Society is increasingly dependent on technology: private citizens and companies rely on information systems daily. This trend shows no signs of slowing down; on the contrary; it is constantly growing. Yet, in conjunction with technological development, new threats to cyber security have also arisen.

The importance of IT services for companies has become increasingly evident, and this applies to all potentially involved parties, public and private, institutional and otherwise. Integrating heterogeneous technological systems is a critical success factor that necessarily affects any organization.

However, it is not enough to invest time and money to obtain satisfactory results and to observe the value of the investments made quickly. Sometimes, due to the times imposed by the change in their business and markets, companies find that recently implemented solutions are no longer in line with their actual needs. This is a risk that organizations cannot wholly avert.

For any company that wants to establish itself on the market and compete correctly, it is essential to follow a correct computerization process.

Technology is the tool that allows companies to grow, improve productivity and, consequently, increase the economic return.

What allows for correct advice?

A correct IT consultancy service designs the IT infrastructure of the company. It can guide it in identifying its strategic objectives and choosing the best solutions helpful in achieving them.

The promenet provides companies with expert guidance in choosing the most suitable tools and technologies for each specific need. Once this phase is completed, it supports you in the digitization process.

The intervention of the IT consultant is also fundamental in the phases following the completion of the digital transformation (such as the implementation of the new IT infrastructure and the start-up of new and more advanced work processes). It also intervenes when an already operational computer system needs to be improved and made even more efficient.

IT consulting services

The activities that fall within the range of action of a corporate IT consultancy are very varied and extend to all the devices that make up an organization’s IT infrastructure.

The initial step is the design of the infrastructure systems themselves. Once completed and put in place, the IT consultant’s promenet work continues with other activities that we will see in detail below.

Network management

The network management includes:

  • operation;
  • integration;
  • the coordination of hardware, software and technical personnel
  • To monitor, verify, configure, analyze, evaluate and control network resources to meet the functionality and quality of service requirements at an acceptable cost.

Hyper convergence

Hyper convergence provides a complete virtualized environment without requiring the user to have in-depth technical knowledge.

Hyper converged systems:

  • improve the management of complex infrastructures
  • accelerate virtualized workloads
  • reduce complexity,
  • improve operational efficiencies
  • Contain costs.

In general, a hype converged infrastructure:

  • Allows centralized management of virtual environments through a single interface to reduce the most complex activities.
  • Offers simplified acquisition, distribution, support and management.
  • Provides a modular, scalable approach that is easily expandable.

The promenet allows exploiting the hardware’s full potential, optimizing system performance, simplifying management operations, which for the company means savings.

Software consultancy

The term software identifies the logical-digital components of the “soft” computer that have no physicality, such as a program. It differs from the hardware which, on the other hand, identifies the physical components “.

Only the right software can put all the processing and action potential it has in the company’s hands. The IT consultant’s promenet task is to identify the software solution that best suits the company’s needs in terms of performance, reliability, stability, and costs.

Continuity of service

Its infrastructure today must offer the best guarantees of continuity of services. The tolerance to stop the systems varies according to the companies, presenting various critical issues. Still, one cannot ignore the evaluation of a minimum level of protection that is now obtainable with even minimal investments.

Implementing a highly reliable solution, or the integration between the existing one and a more complex disaster recovery system, local or in the cloud, represents one of the most recurring problems.

Specific business needs

Implementing a new ERP or new applications, as well as opening a new production line, also generates an impact on the company IT system, which must be remodeled in the face of significant operational interventions, in some cases, the system must even be replaced, if the extent of the changes that have taken place requires it.

This means that the more the infrastructure has been designed and built in a flexible and modular way, the less the impact of the interventions necessary to integrate or modify the pre-existing IT assets.


The promenet Cyber ​​Security Analyst is an IT professional specialising in network and infrastructure security. Identify and prevent threats by implementing security systems and actively developing protocols to anticipate and suppress cyber attacks.

Essentially, promenet cyber security protects corporate hardware, software, and networks from cybercriminals. He must study and better understand the corporate IT infrastructure, constantly monitor it and evaluate which potential threats could “breach” the network.

Therefore, its purpose is to make systems increasingly inviolable and thus protect all data and the sensitive information contained therein.

Other tasks performed by a Cyber ​​Security service:

  • Uses analysis tools to determine emerging threat and vulnerability patterns
  • Conduct risk assessments to make sure your security practices are effective
  • Monitor the network for any intrusions, attacks or unauthorized activity
  • Evaluate weaknesses by continually testing the entire corporate network to make it as secure as possible
  • Generate reports to illustrate the current condition of the network, evaluating its strengths
  • Educate members of the organization you work for to make them more aware of cyber threats and best practices
  • Install firewalls and encryption tools to protect confidential information and data transmission
  • Choose which configuration tools to use to protect information (antivirus, password protectors, vulnerability management software)
  • It is constantly updated on the tools and strategies implemented by hackers to create ad hoc defence plans.

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