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Make Your Kitchen Cabinets Look Brand New without Replacing Them

The need for furniture and cabinets changes with time. It may be the sofa in the living room or the cabinets in the kitchen; replacing them is costly and can burn a hole in your pocket. However, you need to give your kitchen cabinets new looks as they tend to wear and tear over time.

The cabinets in the kitchen get the most hammering as they are used extensively by almost all in the house. Therefore you need to maintain them or go for a facelift without replacing them, saving on your pockets. It is time to give a new look to your kitchen cabinets without replacing them and let us discuss how you can do it.

The tips and tricks

Following a few tips and doing the needful can make your kitchen cabinet look brand new, and you do not need to replace them.

  • Giving a fresh coat of paint- One of the best and cheapest options is to give your kitchen cabinet a fresh coat of paint. Remove the doors and the drawers and give the inside of the cabinet a fresh coat of paint. It will help the paint reach the remotest corners, and you can avoid having dark spots. You can also paint the exterior of the kitchen cabinet, including the drawers and the doors, to make it look brand new. You need to sand before applying the paint to have a uniform surface. Paints can dramatically change the looks of your kitchen cabinet, and even the oldest cabinets can look brand new.
  • Refacing the kitchen cabinets – It is observed that the cabinet doors wear and tear more than the drawers and the boxes. Therefore, you only need to reface the doors after removing the drawers and the shelves, add a new lamination, paint the cabinet, or polish the doors to give them a brand-new look. If you want more essence, you can add new drawers and doors, keeping the main frame or the cabinet’s structure intact without tearing it for a new design. You can custom order new doors and drawers, reface the old ones, and redesign your cabinet to give it a new look. The process is less expensive than replacing the entire cabinet with a new one.
  • Adding new hardware- While giving the old kitchen cabinet a new look, changing the door knobs and drawer pulls with new ones is best. The shine of the old knobs and pulls diminishes with time, and replacing them with new and latest designs can change the look of your kitchen cabinet. This hardware is readily available online and offline, and you can select your preferred design from a boutique. You need to spend significantly less on replacing them, but the kitchen cabinet’s aesthetic value changes to a great extent.
  • Restaining the kitchen cabinets – If your kitchen cabinet is made of wood, give it a new stain to make it look new. Go for the darker shades while restaining; you will not need to sand the cabinet. Lightly scuff off the old stain and apply the new stain to make your cabinet look new. Use gel stain if you want to keep the natural rustic look of the wood. Adding a polyurethane gel coat over the new stain can enhance life to a great extent, and you will be surprised to see the final look of the cabinet.
  • Adding drawers and swapping doors – Adding new drawers in the lower shelves and swapping the doors can give the cabinet a new look. Custom order the drawers and doors, swap the place and experience the difference. You do not need to replace the entire cabinet, yet you get a new-look cabinet resembling a brand-new one. You will get more usable and accessible space by adding and swapping doors and drawers per your present kitchen need.
  • Revamping the interior – One of the easiest ways to give your kitchen cabinet a new look without replacing the entire cabinet is to revamp the storage space as per your requirements. You can add pullout systems and dividers to segregate your utensils and racks and give your kitchen cabinet an organized look. It can give you a new look, and you can enjoy the feel of having a new kitchen cabinet.
  • Fit under-cabinet lights – Mot modern cabinet comes with under-cabinet lights. If you want to facelift your old cabinet, go for under-cabinet lighting. The look of your cabinet will change entirely, and it will look on par with the most modern cabinets. You do not need to burn a hole in your pocket to fit the lights and enjoy the new look.


Replacing the kitchen cabinet is always an expensive affair. If you can give your existing kitchen cabinet a new look with the above tips, it does not need to be replaced. Now enjoy working with the old cabinet with a new look following the above tips and feel the difference.


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