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Admit it or not, we all got bored during the lockdown by sitting idle at home. The pandemic has also restricted us from meeting our friends or going out for a party, as social distancing is the new norm. Playing indoor games and watching movies or tv series is what saved us all.

We all pay a hefty amount for subscription on the various platform to watch movies, but let me tell you, you don’t need to do that anymore. All your money would be saved because after reading this article, you will not feel the need to subscribe to any platform sounds interesting; yes, 123mkv is a fantastic website, to know more keep reading.

Movies constitute to be a very major part of our lives, not from now, but from ages indeed. We all have been looing forward to watching movies every now and then, as movies are very much a very big and important part of our lives.

In the earlier times, we were left with no choice, but to actually spend our hard-earned money on buying movies via DVD’s and CD’s that too when only later on.

However, the times have really changed, and all thanks to technology that we can now watch our favourite movie and series, whenever we wish to.

These shows and movies are literally available whenever we feel like. Be it morning, afternoon, night or mid night, we can watch anything at any time, without having to wait. All due to thanks to technology, we no more have to visit the movie theatre and spend our money.

Rather we can watch our favourite movie or show, at our own comfort, without having to spend a single penny, what better can it be?

There are number of platforms today which give us immense opportunities to watch movies, and today we are going to discuss about one of them in detail.

What is 123 mkv?


123 mkv is a website for movie lovers. This website has some fantastic features which can come in handy for every movie-lover out there. Whether you are a big fan of Hollywood movies or Bollywood movies or love watching movies in the local language like Tamil, Telegu 123mkv is the right platform for you.

When it comes to the quality of the video, this website has various options to choose from like mp4, HD, Full HD, and Dual Audio qualities. Depending upon your internet speed, you can download the one most suitable for you. Based on your choice, you can watch online movies on this platform or even download and watch it at your convenience.

Outstanding features of 123.mkv

123mkv movies platform has some unique features; let’s take a look at them

Free for Subscription

Who does not love free things, especially when it has fantastic features which can take away your boredom? Yes, you heard it right 12mkvmovies are free. If you are a big fan of regional movies, 12mkvmovies has some best south Hindi dubbed movies for you, and that too for free.

Easy to navigate

You don’t have to spin your head to download a movie from the 123mkv, the website is straightforward to navigate, and anyone can use it without any hassle. The search bar and the special filter makes the task of searching for movies very easy. The website has several options like 123k Bollywood, Hollywood and many more you can download the film you wish to see.

Latest movies Collections

Are you a big fan of Hollywood movie but find it challenging to understand the accent of English movies? Try 123mkv Hollywood movies on this platform are dubbed in HindiThe platform has the latest collection of every genre like science fiction, romantic, thriller, horror. The platform has movies for every age group, and you can enjoy binge-watching with your family on weekends.

No need to register

If you are concerned about maintaining the privacy of your database and think twice before registering on any site,123mk is the right platform for you. Unlike every other platform, you do not have to register or signup yourself so, you can watch online or download some of your favourite movies without invading your privacy.


The platform has a fantastic feature of a converter that can convert your video quality from mp4 to mp3 if you run out of data while downloading or have a limited internet connection.

Save your data

Do you have limited data and still want to watch a movie, through 123mkv movie, you can save your data by setting the video quality of the film according to your preference while watching or download the movie

Know more about your favourite movies

Do you want to know about the star cast or the box-office collection of the latest movie released 123Mkp can help you with that? Watching the review of every film before deciding whether to go for it is something we all love to do. 12mkv gives an IMD rating of the movie, which help you to understand whether it is worth spending your weekend watching the  movie or not. The website has information like

  • IMDB Rating
  • The Pixels
  • Director names
  • Casts or the actors in the film.
  • Writer name
  • Movies’ Box Office Collection worldwide

Screenshot for quality check

123mkv promise to provide the best quality video for your favourite movies. The website also has some screenshot of a specific scene from the film. Theses screenshot helps to know the quality of the film which in itself is a great feature.


Types of Movies Available on 123mkv

For making the platform user friendly, the movies are divided into various categories; they are

  • Hindi Movies
  • English Movies
  • Hindi Dubbed movies
  • South Dubbed movies
  • Yearly (movies according to year)
  • Latest Movies
  • Serials
  • Bollywood Movies
  • Bollywood Full Movies 2020 downloads
  • Hollywood Hindi Dubbed movies
  • Punjab movies


How to Download Movies for free from 123mkv

After reading so many amazing thighs about 123mkv, you must be tempted to use it and download or watch your favourite movies; let’s look at how to do that.

To maintain the privacy of the company and users, the website keeps changing the URL. Search for the following URL on your search engine

  • 123Mkv
  • 123Mkv net
  • 123Mkv in
  • 123Mkv Hollywood
  • 123Mkv.com


  1. Type 123Mkv directly on your search engine (google more preferred).
  2. Click on one of the above links from the search result you get
  3. You will reach the webpage of 123mkv
  4. The suggestion box of the website will recommend the latest movies to you
  5. Look at the top of the screen you will get a search box
  6. Type the name of your favourite movie you are looking for
  7. You can type your favourite movie name in the search box for getting the entire film for download.
  8. Use the filter on the website to get your desired search result
  9. Once you get a desire search result, click on download and download the film in the quality you are looking for.


 Best Alternative for 123mkv

123mkv is undoubtedly an excellent platform for movie lovers; however, if you cannot download the movie through it or don’t want to for whatever reasons, it may be. Don’t worry! there are some alternatives to 123mkv in the market; let’s explore them.



Crackle has a vast database that is updated regularly, making it the best prime wire website. It is a free streaming site where you can find the latest movie and almost the viral videos and episode of your favourite tv serial, and what not crackle is all in one platform you must try out.


If you love watching foreign tv serial, Alluc is best for you. It has a wide range of genre like sports, cartoon. documentaries etc.


To watch movies on zmovies from their variety of genre, all you need to do is get registered yourself with your mail-id. Enjoy watching


Tamilgun, as the name itself, says, this site is for Tamil movie fan, but that doesn’t mean you cannot find Bollywood and Hollywood movies here. It  has a wide range of categorised choices you can enjoy watching on this site for free. The site is very user-friendly having a single interface, and is easy to navigate anyone can use it.



An illegal sire for movie download on the torrent is what Dvdvilla is. However, they have some good movies which you can check out.

For every movie-lover out there hope this article was helpful and now you can enjoy binge-watching with your friend and family.


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