Life can be very unpredictable, uncertain, and harsh for some people. At the moment, when we realize that everything is going pretty well, there must be a disaster waiting for us in the very next moment.

Some who face these challenges of life have guts to conquer through this and some don’t. sadly, it is a brutal truth that nature asks for sacrifice, and those who aren’t brave enough to end up losing their lives in a very sad and bizarre note.

Some people do believe that anything bad which is coming is a phase and it will go but for some, the phase never really ends, it keeps on going in the same loop, and eventually, the most alluring thing that the man sees is death. Here we have a list where there is uncertainty related to the death of certain celebrities which is a mystery till now.

Top 10 Bizarre And Tragic Celebrity Suicides

Ruslana Korshunova: (July 2, 1987 – June 28, 2008)

Ruslana Korshunova
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She was a Kazakh supermodel who has Russian heritage. She was the cover girl of many famous magazines including Vogue.

Represented many superb designers such as Nina Ricci etc. she got recognition in the year 2003 because of her knee-length, chestnut-colored beautiful hairs. She was allegedly seen jumping out from her balcony on the 9th floor after seeing the movie “Ghost”.

According to all her close mate, it was found that she was a jolly person and doesn’t have any symptoms of depression as such and thus it was ruled as suicide case because there wasn’t any evidence.

Mary Kay Bergman: (June 5, 1961 – November 11, 1999)

Mary Kay Bergman
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She has been known as one of the great voice over artist who has made many characters memorable, Snow-white from Disney, Ms. Cartman, and Wendy from “Southpark” and many more.

She was happily married to her husband for 9 long years and nobody ever realized that she has acute depression and anxiety for multiple years.

Sadly she shot herself with a gun on her head and left two suicide notes which haven’t been released yet. But after all of her achievement, this was a tragic ending for her.

Ryan Jenkins: (February 8, 1977 – August 23, 2009)

Ryan Jenkins
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The death story of Ryan is a bit too awful and brutal at the same time. he has been a TV artist and has appeared in two shows named “Megan wants a Millionaire” and “I love money” which sadly never aired. Following this, he met with Jasmine Fiore who was a former supermodel.

After two days of their marriage, Fiore was found dead in a very brutal condition without teeth and fingers in a suitcase, brutally assaulted and beaten. After this, five days later, Ryan hanged himself with a belt in a motel in Canada.

Paula Goodspeed: (1971 – 2008)

Paula Goodspeed

If there any American Idol fan then you would surely recognize her because of her crush for Paula Abdul. She went for auditioning and for meeting her idol in person as well because of some uncertain things the audition doesn’t go well and she eventually found some mean fan comments after her auditioning as well. and thus she was found outside Paula Abdul’s home with a severe high dose of prescription pills which later cost her life.

Brynn Hartman: (April 11, 1958 – May 22, 1998)

Brynn Hartman
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Again a tragic and sad ending of two lives which was one at some point in time! Brynn Hartman was the third wife of Phil Hartman and he was well known for his TV series “Saturday Night Live”.

Like any other day, Phil and Bryann were fighting over Bryann’s high usage of the drug. After Phil went to sleep, Bryann Shot Phil on two either side and it was believed that he died just after that. Bryan confessed this to two-person she knew and soon she shot herself as well.

Elliott Smith: (August 6, 1969 – October 21, 2003)

Elliott Smith
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He was born in Omaha, Nebraska, and was gifted with great knowledge of music and a unique voice. He spent his life mostly in Portland and well recognized for his Academy Award nomination for “ Miss Misery”.

It was noticed that he has developed a suicidal tendency after he gets into drugs. He once jumped from a mountain cliff but gained his life with the help of a single tree branch.

One day, he got into a small fight with his girlfriend, and later he was found with a knife pierced in his chest in the kitchen found by his girlfriend after she heard a scream.

Jonathan Brandis: (April 13, 1976 – November 12, 2003)

Jonathan Brandis
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He was born in Connecticut and allegedly began his film career at the age of 5. Featuring in some awesome movies in his childhood such as The Neverending Story II: The Next Chapter” and “Ladybugs” he gained his fame soon.

Eventually, after he grew up, his friend recognized some signs of depression because of his lack of career offers. He showed some positive signs but end up losing his life in the hospital bed after he hanged himself.

Andrew Koenig: (August 17, 1968 – February 2010)

Andrew Koenig
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He was best known for the character of Boner in the “Growing Pains” movie. Later played the role of Joker in a short film based on batman series.

He went to witness the Olympics and never returned after that. He loved working behind the camera, he was allegedly found hanged in Vancouver.

Dana Plato: (November 7, 1963 – May 8, 1999)

Dana Plato
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She was born in Oklahoma and was popularly known for her role as Kimberly in “Different Strokes”. Later due to lack of popularity, she gets into some dark businesses like robbery because of which she got defamed but soon she returned on “The Howard Stern Show ” and soon after this day she was found high dosed in pills outside his fiance’s mother’s house.

Peg Entwistle: (February 5, 1908 – September 16, 1932)

Peg Entwistle
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She may be the oldest in the list but she too has a tragic end. She wanted to be a comedian back then and she succeeded to an extent as well.  her last film ” thirteen women” didn’t receive very well-reviewed upset because she jumped from the mountain cliff where the Hollywood sign is present.

These were some of the most bizarre and tragic celebrity suicides that ever happened. We hope you loved reading the listicle. These mysteries are completely unresolved to date and there is no clue of how the incidents took place.

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