Important Information about Computer Proficiency Certification Test

The Computer Proficiency Certification Test is a test used to apply for government employment in the state of MP. To apply for any government job in MP that requires computer skills, you must take the CPCT exam and receive a scorecard.

It’s similar to the IBPS exam in that you’ll be given a score sheet that’ll be valid for two years. The mp CPCT will take place twice a year. It will also include an objective-type question and a typing test (Hindi & English Both). You must accept the exam and receive a scorecard for it.

About Computer Proficiency Certification Test

Who is eligible to take the CPCT?

Anyone above 18 who has passed the Higher Secondary exam is eligible to take the CPCT. Candidates who have completed a Polytechnic Diploma after completing tenth grade are now qualified to take the CPCT.

Is the CPCT Score Reliable?

The CPCT Scorecard is valid for seven years after the exam date. As a result, you should take the CPCT and benefit from the 7-year validity of your CPCT score, which will increase your chances of landing a job in MP.

What Organizations Accept CPCT Scores?

The Government has approved the Computer Proficiency & Certification Test (CPCT) of MP for all posts in various Government ministries. Working knowledge of computers and typing skills is required. It will be necessary for both permanent and temporary government positions. Data Entry Operator, Typist, LDC, UDC, Office Assistant, and any MP government job that needs a computer qualification will be required to have a CPCT score.


Only online registration and fees will be accepted for the CPCT home.

Fees for registration and exams: 660 (For All category students)

Exam Structure

Exam with Multiple Choice Questions (Online)

Total number of questions: 75 (Maximum marks – 75)

50 percent of the total 75 points are required to qualify (i.e., 38 marks)

Typing Assessment

The CPCT typing test has a minimum qualifying score of 30 WPM for English and 20 Hindi in cpct typing.

English Typing: You will have 15 minutes to complete this typing test. Before the actual test, a 5-minute practice test will be given. The Mock score will be removed from the Score Card.

Hindi Typing: This is a 15-minute cpct Hindi typing test. Before the actual test, a 10-minute practice test will be given. The Mock score will be removed from the Score Card.

Students can give cpct mock test.

No. of the Helpline

If you have any questions about the CPCT exam date, please call the CPCT Helpline Number listed below:

Monday through Sunday, excluding holidays, 022-61306226 ( 9:00 AM TO 6:00 PM )


To prepare for the exam, the candidate must be familiar with the CPCT syllabus. The following is a complete syllabus with sub-topics:


  1. Knowledge of computer systems

Knowledge of various aspects of computer hardware, such as computer formations and types, printers, input and output devices, and hardware elements, such as Central Processing Units (CPUs) such as arithmetic logic units, control units, and memory units; Universal Serial Bus (USB), Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), Motherboard, Sound Card, Graphics Card, and related concepts; and Keyboard, mouse, light pen, touch screens, graphics tablets, joystick, microphone, Optical Character Reader, MICR, Scanner, digital or web camera, card reader, barcode reader, biometric sensor; Monitor or visual display unit, printer (impact or non-impact), speaker, plotter; and Secondary Storage Devices such as USB Pen Drives, floppy discs, Compact Disk (CD)

Software categories such as System Software, Application Software, Embedded Software, Proprietary Software, Open-Source Software; Computer Languages such as Machine Level Language, Assembly Level Language, High-Level Language, Interpreter, Compiler; Operating Systems such as Windows and Linux, and concepts of Memory Units

  1. Familiarity with Computer Basics

Knowledge of the general procedures for setting up a computer, booting and shutting it down, logging on and off to a network, determining an IP address, verifying physical network connectivity, installing and updating software packages, disabling applications from running on startup, uninstalling software from computer, customizing desktop background, resizing windows, and computer volume control.

  1. General IT skills proficiency

Word processing skills, such as document creation, spellcheck, table creation, dealing with headers and footers, mail merge, document formatting, and so on, as well as standard word processing keyboard operations;

Numeric skills include working with numbers and digits, formulas, references, macros, tables, spreadsheet graphics, and typical spreadsheet keyboard operations. Skills in presenting statistics in the form of charts, graphs, and data for sharing and understanding.

Internet skills include using search engines effectively to get the best desired result in a short amount of time; uploading and downloading information from the Internet.

  1. Comprehension of Text

Reading and understanding passages in English that include questions on finding information, discovering relationships, interpreting ideas, moods, character features, passage tone, and determining the core theme.

  1. Mathematical & Logical Reasoning Ability

Verbal and Logical Reasoning Aptitude is a type of reasoning aptitude that focuses on verbal and logical reasoning. Reasoning focuses on drawing conclusions from logical premises or evaluating the soundness of arguments based on facts.


Tips for Preparation

  • Candidates should keep the following preparation recommendations in mind as they prepare the CPCT exam paper.
  • Candidates should attempt to solve as many question papers and sample papers from prior years as possible.
  • Make a schedule for yourself and stick to it.
  • It is necessary to revise.
  • Don’t put things off till the last minute.
  • Stay hydrated and eat healthily.
  • Don’t be afraid to study. Maintain your composure.
  • For general knowledge, read the newspaper every day.

Hence, for students it is important for them to start preparing for the Computer Proficiency Certification Test right from the advance to be able to stay ahead of the competition. It is not about doing last minute studies here, but it is a process which needs to be taken into account for days and weeks to get a whole hang of the outline and questions.


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