Sheila Marie Ryan

Sheila Marie Ryan

Sheila Marie Ryan is known as one of the top actresses in the industry. Her career spans more than three decades and she has starred in such famous films as “Anastasia,” “Ghost” and “The Princess Bride.” However, the real reason for her success is her talent, her determination and her ability to work hard. Despite the many challenges, she has stayed true to her purpose and continues to make a difference in the entertainment world. This is the reason why she should be celebrated and commended for her greatness.

Acting career

Sheila Ryan was a model and actress who has starred in several movies. Some of her roles include: Great Guns, Mule Train, The Cowboys and the Indians, Lone Star Blues, Song of Texas, Railroaded, Dressed to Kill, and Charlie Chan mysteries.

Sheila Ryan was born on June 8, 1921 in Topeka, Kansas, USA. In her early years, she had a successful career as a model, before her acting career took off in the 1940s. It was around this time that she was discovered and signed by 20th Century Fox Pictures.

Sheila Ryan began her acting career by playing the role of Bettie McLaughlin in the film, A-Haunting We Will Go. Later, she starred in the Busby Berkeley musical, The Gang’s All Here. Her film career also included roles in low-budget westerns, like Great Guns, The Cowboys and the Indians, and Mule Train.

Ryan also appeared in a number of films with Gene Autry. They married in 1952 and stayed together until 1975. Their son Scott Caan was born in 1976 in Los Angeles, California. Afterward, they separated.

Despite her success in the movie industry, Sheila Ryan is still remembered for her work as a model. She was named as the most beautiful woman in People magazine in 1994. However, her career as an actress did not go as planned. As her career started to decline in the late 1940s, she was dropped from some of her big projects.

While working with Autry, she met Pat Buttram. Initially, they dated for a few months. During this period, Ryan was photographed with Elvis Presley. That is why she was brought backstage by the star’s guys.

In the 1970s, she was a constant companion for Elvis. She reportedly received $3,000 a month for five years. After this, she received custody of her son. Throughout her years with Elvis, Sheila was photographed in finer clothing and posing with the star.

Although she was never a superstar, Sheila Ryan is remembered for her roles in Lone Star Blues and Railroaded.


Although Elvis Presley has eluded us for the better part of a decade, it seems like the king of rock and roll has a new girlfriend. Sheila Marie Ryan, one of Elvis’ longtime flings, is said to have a “secret” love affair with the King of Rock and Roll. During her brief stint in the limelight, she appeared on the cover of the Playboy magazine in 1973.

Sheila Marie Ryan was an actress and model. Her most prominent roles include roles in Road House and Lone Star Blues. During her time in Hollywood, she also costarred with the likes of Ray Apt and Michael Shayne in a series of esoteric films. In addition to her many acting gigs, she also managed to find the time to enjoy a number of flings. The most noteworthy one of them all was with one of the most iconic American icons of the past ten years, Elvis. Throughout their relationship, the couple managed to snag a number of memorable photographs together. One of their most famous shots, which can be seen in the accompanying photo gallery, shows the two of them on a yacht in Monaco.

Sheila Marie Ryan died in 2012 at the age of 59. The former actress had an illustrious career in film, television and stage, having made her mark in the genres of westerns, comedies, crime and spy dramas. After her marriage to actor James Caan ended in 1977, she went on to form a new partnership with her second husband, actor Scott Caan. A slew of awards and accolades followed, but it all came crashing down in 2007 when the duo filed for divorce. Among the issues that scuttled their romance were the fact that they were not compatible with each other. However, they did manage to work together on several projects, including a movie, a series of books, and a number of theatrical exhibitions. Having said that, the pair did manage to reconcile and rekindle their romance.

Obviously, she was no longer the lady of the night when she married her husband, albeit not in a traditional ceremony. Their son, Scott, was born in 1976.


Sheila Marie Ryan is a lady, but the question is who is she? The actress and former wife of James Caan has passed on, leaving her family in her wake. Aside from a stellar acting career, Sheila was also a model and the author of the book “Fame on Me: Elvis and me”. Her most famous role was that of the love interest of Elvis Presley.

For better or worse, Sheila was an active member of the Daughters of the American Revolution and a 1st Lieutenant in the Air Force. While she enjoyed a long and fruitful career, it wasn’t without its ups and downs. However, her love for the Lone Star state was unwavering, so much so that she stayed in Texas after marrying Caan. In fact, it was the state that helped her get her start in show business.

Sheila’s accomplishments include a star turn in the musical “The Gang’s all here,” starring Busby Berkeley, as well as a few low-budget westerns. When it comes to filmmaking, Sheila also starred in the aforementioned lone star. Other notable credits include a role in the Charlie Chan mystery, the short-lived thriller, “Road House,” and the murder drama, “Dressed to Kill.”

Of course, Sheila’s fanciest achievements are her many children and grandchildren. Although Sheila is not around to help her kids find their footing, she taught them the value of self-reliance and self-respect. Indeed, the actress had a good heart. Sadly, her life was cut short in 2012. She died in September of 2012, aged 59. This is a sad day for her loved ones. If you want to learn more about Sheila, check out her official website. You can also find more information about her at her online guestbook. Regardless of where she calls home, Sheila is a beloved member of the community, and her memory will live on forever.

Hopefully, you can find some inspiration from her life. Sheila, you are loved and remembered for your tenacity and spirit. We’ll miss you! Until we see you again, we thank you for the love you have shown us.


Sheila Marie Ryan was a model and actress, who was born on September 17, 1952. She died on September 18, 2012 in Canoga Park, California, USA. Her death was a result of cancer. Other than her four children, Sheila Riches is survived by her nieces and nephews and great-grandchildren.

Sheila Ryan was an actress, who starred in numerous low-budget westerns and low-budget movies. She also appeared in several TV shows. In fact, she was the cover girl of Playboy Magazine in 1973. After her stint as a model, Sheila started acting in a number of movies. Some of her notable performances include Great Guns, Lone Star Blues, and Charlie Chan mysteries.

Sheila Ryan also dated Elvis Presley. Their relationship lasted about two years after Elvis ended his relationship with Linda Thompson. During this time, they went on many dates, and she hung out with Elvis at a Franklin Park restaurant. While she was a model and actress, she had been in the film industry for a long time. At one point, she was photographed with Elvis in 1970s finery. Afterwards, she married James Caan, a film director, in 1976. Upon the breakup of their marriage, she dated Elvis again.

Sheila Ryan reportedly wrote a book titled “Fame on Me” about her relationship with Elvis. It is rumored that the book could change the public’s perception of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Before her death, she was still under medical care. If you would like to leave a condolence for Sheila Ryan, visit the online guestbook at Adair Funeral & Cremation Services. You can purchase funeral flowers from this location. This memorial was posted by the family.

Sheila Ryan passed away on September 18, 2012. She was 60 years old. She is survived by her son Scott Caan and her daughter, Tara Caan. Friends remember her as a strong and caring mother. A funeral service will be held on September 22, 2012, at 10:00 AM at Oakwood Memorial Park in Chatsworth, CA. Those who wish to pay their respects may do so by visiting the funeral home, contacting the family, or donating to charity.

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