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English tutoring can be a rewarding career for those who enjoy socializing and reading English literature, while being home based. All it requires is access to stable internet connectivity and a computer.

Patience is key in English Tutoring as students often require multiple explanations before grasping concepts. Good communication skills also keep parents informed on their child’s development.

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English tutors typically possess either a bachelor’s or master’s degree in either English or education, using their knowledge of both subjects to assist their student clients with succeeding in their courses. An effective English tutor must possess strong grammar and reading strategies knowledge as well.

Reading skills are an integral component of learning English as a second language, so English tutors use various strategies to assist their students and increase vocabulary and reading comprehension. One such strategy might involve encouraging the student to keep a journal that details daily events – this journal can either remain private or shared among family and friends.

An alternative approach English tutors take in improving students’ reading abilities is by employing paired words. Their student reads each pair and then attempts to identify which of the two they heard first – cheap for cheaper or hard for harder pronunciation, for instance.


English tutors work with students of all ages – from three year olds to adults studying the language for various reasons – who wish to improve their language skills through tutoring sessions. English tutors can assist their clients with all aspects of academic English such as reading, writing, listening comprehension grammar and vocabulary development.

Listening is often one of the hardest skills for international students to acquire when arriving in Britain, due to fast-talking native speaker peers speaking quickly and making understanding difficult. But with practice comes mastering it effectively–perhaps even surpassing native speaker counterparts in terms of listening skills!

To teach English students to listen effectively, you need to provide ample practice listening in class and plenty of opportunities to assess their understanding. For instance, you might play an audio of a short story or podcast two or three times and ask the students to summarize it using note taking each time; or try playing broken telephone where students must repeat verbatim what they heard word-for-word.


Composition refers to authors’ decisions about, processes for designing, and ultimately the final product of a composed linguistic work. Within an academic setting, composition refers to studying written content before it goes for revision; within tutoring contexts however it often refers to various writing assignments English students may encounter.

As your first step toward creating your piece, the initial step should be creating an outline. This will enable you to visually map out how each element relates. Once an outline has been established, writing can begin!

Use the outline you created as a basis for editing your composition. At this stage, it is crucial to check for grammatical errors and smooth out transitions between paragraphs. Reading out loud your composition may also help ensure it sounds correct before proofreading it for submission to your instructor.


Students often report the greatest difficulty with learning English is communication. While they understand and can read and write fluent English, their orality leaves something to be desired. Help your student practice speaking through small talk exercises and pronunciation activities. Listening is equally essential to their success: encourage him or her to watch movies, music videos or podcasts made in English before sharing these in class.

As an English tutor, it is vital to spend some time at the beginning of your teaching experience assessing your student’s language needs. This will allow you to create a long term action plan as well as gain an idea of where and when your student may need to speak.

Online English tutors can be found through various platforms like Preply and Italki, with native speaker tutors offering private English lessons at competitive rates and availability. Filters allow users to search based on tutor rates, specialities and schedule.

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