Bianca Censori

Bianca Censori, an Australian entrepreneur who runs her own jewelry brand known as Nylons. Additionally, she holds a degree in architecture from University of Melbourne.

She currently works as Kanye West’s head of architecture for Yeezy. Based out of Los Angeles and 27 years old.

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Bianca Censori, born January 5, 1996 in Melbourne, Australia is an architect, entrepreneur and jewelry designer with an impressive following on social media. Due to her hard work and dedication, she has achieved great success; furthermore her beautiful charm draws followers who admire her success as much as they adore wearing fashionable clothes themselves!

She currently works as the head of architecture for Yeezy and has held this role since 2020. Additionally, she owns jewelry company Nylons which she established shortly after graduating high school – it has now grown into a successful enterprise. Additionally, she holds a degree in architecture from University of Melbourne.

Bianca is an amazing and talented individual who serves as an incredible role model for young women who aspire to careers in architecture. Her positive outlook and cheerful smile make her a highly sought-after architect influencer on Instagram, where she frequently shares inspiring quotes.

Bianca and Kanye West were reported to be marrying secretly at a private ceremony held at the Beverly Hills Waldorf Astoria hotel on Thursday 12th January 2023, though no marriage license had been filed yet to make their union official.

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Bianca Censori is an architect, entrepreneur, and jewelry designer. As one of the rising stars in architecture today, she has received praise for her creative and innovative designs as well as strong advocacy on diversity issues within architecture. Bianca currently works at Kanye West’s company Yeezy where she serves as Head of Architecture.

She grew up in Melbourne, Australia and quickly discovered an affinity for art and design at an early age. With an innate understanding of color and texture she’s adept at producing stunning designs with limited resources. Additionally, she’s known to work incredibly hard in her pursuit of her goals.

Her work has been featured in leading architecture publications, earning several awards for her accomplishments. She has spoken at several events to encourage women entering architecture as professions.

Bianca stands out with her distinct contemporary/modern aesthetic and designs that go beyond conventional architecture. Her attention to detail and use of special materials create an impressive portfolio.

Bianca boasts an immense social media following and is an esteemed influencer. She recently made headlines after reports surfaced regarding possible engagement to Kanye West (of Kanye and Kimye fame). Although not legally married yet, they have been seen together at times in Beverly Hills.

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Bianca Censori, an architect and entrepreneur, has amassed considerable wealth over time. She lives an extravagant lifestyle, boasting an extensive collection of designer clothes and handbags from prominent fashion houses. Additionally, Bianca is known to appear as both model and actress in various television programs and movies; yet prefers keeping her personal life private despite all of this success.

Since she was young, she had an intense passion for acting and modeling. Following this interest, she moved to the US to study acting before quickly beginning a fashion career that quickly made her a household name in the industry.

In 2023, she married Kanye West in an intimate ceremony and then deleted their social media accounts afterward. Rumor has it that they were deeply in love; Kanye even dedicated a song named Censori Overload specifically to her.

Bianca Censori’s net worth remains unknown due to her desire for privacy; however, estimates put her estimated wealth at about $5 Million based on her extensive collection of designer clothes and shoes as well as an exquisite home.

Furthermore, she also takes an avid interest in interior design, is adept at Adobe Dimension, customer service and furniture designing – and has achieved remarkable success due to hard work and dedication.


Bianca Censori, originally from Australia, rose to fame after marrying rapper Kanye West and serving as his head of architecture for his company Yeezy. Additionally, she owns Nylons Jewellery which showcases her extraordinary craftsmanship. Bianca is both talented and hardworking – she makes for an admirable team player!

Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia of Italian heritage and Capricorn sign, she showed an early passion for art and design as she explored many architectural structures around Melbourne that captured her interest. As she matured she found that these experiences informed her worldview further.

After graduating from Carey Baptist Grammar School, she continued her studies at the University of Melbourne where she earned both a Bachelor and Master’s of Architecture degrees – giving her the skills needed to succeed professionally.

She is an ambitious lady, always working towards reaching her goals. She possesses a good sense of humor and adopts an optimistic view towards life, possessing a slim physique with attractive features and possessing great talent in singing and acting – she even stars on Tiktok and social media platforms with large fan followings on Instagram and Facebook!

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