Top 10 Best Job Sites in Sri Lanka

Today due to the power of the Internet, we have loads and loads of job portal websites in Sri Lanka. This is a platform where job seekers and job givers connect with each other for mutual benefit.

To help you go through the process easier, here we have curated a list of the top 10 job sites in Sri Lanka:

Top 10 Job Sites in Sri Lanka


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 This is a leading job search portal in the country. XpressJobs was initiated in the year 2015, and since then has been a very trusted source when it comes to providing jobs to many citizens of Sri Lanka.

The job portal focusses on collating a huge number of job openings for both the job seekers as well as job recruiters.

Every 3 months, the job search website makes sure to updates the system and use a new algorithm. Many brands have been trusting the portal to find suitable candidates.

Ikman Jobs

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This is a very renowned eCommerce platform and hosts numerous job vacancies through the job portal: ikman jobs.

A job seeker can be assured that or she will get many job opportunities through this portal as they provide a whole range of both local and overseas listing of jobs.

All you have to do as a job seeker is to update your profile on a regular basis and make sure to keep your CV updated. The best part about this portal is that it is absolutely free.

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 It is considered as an online directory for jobs and is also one of the most premium portals in the country.

This is the job search website, which lets all the job seekers apply to various jobs according to their niche across various regions of Sri Lanka.

Job seekers have an option to submit their professional portfolios along with their CV’s. When similar types of jobs are published then, job seekers start to get immediate alerts on their phone and email ids.

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This is a premium online job recruitment website that allows various employers to list a plethora of job vacancies.

Job seekers get a chance to maintain their job applications through online mode. The website has automated the entire process and offers a back-office electronically.

This helps in making the entire recruitment process simple and efficient at the same time. Through this, both job seekers and givers do not waste time finding or connecting with each other.

Observe Jobs

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This is a unique job search portal that prints about all the web, print, and social media under one head to make the entire process of employment super easy.

The portal has a massive database of all the job vacancies which cover the entire region of Sri Lanka. The portal is known for providing professional or high-position roles to the job seekers.

Hence, If you are someone who is looking for a white-collar job, then this is the best portal to land at.


This is one of the trending job search portals in Sri Lanka, which connects all the job seekers with job givers.

It reduces the entire stress level of the job seeker by helping him or her to find an apt job. The portal is known for providing some very quality jobs.

Moreover, it has over 35,000+ live job openings which run at the same time. One can look for jobs in the entire region or even in other countries as well.

The portal proves to be very effective for all the job seekers.

My jobs.Ik

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This job search portal is one of the fastest-growing portals in the country. This job search website is ab subsidiary of Emerging Media (Pvt).

It is one of the premium tools which has been successful in profiting employment to lakhs of people in the country.

It provides employment opportunities including, training programs, part-time jobs, semi-part time jobs, full-time jobs, professional jobs, unconventional jobs, etc. The portal also makes sure to give regular notifications

This is one of the most known job portals in the country. If you are someone who is in the process of hunting your dream job, then this is one place you will need to land at.

The job portal will help you to connect with the best brands in the industry whose requirements you match.

The job portal offers amazing features to all its subscribers so that it becomes easy for all the job seekers to look for their dream jobs in no time.

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This is one of the know platforms in the country for the purpose of finding jobs. The website makes sure to provide an ample amount of job openings in both the private and public sectors.

Moreover, the website makes it a point to keep the viewers and subscribers updated by sharing with them all the current updates which have been happening in the business world out there.

The job seeker can also filter out the job search on the basis of various parameters.

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This is one of the main associate companies of ‘Envoy Holdings.’ It offers a structured set of professional recruitment services to its clients on a regular basis in the country.

Many of the corporates out there favor this website due to its quality services and its trusted brand in the market.


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