Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Abruzzo, Italy

Abruzzo is the greenest region in Italy. One of the main tourist attractions of Italy, Abruzzo is rich in many regional destinations like the Apennine Highland’s tallest mount Gran Sasso, Europe’s Southernmost Glacier Calder one, sublime beaches, lakes and also Italy’s oldest national park.

The central region of Italy houses numerous rare species and earns their living by fishing, farming, and tourists. The city is known for its hospitality features something for everyone from food to adventure and wine to sports. Here are some of the reasons why you should visit Italy’s next hot destination.

Top 10 Tourist Places in Abruzzo

Gran Sasso National Park:

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Italy’s largest National Park features beautiful landscapes such as mountain peaks, rivers, gorges, and even waterfall. Gran Sasso offers you the opportunities to horse ride, hike, rock climb, ski.

Or you can just enjoy the pretty landscapes while bird watching and picnics. While enjoying the natural wildlife of Gran Sasso, you can stumble upon various Museums, Castles, Fortresses, and more.

The famous cities L’Aquila and Teramo are known for their Roman antiquity and urban architecture. The city of Teramo is well known for its cathedral, Scala Santa Sanctuary, museums, Castel Manfrino overarching the Salinello valley, and the ancient town Capestrano.

Whereas L’Aquila is famous for Spanish fortress, and it’s archaeological sites such as Santa Maria di Collemaggio church, Toledo National Museum, Renaissance Basilica, and various other medieval architecture.

The Gran Sasso National Park features the world’s largest underground laboratory.

National Park of Abruzzo- Lazio e Molise:

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The second-largest National Park after Gran Sasso is Abruzzo- Molise. One of the main hotspots of Abruzzo, it is situated at L’ Aquila Province. The main attractions here are the Italian Wolf and Marsicano bears. The Marsicano bear has been repopulated here after being nearly extinct.

The place is rich in wildlife species like Red Deer, Foxes, Eurasian Badger, Otter, and many other animals. The Park is characterized by vast views of fauna which provides a trekking path and an extraordinary view to the tourists.

San Benedetto del Tronto, Marche:

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City of San Benedetto del Tronto is one of the most popular beach destinations for tourists in Italy. The city begins at the banks of river Albula and is one of the significant ports at the Adriatic Sea.

San Benedetto features various wonderful sea museums along with the classic clock tower of Torre Gualtieri, a monument to the fisherman, seagull monument, and more. The City features some of the best seafood delicacies such as Brodetto Alla Sambenedettese Benedetto’s traditional fish soup.

Vasto and Aqualand:

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Vasto is a small but significant hilltop town of Abruzzo and is situated on the sandy seaboards. The city is rich in historic structures such as San Giuseppe Cathedral, D’Avalos Palace, and Caldoresco Castle.

Some of the few flawless beaches remaining in Europe include Marine’s seashore. There are other tourist attractions in the area such as the rocky cliffs, sandy bay and stone beaches.

Aqualand del Vasto is the perfect destination for kids as well as the adults who are looking for fun and a relaxing day. It provides refreshments during hot summer months. The massive park features all essentials, from huge water slides to various entertainment rides, restaurants, hotels which promises a fun ride to the tourists.

Rocca San Giovanni Village:

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Rocca San Giovanni village is located on the hills of Chieti’s coast and is one of the most beautiful ancient villages. The village features medieval buildings, passages, and churches which are a sight to behold. Rocca village is well known for its vineyards and olive gardens while providing an amazing view of the Trabocchi coast.

Majella National Park:

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Majella National Park consists of Majella Massif, Porrara, Morrone, and Pizzi mountains. The main attraction of the park is its divine beauty, rich biodiversity, and the beautiful peaks of Monte Amaro.

Civitella del Tronto:

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Civitella del Tronto is a small town at Gran Sasso National Park and is quite famous for its astounding fortress and warfare museum. The town provides a marvelous view of Gran Sasso National Park.

The town is featured with some of the beautiful heritages such as Abbey of Santa Maria Monastery and various gothic and baroque churches. The mesmerizing urban structure favors hiking, cycling, rock climbing, and sightseeing.

Saint Gabriel’s Shrine:

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The final resting place of San Gabriele, Abruzzo’s patron saint is a famous tourist attraction. The monument is decorated with a bronze statue of San Gabriele with the interior designed with red glass decorations.

Scanno and Emerald Lake:

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Scanno is an Italian hill townhouse that is surrounded by Apennine mountains. The cobbled streets are graced with several museums, a few notables are Palazzi di Rienzo, Serafini and Mosca, St. John the Baptist Church, Santa Maria Church, and many others.

Scanno Lake which takes its name after the city is the largest lake in Abruzzo. It is enclosed with the snow-capped mountain, the turquoise green lake, and the green hillocks which give it a breathtaking view.

The scenery is picturesque which leads to intriguing hiking paths. The tourist may find various adventurous sports like off-roading trails, rock climbing, and boating.


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The city of Lanciano which is assembled on a hill is rich in antiquity. It’s main tourist attractions are the Basilica of Santa Maria del Ponte and the TorriMontanare and the main architectural site of Abruzzo Chiese di Santa Maria Maggiore.

Though Abruzzo is a lesser-known tourist destination, it is a great place to go for an outing especially if you are looking for a calm and serene environment. There are three National Parks, one Regional Park and many natural reserves which is why it is called “the green lung of Europe”.

There is Trabocchi coast if you want to go on a beach, or you can just roam in the town of Vasto and explore the medieval architecture, or you may go to Majella National Park and can ski. If you want to hike or stroll rather than ski you can plan a picnic in one of the regional parks.


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