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The fact that today we live in a society characterized by an excess of information that induces us to adopt an increasingly uncritical attitude does not mean, on the contrary, that the information phenomenon is unimportant or that it is a fact of recent date.

The adventure is a kind of active tourism that includes organizing unconventional travel to exotic places, inaccessible and sometimes dangerous of the world. Most often, it combines several types of recreation, including extreme sports.

Adventure trip

The main component of such tours is the conception of the same through the idea. It is interesting if the main purpose is to find a hidden treasure or the strangest animal.

Interesting to tourists are investigations of sunken ships, underwater caves, ancient ruins, extinct volcanoes, etc. Adventure tourism includes hiking expeditions, safaris (hunting and fishing), worldwide (sailing), bike rides, etc.

Adventure activities are important because they give a person positive energy, refresh the mind, and help maintain health and peace of mind in the long term.

Research has shown that a little daily leisure reduces the risk of diabetes and hypertension, improves physical and mental health and quality of life. To prepare for your next hike, this book offers many activities to get by in nature.

Outdoorsly is the ideal guide for young adventurers. It allows you to learn all the survival techniques to adventure.

Experts say it over and over: moving has beneficial health benefits. But did you know that physical activity has even more benefits when practiced outdoors? Find out why we should take advantage of the summer to go outside and play!

To Reduce Stress

It is proven: the practice of physical activities in the open air is one of the best remedies to fight against the effects of stress. Indeed, studies show a strong link between contact with nature and decreased cortisol levels, a hormone associated with stress.

Being outdoors also stimulates endorphin levels and dopamine production, which promotes a good mood. Playing outside also allows you to escape and take a step back from yourself and your worries.

To Prevent Depression

Several studies show that outdoor activities are an effective way to prevent depression. Some of these studies even suggest that moving in a natural environment can reduce ruminations – either rehashing negative emotions or thoughts from the past – which are associated with the risk of depression. Nothing like, therefore, a bath of fresh air to fight against this spinning “little hamster”!

To Facilitate Sleep

Are you having trouble sleeping? Getting active in the outdoors might be just what you need to improve the quality of your sleep and relieve your insomnia problems.

Such activity generates physical fatigue and mental relaxation, promoting healthy and restful sleep. Being outside also allows you to take in a good dose of natural light. Before going for travel browse Outdoorsly, to make your trip full of joy.

To Strengthen Then Immune System

We know that indulging in regular physical activity without excess stimulates the immune system. Nevertheless, the benefit would be even greater if one practices the sport in the open air. Studies on the immune system tend to show that close contact with nature improves the functioning of this system.

Such an effect is attributable to nature’s relaxing response and exposure to various components present in the air. As immunity decreases considerably with age, being outdoors is an undeniable asset.

To Have Good Bones

Exposure to this light promotes the production of vitamin D. The latter helps the body absorbs calcium from food and maintains adequate levels of calcium and phosphorus in the blood. Therefore, it plays a vital role in strong bones and preventing osteoporosis. Benefits when it is known that many people over the age of 50 do not meet their vitamin D needs!

Outdoorsly helps the youth prepare for camp by teaching them the basics of camping before they go. Here are some ideas:

  • How to build a fire for safe cooking.
  • How to set up and take down a tent.
  • How to prepare food and cook outdoors.
  • The basics of first aid.
  • How to stay safe in the open air (stay in pairs, what to do if you are lost, etc.).
  • Clothing appropriate for the climate and the environment.
  • How to respect the environment and flora and fauna.

Plan an outdoor activity, like a day of hiking or a night of camp. Be sure to check in advance the traffic lights regulations of the chosen location.

  1. Select a safe place to start a fire. This place must be free of any flammable material.
  2. Fill a large bucket with water and keep it nearby to put out the fire, if necessary.
  3. Do not use any flammable product to start the fire (gasoline, methylated spirits, etc.)
  4. Don’t let anyone play with fire.
  5. Maintain a fire of moderate intensity.
  6. Never leave the fire unattended.
  7. Use the following method to extinguish the fire:
  8. Thoroughly flood the fire with water.
  9. Stir and search the fire with a shovel or stick.
  10. Drown the fire again with water.
  11. Repeat until all flames and embers are extinguished.
  • Hiking guides can read about proper equipment and clothing, cooking, survival skills, and first aid.
  • Training Hikes Take several short training hikes to physically prepare for the hike. One of these training hikes may include an overnight camp. You can acquire the knowledge to study the map and use a digital and analogue compass. If possible, learn to use a GPS and a radio.
  • Map of the hike and checklist. As a group, develop a detailed hiking plan, including a statement of purpose, a complete route, routes to the starting points, emergency contacts and maps. Prepare a checklist. Also, prepare for vigils and allow participants to pray and study the scriptures.
  • Go hiking during the hike. Use the skills you learned from the preparation activities.

Conclusion: You should know that whatever activity you choose is valid. The important thing is to make leisure an indispensable part of the hectic pace of our lives and choose those activities that suit your age, interests, skills and preferences.

Outdoorsly is one of the best online sources for all outdoor travelling activities information. Here one can get detail about camping, hiking, fishing and hunting. Their main target is to make their customers trips full of relief and enjoyable.


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