Lofet is not just a family name; it’s a legacy that drags you back to 16th century. The entire history of the name “lofet” can be traced back to Ireland. Hence, the name had an Irish origin. The pronunciation of the name goes as LO-fet, with a low vibration in the letter ‘L’ which is a representation of Larkspur flower, which symbolize stability.

Similarly, the name is a straight up presentation of strength and success. The word lofet comes from an Irish word “loft,” which means an upper chamber or attic in a household or the top of a building without roof.

Talking about the family, they moved to United States back in 16th century, and settled in cities like Salem, Philadelphia, and other cities. From there this name started to spread from the cities of United States and became the fifth most common name globally.


The Lofet word originated in Ireland had a specific meaning for the letter ‘O’ as it symbolizes affection and solidity. This letter ‘O’ signifies happiness and joy. Some consider it to be a good sign for those who strongly believe in sharing and receiving love, one who know how to love and appreciate when they are loved.

Considering the Italian-Greek Variant, the letter ‘O’ of the name, is quite similar to the letter ‘F’, and this correlation is represented as a significance of determination.


The surname ‘Lofet’ had been through several variations. As of the time being, there are over fifty variants of the spelling of this name. Though the first spelling as per the history is said to be “Matthew at le Lofet” which was documented in the Hundred Rolls of Huntingdonshire (The census of England) during the era of King Edward the First.

After this documentation the name ‘Lofet’ continued to develop and undergo different variations. Hence, there are piled up modification in the name, yet the meaning of the name was secluded from being fabricated.

  • Italian-Greek Variation: When derived from the Italian-Greek variant the ‘lofet’ name spelled out to be ‘loft’. The word loft means attic, a camber kind of opening preferably on the top of a building that is open to sky. The more usual and commonly called meaning of ‘loft’ is lofty, which means, a person with noble character. This variant proves this family name to be a rare example of a powerful, victorious and a purposeful person.
  • Russian Language Variation: The lofet is considered to be a Russian Plummet. According to the Russian Language, this word has a vibration of four which is considered to be very lucky and prosperous. The first letter ‘L’ produces certainly a low vibration and it is meant to correlate to something of value or precious. While, the last letter ‘O’ carries with itself a higher vibration that denotes a firm ascertainment of person within themselves and over their decisions.
  • Origination of the Vikings: During the Vikings era, the servants were used to live in an upper-floor which was called as ‘lopt’. This word ‘lopt’ had been a source for the derivation of the word ‘Louba’, an old English word which means ‘a canopy made up of bark’ or ‘ceiling’. A lofet surname had a huge number of source of origins, mostly they are considered to be from the Old English.



As mentioned earlier, this family moved to U.S. in 16th century and got settled in different cities as per their needs, requirements and purpose.

The first city where they stepped first into was, The New World of Salem., Massachusetts and then they stretched out to other cities including, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Philadelphia. Even though the shifted earlier, their first descendants came to United States in mid of seventeenth century.

Their strong impression and unique behavior made a drastic effect on the people of the society and soon enough, the name “lofet” was spread around the cities just like fire in the forest.

This family was known for its strong personality, bravery and firm determination. As the generation passed, it became a duty for the offspring to keep the importance of the name as effective as always.

They took up the responsibility firmly in their hands and never lead this legacy fall into darkness. Even though after those, alterations and derivations of the spelling in census, the meaning was meant to hold constant.

Later after getting comfortably settled in the Salem, they started several occupations to survive. By the mid of 1700s, Farmer and Nurses were the top most reputed job among the people of USA for men and women of that time.

There were 25% men from the family of Lofet working as Farmers and at most about 20% women of the family worked as Nurses. Well in this crowd of reputed people working as Farmer and nurses, there were a few lofet family members that worked as Salesman and Housewives as well.


There are several aspects of the history over the family of lofet but, they are unknown. Though, there are many historical books and documents that had a deep and brief description about this family, their surname and the back-story for its importance.

But to get knowledge about the family tree or historical duties they served, you need to dig deep into the mud as there had been very less description about the Lofet(s) yet there are several records that affirm they had a strong hold in the military field as well.  One of the most recognized historical books to study the lofet life is “Book of Mormon”


The detailed history of the Lofet family was recorded and documented. These documents were kept safe and sound for future purposes. Nowadays, it’s quite easy to access those data to find details about this family, most preferably if you have the same surname. Finding these historic details of your ancestors had never been so easy until now. Some of the records that were considered the most important are:

  • Census Records: A census record is an official survey carried out by the government to look out at the population of the country. There are around 22,000 census records available out there for the person carrying a surname “Lofet”. Just like an open window in a room, a census can tell where and how your ancestors (The Lofet Family) worked. What they used to do for living or what is their education level and even the veteran status
  • Passenger Lists: As this family migrated to United States and their descendants came later by the 6th century, which lead to a collection of a handfuls of immigration records. There are 3000 immigration records, only with the name that ends with Lofet. These records are the clear proof of the dates, when our ancestors moved to USA. These records have the details of their ship name and ports, even the time of arrival and departure.
  • Draft Cards: A draft card is a confirmation card from the government to tell or announce the result of the people, telling them who have been selected and are ready to serve in the armed forces. There are approximately 2000 military records, that too with just the name with that ends with Lofet. For the Veterans from this family of the Lofet, the military provides insights into where and when they served and even sometimes, they talk about the physical description of that family member.


The Lofet Family, a uniquely brave and determined group of family that migrated from their hometown to an unknown country of United States between 16th and 17th century. They struggled to settle there and then served for the country, and in turn getting rewarded by being one of the most reputed and well-known name globally.

The surname “Lofet” became a legacy and is kept intact till present. And the meaning will never change, that ‘Lofet’ represents Love, determination, strength and stability.

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