The Necessity of Vehicle Log Maintenance

The health of a car depends a lot on the maintenance log.

After you purchase a new car, you might feel that there seems to be no need for maintenance due to the tall claims of the car manufacturers.

But that is a bad idea. Neglecting might result in compelling you to spend more on repairs, entailing more money outgo. So, you should avoid it.

vehicle maintenance log can help you keep your car organized. In addition, it also helps increase the resale value of your car.

The log will track all servicing and oil changes and save the original receipts, enabling you to know your car’s history.

The log also plays an important role in the resale of your car. The prospective buyer will feel that you took the proper care of your car. So, your car is worth buying.

Therefore, you can expect a good resale value for your car.


Benefits of Car Maitaince

Here are a few benefits of maintaining a vehicle log:

Prepare in Advance

When you schedule the car maintenance log after buying your car, you can prepare in advance what to do, such as when to conduct periodic checks and maintenance operations. And these usually involve oil change, tire rotation, hoses and belt check-ups, and air filter replacements.

You should adhere to the maintenance schedule as far as possible. And, for that, you can mark the dates on a calendar to remember them beforehand.


Protects Engine Health

Your engine can develop serious defects or break down if you do not regularly change the oil.

Given the car engine failure incidents, the majority of them happen due to the failure to change the oil on time or using the wrong type of oil.

A log can help you avoid such engine failure incidents. And you should ensure that you use the right type of oil.

Your owner’s manual will contain the type of oil for your car.

If your engine fails due to negligence, you will feel the pinch when you need to replace the engine, spending a significant amount of money.


Relationship Building

You will interact with the mechanic frequently when you take your car to the service station. As a result, you will see a good relationship between you and the mechanic.

Again, the repair shop will likely award you a loyalty discount due to the good relationships.


Keeps the Warranty Intact

When you maintain your vehicle log, dealers will not refuse to honor the warranties. However, dealers often refuse to honor it if they see that the defect you took your car to the dealer is due to your negligence.

So, maintaining your vehicle log is the best measure to ensure your car’s warranty. It can prove to the dealer that you took adequate care of your car. So, the dealer will honor the warranty.

Keeps Records

A vehicle maintenance log keeps the record of the following:

  • The basic car information, like tire size, filter type, oil type, etc.
  • Receipts of maintenance and repairs
  • Periodic maintenance details
  • Roadside inspections


If your car develops a defect, the mechanic will find it easy to diagnose if he sees the records of maintenance and repairs.


You should ensure that your car is in good condition through the vehicle maintenance log. It will help in many aspects, such as getting a warranty, safety, and reduced visits to repair shops.

Given the mind-provoking advertisements these days, you might tend to believe that maintenance id=s not required for your car. But, that will be a serious mistake. So, avoid it.

We believe this article will help you understand the need to maintain the log.


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