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When you go and visit a new place, you wish to see all and taste the local flavor full to the brim. In a country like England, there are many places to see and many new things to experience, which would be very hard to tabulate for a traveler who is visiting for the first time.

England has travelling options for everyone; you can visit the historical monuments if you are an avid lover of the history, or you can visit the green valleys and meadows of the countryside.

If you like to enjoy your holiday to the fullest, then you can visit the lively beaches and join parties in bars as well.

Top 10 Places to Visit in UK

Now that you know about all the places to travel in England, you can start planning for your next holiday. Here, we talk about the top 10 places in England to visit:


Image Source: visitlondon.com

This city is not only the capital of the United Kingdom but is by far the most culturally rich and historically important city of the world.

The city has balanced the daily chaos and the serenity very well, and you can visit a number of fabulous places in the city and also taste the extraordinary food for which it is known to all.

Eden Project

Eden Project
Image Source: studentnewspaper.org

This place is the most important tourist attraction in Cornwall County. You must visit the Rainforest Biome and walk on the natural treetop walkway to experience the largest indoor rainforest in the world.

It is an artificial garden, but the greenery, the freshness will make you wonder if it is original. With adrenaline rushing adventure sports and many activities for the children, you will spend a good time here.

Lake District National Park

Lake District National Park
Image Source: lakedistrict.gov.uk

This is by far the most favourite destination for tourists to explore the natural beauty of England along with witnessing the flora and fauna. The place boasts beautiful valleys, lakes, mountains with a matching cultural heritage.

You can also experience the outdoor activities available here, like hiking the highest fell of England (equivalent to a large hill) or canoeing and kayaking through the pristine lakes.

Peak District National Park

Peak District National Park
Image Source: sheffieldmetropolitan.com

This is another fantastic spot in England which you cannot afford to miss in your itinerary. This place falls under Derbyshire and is close to the cities of York, Manchester and Leeds.

The place is decorated with hills and mountains and the small towns and hamlets situated within the location are known for its delicious varieties of foods and culture.

You can also engage in numerous outdoor activities and adventure sports that are available here.

Porthcurno and Cornwall Beaches

Porthcurno and Cornwall Beaches
Image Source: visitcornwall.com

Apart from the historically and culturally rich cities and pristine natural spots, England is also known for its beautiful coastline. If you are visiting the Eden Project, then do not forget to visit Porthcurno Beach.

This is a highly popular destination in England that comes under the Cornwall County as mentioned above. The best time to visit the beach is during the summer, where the cool breeze and the blue water will lift your mood.

You can enjoy a splendid view of the beaches from The Minack Theatre nearby.

Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle
Image Source: traveltriangle.com

This is one of the most popular destinations in England for the tourists from outside the British Isles, as it is the home of the England Royal Family.

This is perhaps the longest-occupied castle in the world which has been the residence of a total of 39 Kings and Queens. Do visit this piece of history while travelling around London.


Image Source: bbc.com

It is possible that you have seen Stonehenge in pictures as it is the famous Neolithic Monument of Europe. It is also a piece of engineering marvel and surrounded by enormous earthworks.

You can take a conducted tour or a walk around this site to experience better and have a closer look at this natural monument.

You can also visit the well-maintained visitor center around the place where you can know about the origins of the place with detailed pictures and exhibitions.

Robin Hood’s Bay

Robin Hood’s Bay
Image Source: en.wikipedia.org

If you have a deep rooting of quietness and want to enjoy your holiday with calmness, then this place should surely be visited by you.

The traditional fishing village is also known for its prehistoric excavations and fossils, and the quaint streets with cafes from which you can enjoy the view of the beach.

This place looks gorgeous on sunny days, so you may try to visit this place during summers, especially on a bright sunny day.


Image Source: medium.com

The city has a rich history from the ancient Roman times, where the conquerors of the Isles established their bathhouse.

This place is known for the natural hot springs and the two-hundred-year-old bathhouses which have become monuments now.

If you want to experience the hot waters of the springs, then you can visit any one of the numerous bathing spa that are present here and there around the city.

The City of York

The City of York
Image Source: theculturetrip.com

York is a small and quaint city in England, which can be experienced best if you walk on foot. It has a rich heritage for years and has been occupied by many forces, from Romans to Vikings to Saxons and Normans, and bear the heritage from all the cultures.

The castle of York is a must-visit place, and you can also visit Clifford’s Tower, and the ruins of the old city. The city is beautiful and you will enjoy every corner of it.


These are some of the most famous places to visit in England. You can start planning for your next holiday after reading this article.

Just keep in mind that England has a very wet climate and it is perfectly natural to rain, no matter what weather is it.

You can also explore the cities for their best restaurants and cafes. Look out for those with Michelin Star ratings and don’t fall for unverified sources that promise good items for a cheap rate.

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