Whenever we look through the old photo albums of our childhood our heart fills with warm emotions while we remember the good old times. However, there are certain childhood photos that tell a very different story.

There have been innumerable notorious serial killers but some of them have got their name in the annals of time. These stories are sure to give you the chills and keep you up at night.

Top 10 Creepy Childhood Stories of Serial Killers

  1. The story of Henry Lee Lucas’s Lost Eye

Henry Lee Lucas's
Image Source: filmdaily.co

Henry Lee Lucas is also popular as the confession killer. He claimed to have killed more than a hundred people to a Texas Rangers who interviewed him. However, the real victim count much less.

Lucas was born in Blacksburg Virginia in the year 1936. He had a very tough life due to his abusive mother who tortured him both physically and psychologically.

He recalled his past experience and went on to say that he hates his entire life and was treated like a dog. According to him, he was beaten and made to do things that no human being would like to do.

At the delicate age of 8, his mother beat him over the head with a wooden plank so badly that he ended up in a coma for three days.

Just two years after this incident, another torturous event happened in his life when his eye was slashed by his brother. The injury was left untreated, which became infected which caused his eye to be removed permanently.

  1. Growing up in a house full of horrors

Ed Gein
Image Source: michaeljfaris.com

Ed Gein was born in an isolated farmhouse in Wisconsin. He grew up with his mother who taught him that all women were devils. He was so much attached to his mother that after her death, he started to create creepy ‘women suit’ from the bodies of women whom he used to exhume.

  1. Alexander Pichushkin and the head injury that changed his personality

Alexander Pichushkin
Image Source: en.wikipedia.org

Alexander Pichuskin had a twisted mentality and had set himself a goal to kill 64 people, one for each square on a chessboard. Due to this reason, he was later named as the ‘Chessboard killer’.

In the year 1992, he was finally convicted for murder and mutilation of 52 people. When confronted, he showed no remorse and instead said that for him life without killing anyone is just like a life without any food.

This twisted mentality can be related back to a head injury at the age of 4 years, which had drastically changed his entire personality as recalled by his mother.

  1. The shocking story of “Cigarette Pig”

Aileen Wuornos
Image Source: ilcorpodichristo.blogspot.com

Aileen Wuornos had a tragic life. Her mother abandoned her at a tender age of 3, while his father was sent to prison for sexual abuse of a minor. She started living with her grandparents. Even with them, she was not safe, as she was abused by her own grandfather.

At the age of 13 years, she became famous as the “Cigarette Pig” amongst the boys at her school. This name was given to her due to the habit of exchanging sexual favours with cigarettes. She was later convicted for the murder of seven men in Florida while working as a prostitute.

  1. The Young John Wayne who tortured animals

John Wayne
Image Source: filmdaily.co

John Wayne Gacy was a quite intelligent child who was raised in Chicago. He witnessed a lot of violence at his home by his father who was an alcoholic. To take out his frustration, he started torturing animals such as turkeys. He used to throw balloons filled with gasoline on them and then ignite the birds while watching them burn alive.

At a later stage of his life, he took the alter-ego of ‘Pogo the clown’ and entertained children at birthday parties. Several years later in 1978, he admitted the murder of at least 30 victims who were later found buried in a small crawl space under his house.

  1. The child Ian Brady who had psychopathic symptoms from early childhood

Ian Brady
Image Source: biography.com

Ian Brady was one of the serial killer duo who was infamous as The Moors Murderers. Brady was adopted when he was 4 years old. Since a very early age, he displayed several psychopathic symptoms. By the age of 10, he had already started killing animals simply for pleasure. Along with his partner Myra Hindley, he killed five children.

  1. The child who loved playing with bones

Jeffrey Dahmer's apartment
Image Source: allthatsinteresting.com

The shocking state of Jeffrey Dahmer’s apartment was revealed in 1991, and he became infamous as ‘The Milwaukee Cannibal’. Several dismembered remains of his victims were found in his apartment along with a severed head. It was later found that he had killed and mutilated 17 people.

However, the interesting fact is that his eerie interest in bones was seen from his young age. His father wrote in his memoir that he had found a large pile of bones and remains of several rodents beneath their house.

  1. The boy who enjoyed his mother’s pain

Dennis Rader BTK
Image Source: insideedition.com

Dennis Rader was the perfect church-going member, a devoted husband, and a loving father. However, when the truth was revealed that he was responsible for the murder of 10 victims, his family was left in shock.

It was later revealed in an interview that he had developed an obsession with female terrorization. While describing an event where his mother’s hand was caught in a couch spring, he said that the image of her mother looking with terror gave him a thrill like no other.

  1. Ted Bundy and his traps

Ted Bundy
Image Source: biography.com

Theodore Robert Bundy was born in 1946. He was infamous from a very young age and used to create traps in the woods that surrounded his house. He killed more than 30 women between 1974 and 1978.

His urge to kill women is largely attributed to the fact that his mother who lived in a home for unwed mothers passed him off as a brother to avoid the shame of illegitimacy. Later on, he found that his grandparents were actually his parents whereas the person whom he thought to be his sister was his mother.

  1. David Berkowitz and his desire to kill pets

David Berkowitz
Image Source: cosmopolitan.com

At the of 6, David Berkowitz poured motor oil in his adoptive mother’s fish tank to kill them. Later the event speared them with pins. Not only this, but he also poisoned her bird and enjoyed watching it die slowly.

Several years later, he recalled those experiences in an interview and said that he got a thrill while watching his mother trying to revive her pets. Later on, he became infamous as ‘Son of Sam’ for the murder of 6 victims in New York City in the year 1976.

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