Tribal Affairs Automation System is the acronym for Madhya Pradesh Tribal Affairs Automation System. The Post-matric scholarship project is known as the MPTAAS. This is the application for Medical and Engineering courses that can be completed online. The Tribal Department runs the MPTAAS Scholarship program.

It is the first time ever India, when the tribal department is given such an important authority and it is an excellent move by the Madhya Pradesh government. Seeing this, many governments have become even more motivated to come up with such initiatives.

Backward class students are eligible for the Madhya Pradesh Tribal Affairs Automation System scholarship. The online way of applying for the scholarship scheme aids people in obtaining and applying for scholarships promptly.

Portal of the MPTAAS

The MPTAAS portal contains information on the scholarship program. The MPTAAS education site sends you alerts concerning scholarships and transfers. is the official website of the mptaas login education portal. The applicant learns about various topics such as scholarship applications, academic quality, management systems, hostel facilities, and institutes, among others.

  • MPTAAS’ portal serves as a central online hub for all stakeholders.
  • The Online School Management Information System is described in full.
  • The Village Education Register is a database of information on the village’s education system (VER).
  • The Civil Works Monitoring and Management System is described in full.
  • Information on the activities that are taking place in the schools.
  • Scholarships, online transfers, and other notifications via SMS alerts
  • Concerning several institutes’ records and recognitions.
  • The data will be made available at the district and state levels.

Scholarship from the MPTAAS

The Madhya Pradesh MPTAAS is a “post-matric scholarship scheme” for reserved-class students. The mp Tribal Welfare Department administers the scholarship.

  • SC and ST students are eligible for the scholarship.
  • The scholarship is for educational purposes only.
  • Hitgrahi Panjiyan” is the registration department for the MPTAS scholarship system.
  • If you’re registering at mp hitgrahi panjiyan with an aadhar card, make sure it’s linked to your phone number.


Acceptability for the MPTAAS – mp Tribal

The scholarship program has various eligibility requirements that must be me as per the Hitgrahi Panjiyan.

  • The MPTAAS scholarship program is for students in grades 11 through 12, colleges, and Ph.D. programs.
  • Students from Schedule Caste (SC) and Schedule Tribe (ST) are eligible for the award.
  • The reserved classes are interested in pursuing their study in the fields of medicine and engineering.
  • Students from the SC/ST community are eligible for a full scholarship.


MPTAAS Eligibility Criteria

The MPTAS scholarship initiative has the following eligibility criteria:

  • The student must be in their 11th, 12th, or college year.
  • The student should be placed in the SC/ST class.
  • The student must have actual evidence of residence in Madhya Pradesh.
  • For SC/ST students to receive a full scholarship, there is an income cap.
  • The student’s family income should be INR 6 lakhs.
  • The student’s parents work for non-governmental organizations.


The MPTAAS was created with a specific goal in mind.

The award is for students from low-income families. The scholarship’s goal is to provide financial assistance to Scheduled Tribe students. The state of student promotion is poor and unsatisfactory. The scholarship program allows pupils to enter the mainstream and study effectively.

MPTAAS’s Mission

The MPTAAS has several programs that can be applied online. The scholarship is one of the programs.

The scholarship program is for students from underrepresented groups.

The scholarship scheme funds will be remitted to the accounts of all departmental scholarship recipients.

The scholarship’s goal is to ensure that all students receive an education.

The department also launched the MPTAAS mobile app for students.

Students can benefit from the MPTAAS mobile app in a variety of ways.


Application Process for MPTAAS

On the official website, you may download an application form for the MPTAAS scholarship. For tribal mp scholarship, there are no application costs. Students must first create an account on the MPTAAS’s official website.

  • Students must take the following steps to apply for the MPTAAS scholarship program:
  • The applicant must create an account on the MPTAAS website (
  • If you are a first-time visitor to the website, click the “New Beneficiary Profile Registration” link.
  • After filling out the registration form with all of the essential information, you must log in to your account.
  • Fill in the remaining details on the paper after you’ve logged in.
  • Finally, make an application for the tribal mp.


Documents for MPTAAS are required

While applying for the MPTAAS scholarship scheme, various documents must be submitted.

  • The following are the documents that are required:
  • The student’s and parents’ Aadhaar cards.
  • Certificate of completion of the class
  • Certificate of caste.
  • Certificate of residence
  • Certificate of Income
  • Certificate of transfer
  • Bank account passbook


Profile of MPTAAS

The MPTAAS registration is done entirely online. The tribal department, mphas begun the registration procedure on its official website.

SC and ST students are eligible to register. By completing the registration process, SC and ST students will use the department’s services. The registration process is known as “Hitgrahi Profile Panjiyan.”


MPTAAS e-KYC (Electronic Know-Your-Customer)

After finishing the registration, the applicants must validate their Aadhar number. The fundamental component of e-KYC is the Aadhar number. On the official online gateway, the e-KYC will be completed.

There are two methods for completing e-KYC. One way is to use an OTP (one-time-password), and the other is to use a biometric. Your cell phone number is linked to your Aadhar card through the e-KYC process. You will receive all notifications on your cell phone number via SMS alert if you do this.

Transfer MPTAAS

The MPTAAS deposits the scholarship funds directly into the applicant’s account via online banking. Once the application has been submitted electronically, the online transfer order for the transfer amount will commence.

This scheme is a push for the backward classes to encourage them to study and provide them easy access to filling of the forms, which is entirely online.



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