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Nowadays, smartphones have become a crucial part of our life. India has more than 350 million smartphone users in 2020. We do almost everything with our smartphones be it playing a high-quality game or preparing the presentation.

As a result, a bad phone can ruin our productivity or entertainment. The best smartphones offer good software, hardware, and easy usability.

These best smartphones have either iOS or Android as their operating system. In 2020, smartphone manufacturing companies are focusing on Android 10. The Indian smartphone market has surpassed the US smartphone market for the first time.

India is now in the second position in regard to the largest smartphone market in the world. Though choosing a good smartphone is difficult but brands have made it easier.

Smartphones in India


Samsung Mobile Phone
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It is one of the best smartphone brands in India. Samsung was found in 1969. It has released its fast smartphone in 2009. It is part of the Samsung Group.

It manufactures Tablets and Smartphones in India. It has more than a 46% share of the total smartphone market share in India. But Samsung is now facing tough times.

It is getting continuously challenged by Chinese brands like Huawei and Xiaomi. Samsung’s sales have dropped randomly in both India and China. Though it has a strong market in the United States and Europe.

Some of the popular smartphone models are Galaxy J2, J7, J8, etc. Samsung has become very popular over the years because it’s the thirst for innovation in technology and affordability.


Xiaomi Mobile Phone
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It was founded in 2010. Their main motto is innovation. It offers awesome features with good hardware, software, internet, and storage. It has become one of the top brands used in India. It sells almost 1 million smartphones in India every year.

Some of its popular models are Redmi, MI Max 2, Y2, MI Mix 3, etc. Muralikrishnan B, Chief Operating Officer of Xiaomi India told that 99% of phones that are sold in India by this brand are manufactured in India only. He also told that they make three phones in a second.

It is now the largest brand in India in the offline market. This brand is present in 790 cities of India and has the highest share in shipment in the Indian smartphone market.


Apple Mobile Phones
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It was founded by Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne, and Steve Wozniak in the year 1976. It started with manufacturing personal computers. Now they sell every electronics from mobile to media players.

It is a famous brand in India with the iOS operating system. Apple has a 75.6% share in India’s premium smartphone market. iPhone XR and iPhone 11 is the reason for 70% of iPhone sales in India.

It’s because of its pricing, eye-catching discounts, and easy shipments. Once this pandemic gets over, Apple is going to focus more on the Make in India model which will help to upgrade its business in a price-sensitive market.


Vivo Mobile Phones
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It is another famous smartphone brand in India. It offers smartphones at a very low cost with lots of functionalities. This smartphone has gained popularity in India mainly because of its camera. It had a 134% growth in the fourth quarter of 2019.

It has become the second-highest shareholder in the smartphone market of India. Though we all know how fluid the Indian smartphone market is.


Oppo Mobile Phones
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It has an 8% market share globally in the smartphone market. It is one of the smartphones under the BBK Group. It has an increase of 83% in shipments in India. It has captured 12% of the Indian smartphone market.

The company’s sales in the first quarter of 2020 were influenced by the sales of its A5 and A5s smartphones in the online market and A31 and smartphones in the offline market.


Lenovo Mobile Phones
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It has told Times Of India that India is among its top-five markets globally. ‘Made in India’ and ‘Made for India’ strategy has helped them to achieve growth.

They were focussing on the growth of profit for both its Lenovo and Motorola brand. All the smartphones are made by Motorola which is the only subsidy of Lenovo. Some of its popular models are Moto g, Moto z, Moto e, etc.


LG Mobile Phones
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It is the largest smartphone manufacturer company in the world and it has a good market share in the Indian smartphone market as well.

Though it produces a different kind of electronic gadgets, it has some awesome collection of smartphones. LG is going to launch a new ‘W’ series of smartphones first in India.

It will launch five devices, under this series, which will be available online in Amazon. It aims to sell almost one million smartphones of this series in India by the end of December.


Nokia Mobile Phones
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It is one of the oldest and trusted smartphone manufacturing company. Though it was not doing well in the past and has lost almost everything. But it came back again with Nokia 6. It again proved itself as one of the best smartphone makers.

It has now an 8% share of the smartphone market. It is offering a smartphone with attractive features, eye-catching design, and smooth functionality. Some of its famous models are Nokia 6.1 Plus, Nokia 8.1, Nokia 7.1 etc.


HTC Mobile Phones
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It was founded in 1997. It has its headquarters in Taiwan. It is one of the famous smartphone brands in India. It offers a lot of budget smartphones with high-end features.

One Plus

One Plus Mobile Phones
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It is also popular in the Indian smartphone market. Some of its popular models are one plus 6, one plus 7, etc. One Plus is continuously listening to the feedbacks of its existing customers and upgrading its features.

Not only they’re providing good service to its existing customers but also it is getting new customers by strong word of mouth. One Plus has recorded more than two million shipments in the year 2019.

The number of smartphone users is continuously increasing globally. The condition is the same in India as well. So the new companies are coming too. But these companies are strong enough to survive the fluidity of the Indian smartphone market with their innovative products.



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