Sri Ranganatha

Vrindavan is known as the town of temples. If you visit there, you can find Ashrams and temples everywhere. This is the land of peace and also the land of God.  Out of those temples, the most famous and prominent temple is the Shree Rang Ji Temple, which is known as Sri Ranganatha Temple, which was made in the year 1851, in Dravidian style and also dedicated to Lord Ranganatha that depict our lord Vishnu. Seth Radha Krishna and Seth Govindadasa, who belonged to Chennai, had built this temple.

This temple is one of the largest and famous temples, which is surrounded by enormous walls. The deity in this temple is known as Sri Ranganatha and is presented in the sleeping posture on the Sesh nag. Here you can find also houses the idols of Lord Narasimha, Sita- Rama & Lakshmana, Venugopala and Ramanujacharya.

Details about Sri Ranganath Temple

This temple is made in the south Indian Structure with eight gopuras made in the Dravidian technique. The main entrance of this temple is on the western side.

There you can find a sixty-storey gopuram that is filled with yearning. Also, this temple has a fifty feet high gold plated Dhwaja Stambha. Also, there you can find a temple tank and an attractive garden within the temple’s premises.

At the entrance, you can see the electric puppet show & a small museum. The prominent priest of this temple is a South Indian Brahmans. In this temple, the non-Hindus cannot get to the entrance where the main deity is situated. Non- Hindu can only go to the country yard & the non- Indian also enter till 1st two gateways.

Things you must know before visiting this temple:

  • East Gate is the main gate, but the entry of this temple is permitted from both gates.
  • Every Friday, you can see milk Abhishek
  • An idol of the Lord Andal is also taken out of the sanctorum to a pond every Friday evening

Celebration of this Temple:

Magha Sudha Poornima

In the Hindu month of the Magha, this is a full moon day. This day is essential to provide a sincere prayer to Deity & ask for blessings and forgiveness for wrongdoings. Taking a bath in a holy Kaveri River is also considered to be promising on that day.

Sriranga Jayanti

This Jayanti is celebrated on 7th day of Vaishakh Shuddhi. On this day, the idol of Sri Ranganathaswamy was installed in this temple.


This 5-day festival begins on the Prathama Ekadashi in the month of Ashadi and is entirely dedicated to Sri Rangganathswamy. The 7th & 6th days are dedicated to the Goddess Rnganayaki & Lord Krishna.

Vedantacharya Thirunakshatra

This festival generally involves the special poojas performed for 11 days in either the month of Bhadrapada or Ashwin. After these poojas, a Gandhapudi festival is also celebrated with great enthusiasm.


During this festival, some special poojas Yaggyas, Homas etc., are also performed for nine days. A Shuddha Padya in the month of Ashwin marks the 1st day of the festival. On the first and the last day of Ayudha Pooja, Sri Ranganathaswamy’s procession is less on the main road. This whole festival concludes with a final pooja done in front of the Shammi tree located near this temple.

Bangarada Garudotsava

In the holy month of Vaisakh, on a day of the full moon, this festival is celebrated. The gold plated idol of Garuda in the temple complex also is decorated with flowers a7 the procession is taken on the main road with an idol of Sri Rnganathaswamy, sitting on an idol of the Garuda.

Astha Teerthotsava

This is believed that the bath or a dip in the eight holy streams of Kaveri river on the Dashami, the 10th day of the month Aswin, before providing prayers to Sri Ranganathswammy.  Also, this day is marked as Astha Teerthosava. Also, this festival includes the procession of an idol of Ranganathaswamy.


So why are you waiting? Make your plan right now to visit this place because you can find peace of mind in this place. And also, you can pray some blessings for you and your beloved families to the lord. Because this is the place of load also, with the help of this blog, already you have become aware of the details of this temple, so make a holiday plan to visit this temple.


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