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India the home of the largest youth population in the world. Most of us are running behind 9 to 5 jobs so that we can accomplish our goals and so we can be financially strong. All of us actually don’t get the job satisfaction we need but we compromise because of the situation.

Many companies and industries ranging from automobiles, fast food, beauty, education, and fashion are trying to enter or expand in the Indian market. One of the ways through which these brands are expanding is through franchise business.

People are looking for business ideas but they aren’t sure whether their business would be successful or not hence they are afraid of taking risks, hence in this case franchise business is the best option.

So here we got the list of top 10 franchise business in India which you check out.

Top 10 Franchise Business in India


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One of the most trusted and popular Indian brands. Patanjali is running successfully under the guidance of Baba Ramdev and due to the strategy of Aacharya Balkrishna.

Patanjali ayurvedic medicines are the most valued- product in the FMCG market.

If you want to start the Patanjali franchise you need a minimum area of 500 Sq Ft and capital investment of 7 lakhs to 70 lakhs it depends on the unit capacity of your business.


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The pizza company was started in 1960 in a small store in the US and now it has become the leading brand for delivering delicious pizzas all over the world.

Apart from pizzas, Domino’s also caters pasta, cakes, bread, chicken wings, and many more. There are around 550 stores in India. If interested in starting franchise you need a minimum investment of 30 lakhs and area of at-least 1500 Sq Ft.


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Asia’s largest coffee company with a heritage of over 140 years, where people can find hot and special coffees.

Café Coffee Day is proving coffee maker machines that facilitate to form the recent low or tea in one button bit machines area unit comes with the newest technology that makes the work easier and a lot of convenient.

If you are planning to start CCD authorization you will involve a minimum area of 100 Sq Ft and investment of 10 lakhs.


KFC Franchise
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KFC is a very popular food brand, originated in the US and it was established in 1939. The company is serving 12 million people every day, it is spread across 115 countries and operates more than 17,000 stores.

If you are planning of starting KFC franchise then you need 1 crore capital investment and area of approximately 100 Sq Ft.


Lakme Franchise
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It is number 1 and most accepted brand in beauty products, it not just famous in India but around the globe. The company was established in 1952 now it is owned by Hindustan Unilever.

The franchise is spread over 75 cities in India. To open a Lakme salon you need an investment of 25 lakhs and an area of 200 Sq Ft.


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This is a company that provides optical lenses and frames. It is one of the fastest-growing eyewear businesses all over the world.

It was started in 2010 and now it has more than 70 stores across India. If you are planning to start lenskart franchise then you require minimum area space of 300 Sq Ft and capital investment of 20 to 30 lakhs and it must be located in a potential area such as an optical store, malls, etc.


Taco Bell
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Currently operating in India for more than 7 years. The company has a huge network of around 350 franchises. It was started in 1964 and it is known to provide quality and mouth-watering Mexican food.

They also cover different types of restaurant facilities like traditional, drive through. If planning to start a taco bell franchise you then require a minimum area of 200 Sq Ft and investment of 20 to 30 lakhs.


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It is operating since 1965 and is a vast and successful name in the footwear industry, it is spread over 486 franchises across India. It is currently covering 21 states.

Khadim’s is a popular brand but it does face competition from brands like Bata, Sreeleather, Ford, etc. If you are willing to start a Khadim’s franchise then you need an investment of at least 30 lakhs and an area of 600 Sq ft. and the store should be located near a good area such as malls, other famous shoe brands etc.


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The largest sub sandwich chain in the world, the company was started in 1965. The objective of the company was to provide service of the highest quality to its customers at affordable prices. It is one of the restaurants which promotes eating healthy food.

They offer salads, sandwiches, cookies, and a variety of brads to choose from. If you are interested in opening a subway franchise then the investment you need to make would be of 55 to 90lakhs and the space required would be at-least 170 Sq Ft.


Gianis Ice Cream
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It is one of the oldest and most loved ice cream parlours in the nation. It was established in 1956 in Chandani chowk. It became popular because of its products such as rabri faluda and mango shake.

It is still considered one of the best ice-cream providers and it will probably remain one of the go-to parlours. The investment required is of 10-20 lakhs and an area of 80-300 Sq Ft.


These were just 10 of the franchises out of thousands of options available. And it may seem that the above-mentioned franchises.

It may require a heavy budget but it is definitely worth it because you are establishing a franchise that has goodwill and it is best for people who are afraid to start their own business.

They are afraid whether the business would do good or not hence you can open a franchise of the above companies and can earn a good sum.

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