Bird Park

Bali Bird Park or Taman Burung Bali is a destination you must visit when you visit Bali. Especially if you are an animal lover such as reptiles and birds. Bali Bird Park is the only bird park in Bali.

Bali Bird Park presents various birds from Africa, America, and Indonesia. With an area of ​​2 hectares, Bali Bird Park has a collection of approximately 1000 birds. The types of birds that you can find at the Bali Bird Park also vary from Wudah, Julang, Parrot, Cenderawasih, Kasturi, Bondol, Golden Junia, and others.

Rides at Bali Bird Park

At the Bali Bird Park, you not only meet various reptiles and birds, but it also has a variety of exciting activities from the rides they have, such as:

Bali Rainforest

This tour is a flying bird show that will amaze you. There are various types of birds from storks, cockatoos to macaws. The birds will show off their ability to fly.

Basic Instinct

Basic Instinct is another attraction that you shouldn’t miss. Basic Instinct is a bird attraction that catches its prey, which is very tense to see.

In this Basic Instinct attraction, eagles and owls will fly high, watching their prey in the distance. In an instant, they would come down to catch it.

Meet the Bird Stars

Meet the Bird Stars is an attraction that will make you feel the excitement of interacting directly with the birds. In Meet the Bird Stars, you can meet and interact with hornbills and cockatoos.

Pelican Feeding

Bali Bird Park also features attractions such as Pelican Feeding. Uniquely, Pelican Feeding is done by throwing fresh fish to feed the pelicans.

You don’t need to be afraid when throwing fresh fish because gloves are provided, so your hands will be protected from the pelican’s beak.

Papua Rainforest Feed

At the Papua Rainforest Feed attraction, you can see the eating habits of the birds of paradise in this park. The bird of paradise or Cenderawasih bird is an exotic bird originating from Papua. At Papua Rainforest Feed, officers will show their actions when feeding these birds.

Lory Feeding

If you want to feed the birds in this park directly, you can try the Lory Feeding ride. Here, you will be given a bowl filled with cereal and honey. This food is similar to parrot food. The parrots will fly and come to you to take the cereal and honey.

So, it’s not just water sports in Bali that are exciting. This Park is also no less attractive. So, don’t forget to include it in your vacation destination, OK?



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