Top 10 Things To See And Do In Bath, England

The prehistoric city of Bath is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in England. It is traced back to the time when Romans ruled the whole land. During 60 AD, the baths and temples were made by the Romans at this place named Aquae Sulis whose literary meaning is; Waters of Sul. During 1987, this place was noted as one of the World Heritage sites of the World.

The Stonehenge, which is one of the most important and attractive World Heritage Sites is situated a few kilometers away from this place. The cultural experiences that travelers would get when they visit this place is amazing. Come and visit Bath with your friends and family.

Top 10 Things To See on Bath

Ancient Roman Baths

Romans made a lot of baths across the world. Among them, only two are still working. One of them is situated in this prehistoric town of Bath. It was built in around 70AD. Every day around 1,000,000 liters of water still get filled in these sites. The temperature of this place reaches up to 46 degrees celsius.

This has been in use for the last 2000 years and the efficiency is still the same. The bath is still bearing the rich heritage of the Roman and English culture.

The water is not breathable now, but you can roam around the big chambers adjacent to it. There are ice chambers available, where people used to go when the heat of the water reaches its peak during summers.

You can take a sip of the water. The sip is pretty safe though. The water contains 46 types of minerals and according to folklore, this can heal a lot of diseases!

Thermae Bath Spa

You are visiting Bath, don’t you want to get bathed? Well, modern approaches are here for you! The Thermal welcome package offers you a lot of spas and different types of features. You can take a dip in the rooftop pool and enjoy the warm water while enjoying the view of the ancient town.

The Minerva Baths are specially prepared for those who want a natural and pure form of thermal bathing experience. Buy yourself a package and enjoy the waters!


It is a 4500-year-old prehistoric monument that is famous across the world due to its odd structure and stories associated with it. A stone circle is kept in the middle of the field just like that! Just imagine, people of that era didn’t have any specialized or motorized machines, yet they set up this gigantic structure!

The stones are so big and heavy that at least 100 people were needed to pull them and then place them as per they are today. The perception of the designer and the creative skills of the people cannot be executed in the present time with lots of machines!


Though this place holds equal importance if not more, this is still not well known across the world! Avebury is known for the World’s largest prehistoric stone circle. Lots of guided tours are available across this World Heritage Site. The place is over 30 acres and the site houses a lot of heavy stones.

The largest of them weighs around 65 tonnes. They had to drag this stone from Marlborough Downs. It is estimated that the site took around 1.5 million man-hours to finish the whole thing.

Bath Abbey

This is an active chamber of Christianity. For the last 1200 years, this place has been serving English Christianity. The building holds 52 stained glass windows. The air, light, and spirituality play a dramatic atmosphere here.

The honey-yellow bath stone used to construct the building gives it a wonderful finish. If you visit on weekdays and except Sundays, you can get to see the Abbey Bell and the ringing chamber situated at the tower.

Pulteney Bridge

Set up back in 1769, this gigantic Georgian architecture can pull anyone’s eyes to it. It is absolutely beautiful and one of the major tourist attractions of this region. Get some amazing souvenirs for your dear ones from this place.

Lots of shops are here and they are specially placed here for a wonderful shopping experience of the tourists that visit this place. Lots of independent shops and renowned brands have their stores here.

Galleries and Museums

A historic city tour is always incomplete without a visit to the museums. This place is filled with amazing museums. You can experience the evolution of dresses at the Fashion Museum situated in the town. The Holbourne Museum situated within a beautifully crafted garden gives you proper knowledge of the fine arts of that era.

If you love literature, you must love Jane Austen. If so, please do visit the Jane Austen Centre present in this place. We can assure you that you are going to love this.

The Royal Crescent

The magnanimous Royal Crescent is situated amid a properly curated garden. The backdrops of the trees provide a wonderful canopy for the onlookers.

It was built somewhere between 1767 to 1775. Georgian architecture is the main essence of the place and it offers a wonderful experience to the visitors.

The Circus

This monument was built by the father of the designer who built the Royal Crescent. It was started in the year 1754 and within a few months, the designer died. So his son had to finish the construction on behalf of his father.

Three separate constructions can be seen here and once joined through dotted lines along with Queen Square and Gay Street, it provides the structure of a masonic key. There is a place in this old structure, where if you utter anything, you can hear an odd echo of it!

Markets and restaurants

Every attraction present in this city houses a wonderful restaurant. Besides this, you will get lots of shops selling local delicacies and several attractive souvenirs as well.

Buy yourself some attractive souvenirs and gifts. Sally Lunn bun is one of the most famous things in Bath town. Plenty of accommodations are available and waiting for you.

You have lots of do and visit when you are here in Bath. Get yourself some time and visit this place during one of your upcoming vacations.

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