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Practical Methods for Electricians to Deal With Bad Clients

All electricians have to deal with clients. And that is part and parcel of their jobs.

But, working with clients is not a smooth affair. Many clients are not only irritating but also cause losses to electricians.

Again, electricians cannot be choosers of clients. If they do, they will see their business shrinking.

So, the only way for electricians is to master the art of dealing with bad clients. And that is what we will discuss in this article.

If you are an electrician, you must have worked with clients who are challenging to work with because they are never satisfied. And, you can call them demanding clients.

Such clients will constantly look to detect flaws in your work. And they often make absurd requests.

However, you should not worry as there are impactful ways out. Given the effectiveness, we recommend the following methods for electricians in Markham to effectively deal with such clients.

Abstain from Arguing

Remember, arguing is a bad practice. It can make things worse and turn the table in favour of the client. It is natural for electricians to feel the urge to start arguing when a client says illogical things. If you argue, it can result in the client dumping you and choosing a different electrician. You might win the argument but lose a deal. Therefore, you should be careful not to lose your cool and refrain from arguing.

Listen to Complaints Carefully

When your client complains about your work, listen carefully. And importantly, do not reciprocate by arguing.

In such a situation, try to figure out the message the client wants to convey, such as did he feel cheated.

When you come to know what his problem is, you can take measures to solve it.

Indulge in Fair Play

Never develop a situation that shows you distrust your client. Instead, you should show that you trust your client.

If you appeal to the nobler motives of your client by asking a simple question, such as ‘what could be the best solution to fix this defect?’

On the contrary, you will create an irritating situation if you counter-question your client’s suggestions. And that can create the impression that you do not trust your client. So, the friendly element will be missing.

Do Not Overstate Your Capabilities

Avoid overstating your capabilities to your client. If you do so, you might fall in trouble. Therefore, avoid it.

Again, refrain from saying, ‘ it is against our company policy.’ Most clients do not like rules.

Suggest an alternative path if a situation is against your company’s rules.


Running a Successful Electrician Business

Knowing how to deal with demanding clients is not enough to run a successful electrician business. Instead, you should do more things to accomplish the goal, such as

Look at Your Competitors

If you are running your electrician business profitability, you might be tempted to continue your business as usual. But, you should look at your competitors to determine if they run their businesses more profitably than yours. Then, you should execute a better business plan to raise your profitability if they do so. Therefore, do not fail to benchmark your performance with your competitors.

Update Your Business Plan

Running an electrician business without a carefully crafted plan is a bad practice. So, you should avoid it if you are doing so.

The success of your electrical business depends on how prudently you structure your business plan.

Therefore, you should formulate a business plan if you do not have one.

Again, you should consider formulating a new plan even if you have one. Your old plan might not work in the changing circumstances. For example, if a new residential building is about to be built nearby, there can be chances of getting electrical projects. Again, there are also chances of worrisome eventualities coming up, such as a new electrical contractor setting up a base in your locality and hiring some of your employees.

Therefore, you need to have the plan to deal with the challenges that emanate from time to time. Furthermore, even if you already have a plan, you should upgrade it to suit the prevailing business conditions.

A good way for electricians Markham to start to construct a business plan is to conduct a SWOT analysis. Once you identify your strengths and weaknesses, and the available opportunities and surrounding threats, you can effectively create or update your business plan.

Stay Updated With Clients’ Needs

It can be a challenge to get clients. And retaining clients is another challenge. Therefore, you should keep yourself abreast of the changing needs of your clients.

It can be a good idea to figure out how things have changed since your last job.

It can happen that your client has remodelled his bedroom and wants to install new fixtures. In such a case, you are likely to get work.

Invest in New Technologies

You will see newer technologies hitting the market now and then. Such technologies help in increasing your safety and productivity.

It will help if you invest in new technologies as that can allow you to maximize your profitability.

New technologies can be software for customer relationship management, financials, time tracking, work order management, or job bidding.

You will reap substantial benefits from such investments.

Ask for Referrals

A proven way of increasing your business is to ask for referrals from your clients. But, you need to impress your clients before asking them for a referral.

Satisfied clients will most likely refer you to their friends, colleagues or relatives. And, the probability of getting jobs becomes more with referrals.

Remember, referrals are one of the best secondary marketing techniques.

Examine Your Bidding Style

Your bidding has a lot to do with running your business successfully. The objective of bidding lies in getting a substantial share of the available work at the right price.

But, you should be careful while bidding for projects. If you adopt the wrong methodology, you will lose business. And, that is something you do not want.

If your bids are not competitive, the probability of getting much business becomes less. But, again, if your bids are too competitive, you will lose business.

Therefore, you should assess things such as your pricing strategy, the projects you select to bid on, etc.

Also, you should account for all the costs you need to incur, including overhead. Subsequently, you need to look at the money left over, which is the profit.

In addition, there are more things to consider. For example, assess the underlying reason if you lose out to a competitor. Remember, the price may not be the reason in such cases. There can be other reasons, such as good relationships with clients or promptness in work.

You should examine the factors that worked in such a case. And correct your shortcomings.

The Final Say

Clients are the lifeblood of electricians. So, properly dealing with clients is a serious affair, regardless of whether the client is good or bad.

Therefore, electricians should construct an effective plan to deal with clients. And at the same time, they should actuate prudent steps to grow their businesses.


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