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Kolkata may be one of India’s best-known subway towns for quality education. Whether it’s arts, science, or literature, the city has many higher education institutions from which you can choose. Kolkata is also home to some of India’s finest colleges, fostering young minds on their road to a promising career in their chosen field.

We are all aware of the fact how important schooling is and what role does it play in shaping the lives of the students. When we are young, we have a fragile mind, and we adapt to things faster. We generally become what we have been taught in the school, and that is what shapes us for life. The choice of school we choose plays a very important role and we should be really mindful for the same.

Currently the way schools operate have really changed. Now the focus is just not on the academic’s part, but it is much more than that. Schools have become really holistic with their approach, and want to diversify what they are into. If you have also been looking for the right school in Kolkata, then we have the perfect solution for you.

Hold your horses and check out the list curated of the top 10 schools in Kolkata right away.

We bring you a list of Calcutta’s best schools, divided into schools for girls, schools for boys, convents, and other schools.

Top 10 Schools in Kolkata

La Martiniere For Girls

Even if you don’t live in Kolkata, at least once in the TV Bournvita Quiz contest, you must have heard the word La Martiniere.

The school was established in 1836 and is one of the best schools for girls in Kolkata. In Kolkata, the school also has a separate boys’ branch. The school provides pre-primary through 12th-grade education.

The ICSE and the ISC Boards are tested respectively by students from Classes X and XII. La Martiniere is often listed as India’s best school for girls, and admission to this school is not easy.

La Martiniere for Boys

In 1836, Boys’ La Martiniere was set up as a boys’ day school to impart academic excellence and ensure all students’ real growth. It’s La Martiniere’s brother institution for girls.

As one of the earliest boy schools in Kolkata, with its library, computer, chemistry, physics, biology labs, geography room, smart classes, and AV room, it has a vast campus that offers the students the possibility to meet their various educational requirements.

Don Bosco School Kolkata

The English Medium Anglo-Indian School for Catholic Boys was established in 1958, run by Don Bosco’s Salesians, but now the school also accepts boys of other religions.

It is one of Kolkata’s top schools. During their studies, the institution seeks to impart value-based education by teaching the habits of piety, morality, discipline, and self-reliance. The school ensures that particular attention is paid to upholding a high level of morality and discipline in the school and imparting values.

Modern High School Kolkata

In 1952, Rukmani Devi Birla founded the Modern High School for Girls in Kolkata to establish thoughtful, independent, and strong young women. The school’s main priority is to ensure that each child’s unique learning experience is stress-free and stimulating.

The school strongly supports extracurricular activities through numerous clubs, field tours, educational trips, and excursions. It’s one of Kolkata’s best girls’ schools.

St. Xavier’s Collegiate School

St. Xavier’s Collegia School is one of the best schools in Kolkata, established by the Jesuits in 1860 to educate catholic boys but accepts students from every caste, faith, and creed.

The school is renowned for its two distinct structures, one containing both the primary and the secondary and university buildings. It is well known for its household method, which gives students a healthy competitive spirit and promotes the mind.

Loreto House Kolkata

Loreto House Kolkata was established in 1842 to offer a sound moral education to students while cultivating their secret talent. The school has an immense library, a computer laboratory, different sporting facilities and intelligent lessons for primary and secondary school classes.

It follows the curriculum of ICSE and ISC. Besides sciences, Olympiad tests for the students are also administered, and their success is acknowledged at the national level.

Heritage School Kolkata

The Heritage School was founded in 2001 by the Kalyan Bharathi Trust to recreate the famous “gurukula” tradition in India. This is a collaborative day school.

The school’s primary goal is to provide all the amenities for children that help them grow socially, emotionally, mentally, and intellectually.

The school has numerous facilities, including laboratories, which allow for various studies in different fields, smart classrooms, and the warmth of nature.

Besides the above, in the spacious dining hall, the school provides vegetarian food for the children and offers transport facilities.

St James School Kolkata

The then Most Revd opened. The St. James School, built-in 1864 by George Edward Cotton – the Bishop of Calcutta, was one of Calcutta’s best schools. While the school initially faced some financial crisis, the school evolved to a point where it reached its peak with church support.

Calcutta International School

Miss Barth founded the school in 1953. The institution was first founded for the children of the British community’s expatriate community, but now it houses almost 2000 students of various nationalities internationally.

The school’s mission is to nurse children and make them and their world explore. The school is air-conditioned and equipped with GPS transport facilities

Ashok Hall Girls’ Higher Secondary School Kolkata

The school is one of the six schools that Ashok Hall Croup has founded. It was developed in 1951 to prepare the girls to face both their chances and their problems. The school is a member of the Board of CBSE and has transport facilities available for the students.

The school provides computer-aided learning facilities, library and information resources, labs, health care, athletic facilities, and numerous other collaborative events.

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