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Currently, it has become like a need of the hour to know more about video editing software. You could be making a short video clip for your social media account or a full-fledged video; you would need to get your hands on the correct video editing software.

Finding the right software for your video editing does become a pain, due to the availability of a plethora of options.

To make your lives easier, we have done our research and homework well. Here we have curated a list of top 10 best video editing software on which you can get your hands on as soon as possible. All of this software is studied in detail and then have been put in the premium list.

Top 10 Video Editing Software’s

Adobe Premiere Pro

In case if you use windows, then there cannot be a better video editing software than Adobe Premiere Pro. Currently, this is the no.1 video editing software that1 is available online now. The other name of this software is ‘no-brainer’. Premium

Pro is an all dancing and singing platform used for videos and created by a huge name from the industry. The software can handle a vast number of video tracks and in terms of importing it is very compatible and allows data imported from any source such as tapes, CD’s Pen-drive, camera, standard files etc.

Final Cut Pro X

This video software has to be one of the best ones who mainly is used for Mac. Generally, while using Apple products, there is a common notion that these are hard to use, but this video editor is the need of the hour.

Compared to other software, it is way more comfortable to use and comes loaded with a plethora of features inside. It has features such as beautiful effects, different grouping tools, addition, or edition of the audio.

Adobe Premiere Elements

This video editing software becomes the apt choice for both category the beginners as well as the experienced individuals. This software is light and is not very, very heavy.

It is the software that should be used by semi-professional people and editors. The premier elements come up with.a packed box of stunning features. Some of the core features are as possible: audio effects, a wide variety of soundtracks, effects, etc.

Adobe Premiere Rush

Each one of us in our life must have used some fundamental aspects of Adobe software. The software Adobe Premiere Rush also takes the best habits that Adobe has tried to cultivate over the years to give the users the best possible.

The interface of the game is pretty simple and straightforward. The usage of the software is so simple that it hardly takes any time for the user to get hands-on software and feel comfortable. Also, one can quickly grab the full version of the software at very affordable rates.

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate

For all the novices, it is one of the premium software to get your hands on and begin your journey in the world of video editing.

The video software has a very well structured interface. It signifies that is it very easy for the user to work on it. Moreover, the video software accounts for all the essential features which are needed to edit a video beautifully.

It has some premium features as well, such as 360-degrees VR video support, multi-cam editing, music library, 4K video support, a plethora of effects.


Considered as a potent tool for video editing for all the enthusiasts out there. It is one of the most premium tools which can be used by individuals who are just beginning to learn video graphic designing and are there in their beginning stage.

The software has all the features which spoon-feed an individual. It stores inbuilt titles, various effects, and filters to guide the YouTubers out there. The software contains royalty-free many sound effects and options for videos which create an overall impact on the video.

CyberLink PowerDirector

This is a high-end software which is mainly used by the professional. The software developed correctly, which gives our very premium and high-quality features out.

The video software comes up with some unique features such as professional effects, motion tracking, multi-cam editing, easy trimming, video correction tools, etc.

In case you are finding it a little challenging to use the software, then there are multiple videos out there to help you guide to use this software.


Pinnacle Studio

This software is an apt choice of software if you have never even got your hands on editing a video. The Pinnacle Studio software is one of the cheapest video editing software when compared to the other editing software.

The software is also given an option to the users to bail out in 30 days if they do not feel satisfied with the software. The software comes up with massive features such as 1,500+ effects, templates, stop motion features, titles, six-track HD video editing, etc.

Vimeo Create

In 2019, Vimeo launched Vimeo Create, which is a new video editing app in the business. It is one of the unique apps which aims to make professional-looking videos that are used for social media platforms.

The ones who have no experience in video editing at all can make use of all the Customized templates and stocked up photos and video clips. The video software also has in-store music which is commercially licensed which is available free of cost to the users.


This video software is one of the best ones as it is super compatible and used in smartphones and tablets. The app is available for all the users using Windows, IOS, Google Play etc.

The reason why all love this app is that it goes beyond to provide a plethora of features which are not expected from any mobile app.

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