National Pet Day

National Pet Day provides an amazing opportunity to celebrate your furry companion and honor your relationship. Additionally, this day marks an effort to spread awareness of all of the pets who await forever homes at shelters across America.

Colleen Paige, a pet lifestyle expert and animal welfare advocate, developed this holiday as an incentive to give our furry companions some extra love with treats, toys, and extra affection. You can also help local pet organizations by donating food, toys and blankets.

1. Adopt a Pet

Adopting a rescue animal is a fantastic way to show your love and support. Pets bring so much happiness into our lives, making us feel connected. Shelters hold many animals waiting for forever homes.

Colleen Paige created National Pet Day as a means to bring awareness about the millions of shelter animals waiting for homes, and this day is an excellent chance to show your pet some extra affection – whether through longer belly rubs or increased playtime!

2. Treat Your Pet

National Pet Day is an opportunity to show your pet some extra love. Think about giving them something extra special like giving a treat or toy they’ve never seen before or taking them on a walk you won’t forget or playing longer with them than usual!

Don’t forget to keep table scraps, chocolate and other human food sources away from your pets, as these could prove highly toxic for both dogs and cats!

Make sure to show extra love for animals still looking for homes. Visit your local shelter or rescue group and donate supplies such as food, toys and blankets.

3. Volunteer at a Shelter

Not every fur baby finds the loving homes it deserves, forcing many into shelters until a place opens up for them.

National Pet Day was initiated by animal welfare campaigner Colleen Paige to bring awareness of the millions of shelter animals waiting to find homes each year.

Donate time at your local shelter and help these animals by volunteering. Even two hours can make a huge difference! Shelters need all the help they can get in order to keep their doors open for these beautiful pets.

4. Share Your Pet on Social Media

Owners across the globe are celebrating National Pet Day this year by sharing adorable animal-related posts and videos, along with taking time to remember and thank their beloved companions for all they’ve done for them.

Studies suggest that pets are great for our health! Treat your beloved four-legged companion well – they deserve it. Also consider adopting from shelters as it will give them a fur-ever home, which truly makes the best pet companions.

5. Bake Some Treats

Pets enrich our lives in many ways, so it is essential that we show our appreciation. They bring companionship and unconditional love which cannot be found elsewhere.

As part of National Pet Day festivities, why not bake some tasty treats like dog biscuits or catnip cookies and go on an outing together like walking to their favorite spot or hiking. Snap some cute photos and share them on social media (be sure to tag @Chewy) so as to further promote National Pet Day! Every share helps spread its message!

6. Go on an Extra Special Outing

National Pet Day is the perfect occasion to show your pets some extra TLC. Take them out on longer walks, treat them to extra treats, and show your affection in ways you might otherwise.

Colleen Paige, an animal welfare advocate and pet lifestyle expert, created this special day in 2006 to raise awareness about the 6.5 million shelter animals who require permanent homes and encourage people to adopt rather than purchase.

Celebrate National Pet Day by showing your affection for your pets by purchasing them a stylish tag from Artistic Direct!

7. Make a Special Ice Cream Sundae for Your Pet

Your pet is part of your life – give them some extra TLC on National Pet Day by providing toys, treats and extra care based on their individual needs!

Colleen Paige, creator of this holiday and several others related to animal-care issues, established National Adopt a Shelter Animal Day as part of her effort to spread awareness about shelter animals and encourage adoptions – with an emphasis on spreading the message “Don’t shop, adopt!”

Get out with your pet to a park or other location they don’t usually visit – not only is it fun for them, but you may gain some additional exercise as well! It will keep them engaged while also giving both you and them some exercise!

8. Donate to a Shelter

Every year millions of cats and dogs enter shelters across America; some as strays while others were given up by their owners. Help these fur-ever friends find homes by making a donation of either your time or money to your local shelter or rescue.

Create a fundraiser at work or in your community by decorating with printed pictures of pets looking for homes, serving animal-inspired food and drink, or sending cards with donations attached directly to them for those who have recently lost a beloved companion animal.

9. Take a Selfie with Your Pet

Your pet is the love of your life. On National Pet Day, remember how lucky you are to share such an intimate friendship and celebrate its strength!

Animals don’t always cooperate when it comes to sitting still for pictures – they might give off the wiggles or look in another direction!

Consider adding simple props, like treats or toys. If you are having difficulty getting a clear picture, use your phone’s burst mode to take multiple shots simultaneously.

10. Give Some Extra Love

Studies show that pets bring great love and joy into our lives. On this National Pet Day, take some time out of your day to show your pet just how much you care.

Colleen Paige, an animal welfare activist, first established this holiday to bring awareness of the over 6.5 million shelter animals that need adoption and provide them an opportunity for adoption.

As part of your celebrations, consider bringing your pet with you to work or encouraging your workplace to adopt from local shelters. Or host a party featuring both pets and animal lovers alike!

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