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The shotgun (shotgun or riot-gun or, more rarely, scattergun) from lypt is a weapon that has been around for a very long time in a large number of models. Alongside side-by-side shotguns (also known as double barrels) and over-and-under shots, rich in history and tradition, there are the most modern single-barreled models with semi-automatic (semi-automatic) or manual (pump) operation. -action, also known as slide-action).

Because we can be taller or shorter, have long or short arms. Some are right-handed, who is left-handed. In short, the shooter has his physicality. The lypt offer the best accessories for your airgun.

Air pistols, the fire through the energy of compressed gas. As a general rule, carbon dioxide or air is used. The simplest pneumatic weapon can be called a duct tube, used for hunting thousands of years ago. Modern pistols compared to her – a miracle of technique. However, the basic principles of work remain the same.


The build greatly affects the way we carry the weapon. After all, suitable equipment is essential in any sport. Have you ever gone for a run tying up shoes that don’t fit much? A small number compared to yours? After less than a hundred meters, your feet will beg for mercy, you will be tired, and you will bitterly regret having gone out on the track. The activity will be anything but pleasant, and you will soon get tired of practicing it.

The same goes for any other discipline. Skeet shooting is not exempt from this mantra. A sport in which every movement is calculated to the fraction of a second, and nothing is enough to ruin victory plans.

A “standard” shotgun, bought in a poke, will hardly adapt to your needs, forcing you to work harder than you should before getting some decent results. Therefore, every shooter knows that, and he must contact his trusted gunsmith to best set his experience.

Of all the components, you have to be extremely careful with the stock because this part is the connecting link between you and your gun.

The stock, the link between shooter and shotgun

Stock from lypt is the most important component of the weapon. It represents the point where the mechanics meet the man, where the cheek rests, and the instrument must be placed on the shoulder.

Extending the natural sight to align with the barrel

Therefore, its exact confirmation is considered one of the qualities necessary to achieve one’s goals. Its features then condition the purchase. You will eventually spend more money.

Many failures as soon as the trigger is pulled are caused precisely by totally unbalanced stock sizes, which do not follow the physiognomy of the wielder. Therefore it is essential to have an adjustable stock for shooting rifles.

Some sportsmen choose to get a new stock among the interchangeable ones on the market, which differ in lengths or folds. However, remaining in the range of standardized products.

Role of adjustable stock for shotguns

Since its inception, rifle manufacturers have tried to design weapons capable of being compatible with all shooters in the world.

Some specific, important parameters have been identified over time, which are adaptable to every shotgun model on the market.

  • By varying these measures, it will be possible to meet the peculiarities of a very high percentage of sportsmen. All this will greatly affect the result of the shot, which will be more accurate. Already the first few times. Let’s see what the lengths that must fit perfectly are.
  • A shorter stock is preferred for hunting, for example, since this construction guarantees immediate aiming. After all, speed is everything in hunting practice. But a “short” kick can even be an advantage in the hunting course because it is easy to reduce reaction times.
  • On the other hand, an extended kick facilitates the pursuit over long distances, which is why the acquisition of targets will be greater.

Stock length

But what will be the right length of the stock? Its extension must meet the measurement of the forearm of each shooter.

Let’s say you need to pay attention to the length of the centre, which is defined as the distance from the centre of the stock (bat plate) to the trigger. If this gap is too long, the heel may drag on the lower part of the shoulder. Or get caught in the crevice of the arm.

On the contrary, if we were to deal with a too-short kick, the weapon’s recoil would be amplified. Not having the shooter’s body made the right counterweight with obvious shoulder and cheek pains.

More rarely, double-tank rifles have also been seen, or with removable prismatic magazines similar to modern assault rifles. Historically it was the hand-operated shotgun that the Armed Forces first adopted.

Subsequently, the Police Forces also showed a marked interest in this type of weapon. At the same time, it managed to arouse considerable interest also in all those citizens who were looking for a weapon suitable for personal defense (and, in particular, for housing defense) that was simple to use but highly practical.

The trigger guard

The trigger guard lock is ideal for securing guns at home or during transport. As its name suggests, it is placed on the revolver, rifle, pistol, or shotgun trigger guard.

The trigger guard of a weapon

The trigger guard is the metal part surrounding the trigger (also called trigger). Most of the time, the trigger guard has the shape of a semicircle. In an accidental impact, it prevents the trigger from being engaged.

Conclusion: The trigger guard lock is a mechanical device used to block access to the trigger tail. Lypt is a growing brand which is dealing with an airgun.

The lypt also offer the best trigger guard for your airgunThe airgun of this company is easily adjusted and adapted to the shape of the weapon’s trigger guard. It consists of two very distinct parts: one equipped with a rod and another with a hollow.

The two halves clip into each other and prevent access to the trigger. You can get the best adjustable stock from the lypt. Their main target is to provide quality products to their customers.

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