Top 10 Best Job Sites in South Africa

Identical to many developing economies around the globe, South Africa has a massive population of underemployed people searching to land a good job or dream job.

Keeping in mind the needs of people, the various job websites in South Africa have come up in an attempt to link the recruiter and the large pool of unemployed folks.

Executives can visit these web portals and voluntarily list the job vacancies they have while the job seekers can visit the website and hunt for job opportunities.

Top 10 Job Sites in South Africa

Executive Placements

Executive Placements is a job portal that has been operating in South Africa since 2010. Despite the name, Executive Placements operates across all industries and levels and has over 10,000 new jobs that are advertised on the portal every month.

The JOB Portal has advanced filters so you can quickly find jobs that meet your requirements in terms of skills, salary, and location. One can also easily register to receive job alerts so that only the jobs that meet your requirements will be emailed to you.

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The Robert Walters office is located in Sandton, Johannesburg. The agency has committed its operations specifically in the hiring of banking, financial, and accounting experts.

On behalf of other companies, the company also employs support staff as well as administration staff. The company on their official website has stated that it hires people generally based on permanent contract positions on behalf of several recruiting client companies.

Throughout the continent, the company is spread in over 20 countries. Without any doubt, the company can be acknowledged as a global agency as it provides highly professional services.

The company has also maintained relationships with various sizes of companies from SME’s to MNC’s.

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In South Africa, the website is a job search engine that helps in finding all the jobs available from all over the country.

It is an easy way to search for a particular job on this website as with just a simple click, and one can get many search results that make job hunting quick.

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The website boasts of offering more than 10,000 job opportunities that have at least 50 categories.

The web portal also aims to divide the jobs into various types, including regions the hiring firm operates from. It makes it easy for job seekers.

Apart from making job searching easy, the website also offers some articles that provide pieces of advice to the job aspirants and inform them how to develop their CV  as well as how to present themselves in an interview.

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The website lets the potential candidates open an account. Along with their identity, the applicants can search their preferred jobs while executives can post jobs that they have to offer on the portal.

The job seekers can not only set job alerts as a notification but also modify or remove the job alert the moment they feel they don’t need it.

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The companies that have a variety of new jobs to offers are updated regularly on the job portal. Job seekers can use this website for hunting the jobs of their choice.

Apart from offering choice based jobs, the website also allows applicants to upload their CVs that make it enhances the chance of getting a preferred job. The portal serves as a great opportunity to search for jobs online.

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Ideally, this website is recognized as South Africa’s number one job searching site. On this site job, seekers can search for thousands of jobs.

Along with jobs, it also provides a minefield to find work. The website is also beneficial for the recruiters as they can hire ideal aspirants from a pool of several applications from all over the country.

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Keeping in mind the completion and diversity in the recruitment industry, job aspirants should ensure their CV’s get the maximum exposure.

By uploading a great CV, one can easily get a dream job that many aspirants hope to get. The job site offers services to both the employers as well as job seekers, thereby bridging the gap between the two.

The recruitment agency is ideally a fusion of employer and a conventional job aspirant the two can contact easily with the potential employer.

The agency assures that the job applicant’s CVs get maximum exposure to potential employers. Through this portal, a potential recruiter can send some specifications of required staff directly to the job aspirants or to hiring agencies that later on send notifications to the potential job seekers.

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Through indeed job aspirants can seek their desired jobs. The portal searches thousands of job opportunities to give job seekers the most exceptional results of all the jobs available in South Africa.

To increase their exposure in the market, the job hunters can also upload their CVs on the website.

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If you are looking for a user-friendly website, then surely you can’t find anything better than

To make job hunting easy, the portal has segregated the site as job seekers on the one hand and recruiters on the other side.

The separation makes it easier for users to choose the option that suits them the best. Under the category of job seekers, the applicants can upload their CVs.

Along with it, the users can also hunt for the currently available job opportunities. Via emails, the job seekers can also get notified about job recommendations.

The recruiter’s link guides users to a link where they can see the list of available jobs and apply for the ones that fit their resume. The employer also receives a notification via email.

Thus these websites have helped the potential recruiters to choose the best employees that fit the opportunities available.


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