Private Lending in Canada

As the real estate market in Canada remains hot, more homeowners have taken out private mortgages to finance their purchases. These loans can be seen as the Canadian equivalent of subprime lending – yet aren’t only accessible to people with poor credit. Private lending Ontario boasts several reputable private lenders with competitive interest rates and flexible loan terms, perfect for individuals with poor credit or unstable income who require quick turnaround loans.


Symple Loans is a digital lender which launched in Canada in 2021 after first debuting in Australia in 2018. Their proprietary technology automates every step of the borrowing experience for applicants and uses advanced analytics to offer financially responsible borrowers personal loans with rates starting from just 5.75%.

This online lender’s lending process is fast and simple, offering instant quotes within minutes and instant credit decisions in 60 seconds. Approved funds arrive on one business day without any early payment fees or charges attached – perfect for paying off credit card debt, bills and financing home improvement projects! Customers may use these loans to cover these needs plus more.

Our company is one of the fastest-growing B2C FinTech firms in Canada. Established in January 2021, its mission is to help hard-working Canadians access faster, cheaper personal loans that suit them best. They’re also part of a progressive wave of fintech firms helping transform digital lending globally.

Loans Canada

Loans Canada is an online platform that connects borrowers and lenders. Boasting one of Canada’s largest lender networks, Loans Canada makes finding loans even for those with poor or no credit scores easier. They provide short-term personal loans designed specifically to rebuild credit scores.

Loans Canada works with various companies that provide different kinds of loans, including working capital and commercial mortgage lending. These loans tend to be easier for applicants to qualify for than traditional loans; many even feature lower interest rates and flexible terms, and may even waive collateral requirements altogether.

Loans Canada loans can be used for many different purposes, including business expenses, debt consolidation and home renovations. They also feature free application and fast approval processes in compliance with PIPEDA compliance – making them an excellent alternative to banks and other financial companies.


Private lending offers an ideal solution when your finances are stretched to their limit. Private lenders provide mortgages without regard to credit score or employment status, offer faster approval processes than banks or institutions and work with more people than traditional institutions can. Furthermore, these private lenders also provide bridge loans which enable homeowners to buy another home before selling the current one.

Loanz is an online lender offering personal loans to Canadians of various credit profiles. A subsidiary of Consumer Genius Inc, Loanz operates within Fintech and Financial Services market segments and features a quick application/funding process with availability throughout Canada.

Private lending may be an ideal solution for Canadians having difficulty getting loans from traditional financial institutions such as banks or credit unions, however it’s essential to conduct extensive research to find the most appropriate one for you and your needs – for instance some lenders only lend money to high-income earners while others work with more diverse borrowers.

New Haven Mortgage Corporation

New Haven Mortgage Corporation provides low-cost interest only mortgages with six to two year terms at low costs for homes, condos and other properties. They also provide educational classes on financing homes as well as counseling to first time homebuyers.

Private lenders tend to have more accommodating requirements when it comes to income and credit requirements, plus typically charge lower lender fees – making them particularly helpful for borrowers whose own bank has rejected them.

This mortgage lender is available both through mortgage brokers and directly to consumers, offering competitive rates and a selection of programs at reasonable interest rates, along with refinancing options that can save homeowners money each month on payments. Unfortunately, they also charge an array of hidden fees that add up quickly over the life of a loan; moreover, their charges often hold up discharge papers causing unnecessary frustration for borrowers; therefore it would be wiser to find another source for financing your home loan.


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