Summer is here, what does that mean? It means summer break, soaking up all that vitamin under the sun, lounging all day long, and having fun activities with friends or family. Finally, you get to enjoy and indulge yourself in this long-awaited vacation. However, there are several things you should keep in mind while you prepare for your summer vacation that will help you avoid any accidents!

Plan Your Day

There are many things you can do during the summer. You can relax with calmer activities, or you can have an active or exciting day by going to areas like the beach, pool, or waterpark. First thing first, make sure you plan of your trip. It does not have to be extra detailed down to the exact time and location- having a rough plan is enough to make sure you can make some compromises if needed.

For example, you wanted to go to the beach, but it suddenly rained. Since you did not plan, you do not have any extra clothes to shelter you from the rain, nor do you have anywhere else to go to other than the beach, so you end up going home.

Having a rough prediction of how a day could be is enough to plan a few other activities if the original activity is unachievable.

Planning does not only affect your itinerary. It also affects the venues you want to visit, foods you would like to try, and even the clothes you want to wear. Always remember to have more than one choice at a time in case you must change plans.


Did you know that the sun can provide you with vitamin D and that soaking up the sun can boost your mood? However, you cannot just run out there and lay down in the sun. Without protection, you risk yourself with sun rashes and sunburn- then you will have a greater risk of developing skin cancer.

To avoid any risks, one must equip themselves with a good sunscreen. Sunscreen is one of the best and easiest ways one can use to protect their skin. This is because sunscreen can protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation from being absorbed into the skin that may cause damage like sunburns and skin cancer.

Sunscreen can differ in SPF amount, price points, functionality, and texture. Find the perfect sunscreen for your skin by catering the sunscreen’s functionality to your skin’s preference.

As a bonus, wearing sunscreen can help with preventing premature ageing and discoloration on your skin. Now you can go and soak up all that vitamin D!


Next, make sure you bring the necessities during your trip that is catered to the venue you are heading to. For example, you may need to bring beach towels and a big umbrella to shelter you from the sun when going to the beach. Bringing the items you may need and being well prepared can help you save money from renting one at the beach or pool.

In addition, it is more comfortable to use your own items than to a rent one that many people have used before you. Especially in the era of the Covid-19 virus, one can never be too safe and have too many precautions.

To help boost your immune system, especially important while travelling, you may even take vitamins like vitamin C, vitamin B6, and vitamin E.


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First Aid Kits

In continuation to being safe, one must always remember to bring their hand sanitisers, wet wipes, and even their masks. These three should even be included in today’s version of an aid kit, along with plasters and bandages.

In case of any accidents during your summer holidays, you may bring a first aid kit for immediate recovery. For example, you had an accident that may have caused a wound. To prevent the wound from getting infected, you could use the emergency tool kit you had brought with you and clean yourself up.

This would be far more convenient than pausing your trip to find the nearest clinic or hospital and going through a waiting list of patients before you. In addition, bringing your first aid kit means that you do not have to wait through multiple patients and continue your trip as planned.

Food and Drinks

Food is of the utmost importance in life. For your trip, it is advisable to bring your own snacks. This is because it helps save time from trying to find a good place to eat and saves your money. For example, instead of buying a bottle of water that may have its price marked up, you could save that money by bringing your refreshing water from home.

Bringing your food also helps reduce plastic waste by using reusable containers instead of buying single-use containers from vendors. Additionally, having a full stomach and being conscious of your plastic usage will assist in limiting the amount of plastic waste.

Pack Lightly

Finally, remember to pack what you can carry only. Your list of things to pack may be long, but you could always pack lighter. For example, when you are about to pack a big bottle of sunscreen, you are packing more weight onto your shoulders.

You might always choose travel-sized products such as sunscreen, shampoo, and even perfumes while keeping your suitcase at a manageable weight. In addition, this can help you move around more freely if needed.

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