Top 10 Best Scotch Whisky Brands in India

When you hear the word, “hard liquor,” one of the alcoholic drinks that comes to mind is whiskey.  Popularized by the Vikings and then by the Russians, whiskey is seen as being one of the ‘hardest’ liquors in the world.

It has long been popular in the West, and thanks to growing wealth and rising incomes, it is fast becoming the drink of choice in India.  But the question of which whiskey brands are the best comes to mind.

This article will discuss the 10 best scotch whiskey brands in India that have real value for your money!

Top 10 Scotch Whiskey in India

Chivas Regal 12-Year-Old

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Many Indians think that they have not tasted or experienced real whiskey until they have drunk this brand.  The reason why is because of its incredibly good and smooth flavor.

Not only that, but it has a name that is famous globally and is associated with status and wealth.  So drinkers can feel as though they were a part of royalty when they quaff this brand of whiskey.

It’s extremely rich taste makes it the ideal drink for weddings, formal parties, and other grand and special occasions.

Its ingredients and malting process tell the entire story.  It’s malted in Scotland’s best distilleries and is made from the highest quality grain and malt grown on the planet.

This amazing liquor is in a class of its own.  In fact, those who know hard liquor feel that you haven’t really tasted hard liquor until you have drunk this brand.

Indeed, it’s high price reflects its high-status symbol and quality.  You can buy this brand in liquor stores for INR 3497.  It’s also 40% proof, meaning that it is 80% alcohol by content.


Ballantine’s finest

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This is the perfect drink for any occasion.  You can enjoy it at a business function or when relaxing in front of the television after a long and tiring day of hard work.

What makes it so desirable is its perfect and smooth taste and quality that no other brand of hard liquor can match!  It is a pleasant-tasting drink with a powerful punch that you will feel.  Its great taste makes it a favorite for Indians.

But the fact that it offers great taste, a great alcohol drinking experience, and won’t burn a hole in wallets makes it popular worldwide as well.

If you decide to buy this brand, expect to shell out INR 1698 at the liquor store.  It is 40% proof, meaning that it is 80% alcohol by content.

The Glenlivet

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If you love high-quality malt whiskey, this is the drink for you!  It’s high quality and long history also make it the favored drink worldwide.  The Glenlivet is Scotland’s first malt whiskey.

It comes from the Scottish Speyside region.  You’ll love this premier drink that will make you feel as though you were a part of the ‘creamy’ layer of Indian and global society.

However, its royal feeling also comes with a royal price tag at INR 4731 a bottle.  It is 40% proof, meaning that it is 80% alcohol by content.

100 Pipers Deluxe Scotch Whiskey

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This brand is always oversold around the world.  Urban Indians can’t get enough of this brand which is known for its rich and smooth taste.  It also has a pleasant smell that you can taste.

You’ll love its affordability – something that is rare for fine scotch whiskey brands.  A bottle of this iconic whiskey will set you back INR 1629.  It is 40% proof, meaning that it is 80% alcohol by content.

Jameson Irish Whiskey

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If you know alcoholic drinks, you know that this is one of the world’s best selling brands.  It’s from Ireland and is favored because of the strong, rich taste that the Irish ‘triple-distillation’ process brings it.

You’ll love its smooth after taste.  You’ll also love the fact that it doesn’t burn when it goes down your throat.  It is perfect for any occasion, and it is great either when drunk alone, or when added to sodas or other alcoholic beverages.

Maybe this is why Indian’s really love it.  It is a bit on the pricer end at INR 2135, but the great drinking experience is worth the price.  It is 40% proof.

Jack Daniels Number 7 Tennessee Whiskey

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America’s most popular whiskey has finally reached Indian shores!  Its extremely smooth and rich taste has associated with higher quality alcoholic drinks, both in America and in India.

The fact that it is great when mixed with other drinks makes it even more popular among India’s increasingly growing and wealthy young, middle classes.  The one drawback is its higher price at INR 3397.  It is 40% proof.

Johnnie Walker Black Label

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It started out and became popular in the West.  It then migrated to India where it became an instant hit!  What you’ll love about it is its smooth taste that will never disappoint.  In fact, it’s this fact that makes it so popular among India’s young middle classes.

Teacher’s Highland Cream

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Indians can’t get enough of this globally popular brand.  What they really love about it is its smooth taste and reasonable price.

This is why anyone who loves a good scotch whiskey craves this brand.  Expect to pay INR 1536 at the liquor store.  It is 40% proof

Aberlour 12-year-old

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It is smooth and has great taste.  Its main drawback is that it is obscure.  However, the increasingly wealthy and growing middle classes in India can’t get enough of it and this is what is making it popular!

It is distilled and matured in a double cask and that is what gives its strong but pleasant taste, flavor, and smell.  It is on the pricier side of INR 5098.  It is 40% proof.

Black and White blended scotch whiskey

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It contains more grain than malt and this what gives it a pleasant and distinct taste!  It is very popular because of this.  You’ll also be more than pleased by its reasonable price.

This drink is best enjoyed over ice or with some water.  Its taste makes it a great standalone drink!  It is 40% proof

Scotch whiskeys are here to stay in India

Indians now have access to many premium quality whiskey brands.  Some of them are affordable and all of them have great taste.  That’s why scotch whiskey brands are here to stay in India!


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