Top 10 best Job Sites in Australia

Are you looking for a job? Then you would need to make the Internet your best friend. You could be a student and looking for an internship or a part-time job, or a freelancer. Most commonly, you could be looking for a full-time role. With the advancement in technology, there are various job search websites which help you get your hands on that dream job of yours.

Best job sites in Australia


When it comes to job portals, then there can be no other website that can be better than Linkedin. This is because Linkedin has the most amount of traffic from both job seekers and job givers. When it comes to looking for seniors’ roles or white-collar jobs, then Linkedin has to be the best platform.

Almost one out of every three Australians has a Linkedin running account. This signifies that a total of 6 Million Australian users operate on Linkedin every month.


The job recruitment portal, AllJobs, is one of the leading portals in the country for providing quality jobs to the job seekers out there. The portal is a meta-crawling and a real-time job service provider.

It allows job seekers to look for various jobs in their area across the entire country. One can now filter out the job search on the basis of personal preferences such as job location, industry, job title, state, region, suburbs, etc.

APS Jobs:

Although most of the job search websites or portals are privately owned ones. However, in every country, there are a handful of portals that are meant specifically for public jobs.

APS Jobs offers various jobs from the public sector of Australia. In case if you are someone who is looking forward to work in the central or the federal government, then this is the first site you should be visiting.

The website also opens up various vacancies for the Australian Parliamentary Service (APS) and different government agencies.

Australian JobSearch

Just like the above-stated website, Australian JobSearch is another government-owned and run website. The job portal opens up vacancies for many part-time, contract time, short time or full time, traineeships, local government, and apprenticeships jobs.

Apart from just providing live ads for job openings, the website also offers various training programs to guide job seekers on how to attain their dream job and also provides tips for their job applications.


As the name suggests, ArtsHub is one of its own kind of job search portals for someone who is looking for a job in the artistic line.

If you are someone who is not made for the mundane 9-5 job and is looking for a job in the creative, cultural, or artistic side, then this is the job portal you should be visiting first.

The website provides openings in various roles such as performance, culture, architecture, publishing, arts, design, etc. However, to find jobs through this website, a membership fee is charged.


This job search portal is one of the very leading portals in Australia as it provides various job opening in a day. In this job search site, the job seeker can look for a variety of roles starting from basic entry levels to senior positions.

The job site is known for sourcing over 50 million + job ads from about 30,000+ websites across the globe. Through this website, one can look for jobs in Australia as well as in various other countries easily.

Grad Connection:

This is one of the leading job search portals for students who have just graduated from universities or are looking for part-time jobs.

Individuals could look for internships and part-time time jobs when they are still in the university through this website. The website currently has about 3,00,000+ subscribers. The site also gives its audience a chance to use the Grad Connection. This helps in updating the profile of the job seeker.


Like the other job portals, Indeed, it is a little different and unique. Indeed in a month displays millions and millions of job searches.

All of these job searches are generated from various company websites, different job openings, newspaper columns, classifieds, job boards, etc. Compared to the other job websites, Indeed has the most number of candidates who search for jobs.

Hence, now one does not have to visit the website individually and struggle by wasting a lot of time. This makes Indeed, one of the favorite job search portals.


This is one of the most user-friendly websites for job searches in Australia. On OneShift, as the name suggests, one can search for various short-term openings such as casual work, permanent part-time employment, one-off shifts, etc.

The website has around 8,00,000+ job seekers actively looking for jobs. The job seeker needs to upload his or her resume and update the profile. Accordingly, the job givers will contact you.


This is a very popular name in Australia amongst the various job seekers. 80% of the individuals in Australia supposedly visit Neuvoo at least once a month.

The site provides notifications of job openings from various sources such as placement agencies, job boards, and company websites. One can also filter out jobs based on various preferences such as city, state, region. Job title, company name, industry, sector, etc.


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