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Thermal or electric energy is generated from the sun with the help of solar power. Although solar energy can be captured in different ways the most widespread method used is photovoltaic solar panels it converts sun energy into electricity (usable). Solar energy is also used widely in heating indoor space or fluidities. Full advantage of solar energy can be taken by the commercial and residential property owner by installing a hot water system.

Do you want to get the benefit of solar power? they can be installed at three main scales i.e., utility residential and commercial. The residential solar system is installed on the terrace of the house and has the capacity of 5 to 20 kilowatts (KW) depending upon the area of the property. The commercial solar projects are large in number than the solar panels for home

If you are not able to install solar on your house property, go for community solar as it directly connects solar energy to consumers. The residents have to only subscribe to the project and they can receive the benefit of solar panels.  Do you ever wonder how does the solar panel works by looking at the roof so your surprise ends here, because we are going to see how a solar panel works?

How Do Solar Panels Make energy (Electricity)?


A rack-and-panel solar system

A rooftop solar panel array

The panels are made up of a metal frame, silicon cell, and a glass casing which is surrounded by wiring and special film. To give a maximum effect the panel are ranged into an ordered series called arrays and placed on terraces or rooftops. The photovoltaic cell also called a solar cell to absorb sunlight during the day.


A silicon ingot and wafer

Silicon ingot and wafer

The solar cell is made up of semiconductor wafers and has two layers of silicon one layer is negatively charged while the other one is positively charged and forms an electric field when the light falls on the photovoltaic solar cell, the cells are energized and the electro is released within the semiconductor wafers. The electric field which surrounds the wafers sets the electron into motion and an electric current is created.


A solar inverter

Solar panels convert the sunlight into electricity but the electricity produced by the solar panel is called direct current. The electricity used in the house is alternating current and not direct current. The direct sunlight generated from the panel is converted into Ac electricity with an inverter and then utilized for use.


A solar microinverter

On conversion to ac electricity, the electricity runs through the panel and is distributed within the house. If the electricity produced by the solar panel is not sufficient you can take supplement electricity.


A smart electric meter

The solar panels are not able to catch the light during the night and on cloudy days. Sometimes when you do not utilize the electricity for whatever reason, surplus electricity gets stores hence a meter is used. The meter helps to measure the electricity to and from the home for net metering purposes, net metering is you are given extra credit for surplus power,

A brief history of solar power

The first silicon photovoltaic cell was developed by bells Labs in 1954. Through this invention, it becomes possible to supply the electricity produced by the sunlight to the device over an extended time.

The first solar cell invested can only convert sunlight into electricity at an efficiency of 4% nowadays the solar panel can produce electricity at more than 20% efficiency and the efficiency is improving day by day.

The solar panel was not readily accepted by the people as it was quite expensive but nowadays government incentive given for using solar panels has reduced the cost to a great extent. Around 126 million households in India use solar power for generating electricity for household use.

The cost of solar energy

The cost of the solar panel has been reduced due to the best solar panels that provide greater efficiency. It Is predicted that the cost is going to fall further due to advancements in technology.

Solar energy cost over time

the cost of the solar panel may also vary depending upon the region you live in because several incentives and rebates have contributed to bringing the cost down.

The federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) available for the people interested in installing solar energy will offer you to deduct 26 % of the installing s cost from the federal tax. The incentive is valid only until till2023.

The cost can be further reduced as some governments also offer incentives through the net metering system for surplus electricity produced.

Solar energy is a renewable power source

Solar energy is inexpensive clean and renewable energy that can be produced anywhere in the world where there is sunlight. solar energy is a limitless source of energy as it comes from the sun. from the infinite sources renewable energy is developed.

Install the best solar panels in India and enjoy the infinite source of energy. Unlike non-renewable resources like fossil fuel, the renewable source like sunlight cannot be depleted if used and is environment friendly. burning fossil fuels which takes hundreds of users to for increases carbon footprint.

No matter what there will be always consistent sunlight hence it can be consistently converted into electricity making it a renewable source.

Solar energy + battery storage can be used for electric vehicles and more

The use of solar energy is not only beneficial for the environment but for some other industries as well for e.g., there has been a parallel growth of several sectors like electric vehicles and energy storage poised along with the solar power segment. The use of transparent solar panels is also increasing widely.

The biggest disadvantage of the solar system is that it can produce electricity when the sun is shining but this disadvantage has also been overcome by the use of solar batteries which store the extra energy that can be used when there is no sun for e.g., during a cloudy day and night.

Solar plus storage solutions are great and work for all solar panel installation by providing added benefits such as lower-cost energy reliability and grid resilience.

Solar energy adoption has also driven the wave of electric cars. The cars can run with the electricity produced by solar energy. It will lower the fuel cost maintenance cost and also environmental footprint thus saving the environment for a better future.

Installing the solar energy panel is a one-time cost and as the government is giving schemes and incentives people are adopting the eco-friendly way.  Before we depleted all the non-renewable resources it is very important to adapt the renewable source of energy to avoid any problems

If you are considering installing a solar panel, go for it and make your contribution to society it can even benefit you as it is cost-saving and required you to invest only once. Although it requires some maintenance charges that are manageable. Hope you enjoyed reading.

Solar Panel – Need of the Hour

We all should be blessed to be living in times when we have the access to technology in the best possible way. As humans, we have not been gifted the resources which we use, but rather we have borrowed and inherited them.

Hence, it is indeed our responsibility to take ultra-care of these resources. However, the truth is that we have actually exploited these resources to the best of their capabilities. There are some basics in life, which people, especially in the urban area, are not used to living and that is electricity, water, etc.

Hence, there were concerns that these resources are just depleting at a very rapid speed. The next step was that if we do not stop, there would be major issues. There were plenty of researches which ran, and as per these researches, there was an invention of the solar panel.

We can obviously say that solar panels constitute to be one of the biggest gifts of mankind indeed. When it comes to the consumption of electricity, we all do not want to stop doing wastage, but on the other hand, we also want unlimited access to it.

Now there was time, that we come to a mid-way, where we have enough electricity to use and at the same time, we could also conserve the electricity in the best possible way. Indeed, no doubt about the fact, that solar panel was the best solution out of all. With the help of solar panels, there have been houses that have been able to generate greener and cleaner electricity with the help of solar panels.

Slowly and surely the demand for solar panels started increasing. There are today plenty of companies out there, which have taken the advantage of this situation and set up their own solar panel business.

Choosing the Right Solar Panel Service Provider

With the increased demand for solar panels, there is also increased supply. Hence, in such a case it is very normal for the client to feel confused as to which one to go for and which one to ignore.

When looking forward to the best solar panel, it is not a cakewalk and you will have to do your homework thoroughly. Choosing the right service provider is like a deal breaker, and when this is done correctly, most of the things do set in place.

Now your next question might be, how to choose the solar panel service provider? It is not that tough. All you have to do is, make use of the internet today. Search on the internet and find your prospects accordingly. Once you have a proper list in place, then you can do your background research.

The best is to check out the past experience of the service provider and the kind of feedback they have received from their clients. In case if you feel the feedbacks are genuine and positive, then you can get in touch with the experts, and check out the pricing.

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