Life After Death

Some celebrities and public figures are so celebrated and popular that their diehard fans cannot accept their death news. Their beloved fans often refute the news of their deaths and claim to feel their presence. Even though popular beliefs allege that some such celebrities are still alive, we gather that they are dead and will in no way come back anytime soon.

However going by famous beliefs, let us take a look at ten of the best-known deaths that have fuelled fires in the minds of conspiracy theorists.


  1. Andy Kaufman (1949-1984):

Andy Kaufman
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The harbinger of our comedy sensibility had a reputation of being unpredictable and erratic. He was famous for pulling out numerous hoaxes and pranks throughout his career.

The offbeat comedian believed to have died of lung cancer at a young age of 35, but the biggest catch here is that even before being diagnosed by the disease, he frequently claimed to fake his death.

He joked that if such an elaborate prank is a success, he would come back after 20 years. Therefore, after his death his fans were reluctant and sceptical to believe the news.

In his odd and rambling book, “The Truth, Finally,” Zmuda, his friend, lays out his argument that Kaufman faked his death. But since our favourite comedian did not resurface, it was clear that he expired in 1984.

  1. Jim Morrison (1943-1971):

Jim Morrison
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Jim served as the lead vocalist of the famous rock band ‘Doors’. He was an American singer, songwriter, and poet who gained immense popularity over the years. His voice was widely recognized and was known for his poetic lyrics, his erratic but awe-striking performance garnered him praise world-wise.

However, his death is shrouded in mystery. In 1971, he left for Paris for pursuing his love for poetry, and on 3rd July, his death news circulated. He too died young at a tender age of 27. Though the official cause of death was listed as heart failure, no autopsy was performed.

The common rumour that did the rounds was that he died of a heroin overdose, while some other claim it to be a murder conspiracy hatched by his then-girlfriend Pamela Courson and her boyfriend Jean de. Morrison will always be regarded by musicians and his diehard fans as an iconic frontman in rock history.

  1. Tupac Shakur (1971-1996):

Tupac Shakur
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Shakur, rapper, and actor died at the Nevada Medical centre, in the town of Las Vegas due to gunshot firing.

Though, the official cause of his death was reported as cardio-pulmonary arrest but most murder remains as the most widely accepted cause. Even after 20 years after his death, many of his fans believe that he is still alive, mainly because of two reasons.

First being that the police did not find any suspect or lead regarding his murder and the second reason is because of the release of 8 of Tupac’s albums even after he passed away.

  1. Elvis Presley (1935-1977):

Elvis Presley
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Our most favourite cultural icon, known as the ‘King of Rock and Roll’ or simply ‘The King’ died back in 1977 because of an overdose of medicine.

Many theories and sightings came to light regarding his death as his most ardent fans denied the heart-breaking news. Some say that Presley isn’t dead because his middle name is misspelt on his gravestone while others state that he faked his death.

With the autopsy request coming directly from his family rather than at the state’s behest, the full findings were sealed after the procedure. This further adds fuel to fire and make his death even more mysterious.

  1. Adolf Hitler (1889-1945):

Adolf Hitler
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It is believed that both Hitler and his wife swallowed cyanide capsules in their bunker, 55 feet under the chancellery that was his headquarter during his reign in Germany.

The politician and leader of the Nazi Party, along with his wife were buried in their garden. Though the autopsy reports confirmed and identified his body, rumours of his presence still surfaced.

  1. Jesse James (1847-1882):

Jesse James
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Jesse and his brother, Frank for a long time committed robberies and murders throughout the Midwest. Detective magazines and pulp novels glamorized the James gang, turning them into mythical Robin Hoods who were driven to crime by unethical landowners and bankers.

But the truth was Jesse was a ruthless killer who was shot to death by a member of his gang. Surprisingly when James mother was asked to identify his body, she denied.


  1. Duchess Anastasia (1901-1918):

Duchess Anastasia
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Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia was the youngest daughter of Tsar Nicholas II, the last sovereign of Russia, and his wife, Tsarina Alexandra Feodorovna. She was shot along with his whole family by the Communist firing squad. Sometimes it is refuted that the duchess escaped the firing.

The media has always been fascinated by Anastasia’s story and many books have been written about her.

  1. Alexander I (1777-1825):

Alexander I
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The Great Russian emperor, Alexander (I), in his later days, grew increasingly suspicious of those around him, became more withdrawn, more religious, and more passive in his behaviour.

His behaviour corresponded to being schizophrenic and his mental health disoriented considerably. He is believed to have died of malaria or pneumonia. But when his tomb was opened by the Soviets, his body was not found.


  1. Louis XVII (1785-1795):

Louis XVII
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He was the uncrowned King of France. The official record states that Louis XVII dies in the Temple prison at the age of 10on 8th June, 1795 from tuberculosis.

But many people begged to differ for they had their theory. Some said that he died of neglect, some believed him to be murdered while others claimed that he did not die, and someone else’s body was put in his place.


  1. Jesus Christ:

Jesus Christ
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Jesus Christ, the incarnation of God on earth and the forbearer of Christianity was crucified in Judea, Rome. The resurrection of Jesus after being crucified has been laid down in history with proven facts but many people still believe that he continued to live for a longer period. Some even consider that he married Mary Magdalene and have several descendants who live in Europe.

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