Top 10 Best Brands of Potato Chips Available in India

Potato Chips are thin and fine slices of potatoes that are either fried or baked until crispy. These are usually served as a snack item after mixing with various flavouring agents and ingredients including herbs, masala, spices and cheeses.

People young and old can in no way resist a bag of chips, one of the most easily available snack foods in the market.  A packet of complete of happiness and pure bliss, that can make every straight face break into a smile at the mere mention of its name.

Here, we are listing down the top 10 best potato chips brands that are famous in India:

Best Brands of Potato Chips Available in India


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‘No one can eat just one’, the tagline cannot be more perfect and is near accurate. PepsiCo’s –Lay’s is one of the most accepted and top-selling brands in India whose popularity is unmatched and unheard of.

This wafer style crispy potato fries comes in mouth-watering flavours that include local essences like Magic Masala, Tomato tango and western specialities like America’s cream n onion or Caribbean hot & sweet chilli.

Pocket pinch: 10/- for 25g pack.

Uncle Chips

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There is an age-old saying ‘Old is gold’, and the 90’s kids will definitely remember this iconic brand with the famous campaign and jingle ‘Bole mere lips, I love Uncle Chipps.’

This brand gives special attention to traditional flavours and over the year’s varieties of tastes and savours have been relished by us. The flavours ranges from ‘chilli masala’, ‘papri chaat’ to ‘jhakas tomato twist’, ‘spicy treat’ or the very simple ‘classic salted.’

Pocket pinch: 20 for 70gm pack 

Pringles Chips

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Procter and Gables-Pringles offer numbers of flavours which are always high in demand. The chips have the original and tangy flavours giving the exquisite tang and feel. Some of the available flavours are: The Original, Sour Cream & Onion, Salt & Vinegar, BBQ Flavour, and Cheddar Cheese.

The company’s slogan ‘Once you pop, you cannot stop’ is definitely appealing and catches everyone’s attention. The tasty flavours of Pringles are enough to put a smile on anyone’s face.

Pocket pinch: 99/- for 110g pack


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Bingo is the brand name of the country’s foremost company ITC. Bingo boasts of being ‘The crunchiest potato chips’; is one of the bestselling brands in potato chips, crisps and snacks.

The Bingo Yumitos chips are available in various flavours such as Premium Salted, Red Chilli Bijli, Red Tomato chips, Tomato Ketchup chips, International Cream & Onion, Masala Remix and Oye Pudina. The brand offers delicious and tasty chips with the richness of good quality spices.

Pocket pinch: 20/- for 59g pack.

Haldiram Chips

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When buying a pack of haldiram’s potato chips, we need not worry about the freshness and quality of the snack. A  hit among not only the little members of the family but a rage amongst the elders too, this elite brand of chips will always remain a favourite and continue being served in house parties.

Pocket pinch: Starting from 1652 for a pack of 241gm 

Ruffles Chips

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‘RRRuffles Have Ridges!’ Owned by Frito lays, Ruffles might not have caught your attention on the advertisement point of view, but the brand still has utmost popularity. If you take a bite of their famous ridged crinkly potato chips, you will experience a burst of flavours of hot spices and smoky cheese.

Pocket pinch: 140/- for 160g pack.

Visalakshi’s Snacky

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Visalakshi’s snacky is a premier and household snacking brand in India that dates back to a long time. They offer tasty potato chips that are made in natural oil, a somewhat healthier option. The most unique attribute if this brand is that you can customize potato chips as per your taste and requirements.

Pocket pinch: 120 to 150 for non-customized packs

Kettle Studio

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Once you open the packet of yummy goodness, you will smell the sweet aroma of sunflower oil and fresh ingredients. The perfect golden fried hued chips are tossed with exotic spices and herbs that elude an exquisite taste. The massive crunch and signature bite will definitely transport you to a world of happiness.

Pocket pinch: 99/- for 125g pack.


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The only way to eat Crax is by sticking each chip in your finger and then consuming it. It’s one of the best snacks we all love to indulge in. Crax potato chips will always be one true deep fried love.

Pocket pinch: 10/- for 35g pack.

Jacker Chips

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Jacker is one of the best brands of snack foods and confectionery products. The quality chips from the brand are available in various types such as potato chips, potato crisps, and wavy chips. The chips are prepared from the finest produce of fresh potatoes that gives it the natural taste. So as claimed by the brand ‘Jack up your life’ with the rich taste and classic flavours of these potato chips.

Pocket pinch: 140/- for 160g pack.

Every brand surprises us almost every day in terms of novel flavours and uniqueness. We definitely love our fries in all-time favourite classics or the brand new innovative flavours, in spite of knowing that these might not be a healthy snacking option.

No matter how many kilos you add to your weight but the joy and content in your heart after munching on a bag full of goodness can never be more satisfying. So keep enjoying this crispy, crunchy, deliciousness!!


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