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Miller’s Ale House Overview

Miller’s Ale House, a restaurant business created more than 30 years ago, is often forgotten. Even though the chain claims to have more than 90 locations, they are only in 10 states, with most Miller’s restaurants located in Florida, according to their website.

Cult status for Miller’s Ale House is understandable if you live near a branch of the chain. Craft beer, delicious bar food, and classic American fare are just some reasons why this restaurant is so popular with locals. Because of Miller’s no-reservation policy, you may have to wait in line for a table if you want to eat there with your friends and family, as well as if you’re going to watch the game.

Miller’s Ale House, despite its loyal following, is a relatively unknown name in the restaurant industry at large. So here are some critical facts about the chain, many of which you may be surprised to learn.

A non-owner has taken over the Miller’s Ale House. Miller’s

Founded by a married couple, Jack and Claire Miller, the first Miller’s Ale House opened in Jupiter, Florida, in 1988. After this location’s success, they decided to expand their business and open a chain. By 2013, Miller’s Ale House had grown to 65 locations across the United States. SKM Equity Fund III sold the chain to Roark Capital Partners in that transaction.

According to its website, Miller’s Ale House now has 98 locations and counting. To keep up with demand, the company plans to open eight to 10 new locations each year.

Current Miller’s owners appear to be doing a fine job running the company. One of Roark Capital Group’s subsidiaries, Arby’s, owns Auntie Anne’s and Cinnabon as well as Carvel Ice Cream and Moe’s Southwest Grill.

Miller’s offers a wide variety of alcoholic beverages

Because the restaurant’s name includes the word “alehouse,” it is only natural to place a heavy emphasis on the beer served. When it comes to Miller’s Ale House, both food and drink are equally important.

Sodas and cocktails are available, but the chain stays true to its name with a well-planned beer program. If you’re a regular, you can look forward to trying something new each time you visit, or you can stick to your old favorites.

Whether or not the sign says “alehouse,” newcomers will not be disappointed if they enter the establishment. A beer connoisseur will be just as content as an IPA devotee.

Up to 75 different beers are typically available at Miller’s Ale House. A bar was expected to have six or eight different types of beer on tap in the past.

Depending on their focus, craft beer establishments can now offer anywhere from 20 to 40 different beers on tap at once. Miller’s Ale House boasts on its website that it has over 35 beers on tap, which is comparable to other breweries.

There is a Miller’s version of chicken tenders available

Does it have any bones in it? What the hell are you talking about, a chicken finger? What’s this, a chicken thigh? All of the above: A “Zinger” is what Miller’s Ale House refers to it as. By tweaking an already popular fried food item, Miller’s has created its signature dish that stands out from its competitors.

According to miller ale house menu webpage, Zingers are a prominent part of the chain’s offerings and promotions. According to LancasterOnline, Zingers are a must-have for regulars and a must-try for first-timers.

To dispel any misconceptions, no, Miller’s did not invent this wheel. Their proprietary approach to chicken strips, on the other hand, has been refined over time and has proven to be a success. Zingers are boneless, deep-fried, never frozen, coated with buttermilk, and hand-breaded.

Choosing a sauce is arguably the most enjoyable part of the process. Miller’s now has 17 spices to go with your Zingers, including Nashville Hot, Mango Habanero, Caribbean Jerk, Teriyaki, and Garlic Parmesan, which will be introduced in August 2020. (via Facebook). A salad, sandwich, flatbread, or even macaroni and cheese can also be served with Zingers on it.

As a sports bar, Miller’s Ale House is the place to be

“If you have a team, we have a screen” is the Miller’s Ale House motto. With “wall-to-wall screens,” the Miller’s Ale House can boast more than 60 TVs in one establishment, according to the website for the Media, Pennsylvania alehouse.

In addition to a massive menu of consistently excellent food and beverages, Miller’s equation includes a mission to help every patron cheer on their favorite sports team. People flock to this chain to watch sporting events because of the perfect combination of beer, fried chicken, and many televisions in each location.

This means that you may want to plan your visit a little more carefully. If you’re looking for the thrill of watching the game with other sports fans, then go ahead and do so. When there aren’t many popular games going on, you may want to go so you can sit at a table with your friends and have a conversation. Miller’s Ale House has a reputation for being a noisy bar.

In the end, Miller’s Ale House realized that trademarking “ale house” was a mistake

One of the reasons Miller’s Ale House isn’t as well-known is because it uses a geographic approach to naming its restaurants.


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