.

Soccer Bubble

Quite identical to that of Kitty Bubbles, the theme of this bubble shooter game revolves around soccer. The bubbles in the game are soccer balls, and a football player is the graphic representation of the in-game launcher.

The game mechanics are entirely unchanged, with the change only being in the visuals. For soccer fans, it is a favorite, and the simple visual elements make it even more fun to play.

Bubble Shooter

The original Bubble shooter has been around for quite some time now. This game is the most straightforward bubble shooter game and has the most user-friendly interface. The game only involves the player aiming and shooting the ball to the matching segments to score.

The format used by Bubble Shooter is HTML 5, which is quite common and, therefore, can be played on any browser. The player need not worry about installing any plugins or Flash to play this game on their PC. The gamer can play it on mobile devices and PC, but the layout is best suited for a desktop experience.

In summation, all bubble shooter games work on a similar set of mechanics and turns that revolve around the same gameplay. They are entertaining and prevalent among people of all ages.

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