Games Kharido

Games Kharido

Unique and eye-catching in-game goods have made Free Fire a popular game. The Free Fire Store offers Characters, Bundles, Pets, Weapons, and more.

Like those in any other free-to-play game, most of these unique products must be purchased with real money from the in-game store using Free Fire diamonds.

Websites like Games Kharido also provide diamond top-ups and top-up their wallets at the store.

How to Get a 100% Bonus at Kharid Games

Diamonds are the currency of choice in Free Fire, as we all know. Because we’ve already written about Free Fire Diamond Cheats, here we will go over all there is to know about Free Fire Diamond. Game Kharido or Garena Top-up Center will be the focus of this post.

A Top Up is required to obtain a diamond in Free Fire. A person can do this on the Free Fire Game App or third-party websites such as Coda store, Garena Top Up Center, and Games Kharido. You can buy more Free Fire diamonds on this site. Diamond top-ups can be done here, and players can receive up to a 100% bonus.

For example, Garena Top Up Center and Games Kharido Com.

Game Kharido is an approved Garena diamond top-up site established by Garena Free Fire and the To Up Center. A diamond top-up for pals can be done on this site. The most delicate part is that diamond top-up is possible without requiring an id. Player ID is all that is needed for a Topup. Garena TopUp Center or can be used to top up anyone’s account.

It is possible to earn the double diamond from a single price in the game Kharido, which delivers a 100% bonus. You may buy all of the Free Fire Diamond Top Up at a discount on the Gamekharido app. Top-up costs are affordable for everyone, and you gain a double benefit. In the process of topping up, please tell us how to accomplish it through Gamekharido com!

From Games Kharido, how to top up

If you’re looking to get the double diamond bonus from a Garena top-up, GameKharido is the place to go. Let’s say you wish to use the GameKharido dot com Top-up center to top off your Diamonds. You’ll need to follow this detailed instruction to get started.

  1. To begin, go to the gameskharido on the Garena Topup Center’s official website.
  2. Select the Free Fire Diamonds Top-Up option.
  3. Choose the diamond’s top-up amount and input the player ID of the Free Fire game.
  4. When you’re ready to purchase, select the Buy Now button.
  5. Afterward, log back into your Free Fire account and finish the payment procedure.
  6. A bonus will be added to the account, and Diamonds will be shown.

The Internet is awash with phony top-up sites for FastFlix. Please double-check the area before making a payment.

When you top up your Games Kharido App, you’ll get a 100% double bonus

The first time you top up using Paytm, you’ll receive 100 percent bonus diamonds. Once per player ID and solely for the Facebook login method, this bonus is yours to enjoy.

One hundred percent diamonds in the game Kharido Only one bonus word is allowed per ID. Only Paytm payments are eligible for this promotion. It’s possible to take advantage of this promotion if your Free Fire ID is linked to Facebook.

1.To begin, go to

  1. Click on the Free Fire Top-up option.
  2. Select the Facebook Login Method
  3. To recharge your Paytm account, click on the Paytm option, select the top-up amount, and click on the Paytm button.
  4. Paytm is the final step in the payment procedure.
  5. You’ll receive a bonus of 100% diamonds on top of what you already have.


GamesKharido’s most recent add-ons

Gamekharido’s most popular lists are shown below.

1. 40 to 50 Diamonds + Bonus 50 Diamonds

  1. 100 bonus diamonds in addition to the usual 80-100
  2. 240-310 Diamonds + 310 Diamonds in Bonus
  3. In the range of 400-520 diamonds
  4. 800 to 1060 Diamonds + Bonus 1060 Diamonds
  5. 1600-2180 Diamonds + 2180 Diamonds Extra
  6. A total of 4000 to 5600 diamonds, with a 5600 bonus

Players can select their preferred payment method and click on Proceed to Payment to finish the top-up. The initial purchase comes with a 100% bonus, and all subsequent purchases come with a 10% bonus.

Offers from Games kharido’s Diamond’s Top-Up Sale

As a result, gamers can rely on Gameskharido to deliver the most incredible diamond top-up deal possible. You get twice as many diamonds the first time you buy from Gameskharido and log in with Facebook. Making a payment via Paytm UPI also results in additional rewards.

Where can you get the best bargain on diamond top-ups for the Free Fire game mode?

A 310 diamond top-up costs Rs 250 in-game; this implies you spend Rs 10 more but receive fewer diamonds per rupee spent on in-game purchases.

Is it safe to play Games Kharido?

Garena Online Private Limited is in charge of running Game Kharido. Be on the lookout for bogus websites that attempt to steal personal information from their visitors. Only trusted websites should access your personal information, such as your bank account or credit card number. At this writing, the website has a Trustpilot rating of 4.6, which suggests that more than 82% of users had a positive experience with the site.


This document is intended to serve as a guide for those who want to complete Free Fire Top-up the right way. The Gamekharido website and app let users receive an additional diamond bonus with each Top-up to make things even sweeter. But each time a user tops up, they will receive a free interest.

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