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For the one who does not know, a leaking garbage disposal is very annoying, and it takes a lot of time to get fixed. One thing that every individual needs to know is that garbage disposal doesn’t need to require a replacement just because it is leaking. One can either prefer calling a plumber or they can also fix it by themselves. People prefer to avoid calling plumbers because they charge way too much.

If you do not have enough knowledge on how to fix a leaking garbage disposal, this article will benefit you as it contains all the required information. One needs a screwdriver and a plier and a gasket, and plumbing. Let’s start discussing how to fix the issue without wasting much time.

The first thing that you need to do is understand where the leakage is. If the garbage disposal is leaking from the top rim, then the reason behind it is the rubber gasket present on the top of the garbage disposal.

Professionals claim that there is a high chance that a rubber gasket can leak if it gets old. When there is no water in the garbage disposal and drain, it can cause it to dry up and leak. Experts say that one needs to check whether the gasket is locked from all three sides because leakage only occurs when all three sides are not locked.

One can quickly get a replacement for the leaking garbage disposal gasket. There are various types of gaskets available in the market, and one needs to choose according to their budget and needs.

  • Disconnect the electricity and water

Before removing the gasket, you need to disconnect the electricity and water for safety. Prefer moving all the items close to the machine.

  • Remove the disposal 

After you remove the cord and drain, you can grab these sides of the mounting nut and slowly move it counterclockwise to unlock it. Prefer holding it tight as it will go straight down after you release it.

  • Install the new gasket

Place the garbage disposal safely and start working on the process. Make sure you clean the other interior part of the gasket. Take off the old gasket and place the new one carefully. Before you attach it back, make sure you check whether you have placed it accurately or not.

  • Test the disposal 

After you change the gasket, proceed further with fixing the entire machine once you are done with it. Verify whether the machine is working nicely or not. Everyone needs to care about the various types of gaskets available in the market; one needs to be very careful while purchasing one for yourself. Please turn on the water and machine to see how it works.

  • Leakage in the flange

One of the most common causes of garbage disposal leakage is the disposal flange. In most cases, it is seen that the issues are related to the flange, leakage at the upper area of the garbage disposal. The flange is attached to the plumber’s putty, sometimes getting loose and leaking. All one needs to do is reseal it.

You need to follow the same procedure in this case also. You first need to turn off the electricity and water to promote safety, slowly remove the disposal in the same way, and then proceed further to remove the flange. With the help of a screwdriver, loosen the bolts of the flange. Search the clip that grabs the button flange. Using pressure, pull the top flange out from the sink.

After you are done with adding the plumber’s putty, wait for a few minutes and then push the flange back in the same position and make sure that you don’t make any mistakes while putting the flange back. It is going to take some time to dry up. After the process, wait for some time and then test whether the garbage disposal is working correctly or not.

Things to know about garbage disposal issue

Indeed, one can either fix the issue by themselves, or they can also get the help of a plumber. You are the one who is planning to fix the issue by yourself, and then there are various factors that one needs to care about. It is not easy for one to solve the issue. But with the help of the proper guidance, one can fix it.


Before you process any replacement with your garbage disposal, you first need to check where the issue is so that you can make a recovery plan accordingly. If you are new to this process, go through our article, which will give you a clear view of how to fix these issues.

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