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If it’s upgrade time, or you through your remote control at your old Sony phone, it can be a frustrating experience to shop for your next TV.

With a wide variety of advanced features, resolutions, sizes, and labels to choose from, before swiping your credit card, there’s plenty to consider. As such, we’ve put together a guide to all the best TV brands of 2020, past and present, so you’ll know where to start your quest when the time comes to upgrade.

And we have tracked down the best Black Friday TV deals for you once your quest is complete.

Top 10 Best TV brands in the USA

  1. Samsung TV

Samsung TV
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South Korea’s Samsung is the de facto world television industry leader, beating rivals like LG and Sony in total revenue by a wide margin. That’s partly because of the company’s size (Samsung ranked 19th on the 2020 Fortune 500, putting it behind Apple as the second most successful electronics company), but mainly because Samsung makes great TVs with an accessibility emphasis.

  1. LG TV

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Today, LG has the most significant influence on the TV industry’s most exceptional levels, having installed OLED televisions’ best available lineup. Particularly at larger sizes, OLED sets are undeniably pricier, and image burn-in is a real (although faint) possibility. But with its individually lit pixels allowing for complete darkness and an ostensibly infinite contrast ratio, you can’t deny the image’s quality.

It also makes it sensitive to gaming with its minimal input lag, and its almost instantaneous pixel response time mitigates pesky motion blur.

  1. Sony TV

Sony TV
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As the last prominent Japanese TV manufacturer in the United States (sorry, Panasonic, Toshiba, and JVC), Sony does not sell as many proprietary technologies as Samsung or LG. Still, it has all the technology it needs to make excellent TVs. Thanks to a deal with LG that allows Sony to create TVs using LG panels, Sony is now one of a handful of companies selling OLED televisions. Sony’s Bravia flagship series provides some of the best comparisons we’ve ever seen, thanks to the latest X1 Ultimate processor.

  1. Vizio TV

Vizio TV
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Vizio offers the most affordable TVs among the brands in the group of’ heavyweights.’ However, please don’t take that as a sign of lower quality; Vizio’s 2020 lineup now includes their newly launched OLED panels, featuring some absurdly thin bezel designs, Dolby Vision HDR support panels, and good local dimming for outstanding contrast.

  1. TCL TV

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TCL has rapidly expanded to become the third-largest TV manufacturer globally, one of the newest competitors in space, but already one of the best TV brands. The justification for its soaring popularity? Well, the panels, for one, are a killer value. All are designed using TCL’s own internal and external parts, so although it doesn’t release a massive stack of new models every year for each refresh it supervises, the company covers a wide range of sizes and features.

  1. Hisense TV

Hisense TV
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Hisense is another fast-rising TV maker. Its range is not often as readily available as the big names, but the TVs are available in several varieties, typically at affordable, mid-range rates. From 4K resolution to quantum dot color to full-array local dimming, Hisense TVs combine a blend of many top imaging innovations and capabilities. They also run either Android or Roku operating systems with full smart TV features.

In addition to expanding its roster, Hisense has obtained licenses for the long-running Sharp and Toshiba imprints, two of the best TV brands with proven reputations, to manufacture TVs in recent years. It’s also fair to say that Hisense also made anything under those names.

  1. Panasonic TV

Panasonic TV
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It’s strange to consider Panasonic an up-and-comer, with over half a century of skin in the game. Better days have been seen, mainly when the hottest thing going was plasma TVs, and Panasonic was the leader of that bunch. But, boy, times have shifted. The business has packed its American dream with the collapse of plasma and brought it back to Europe and Asia, where many customers enjoy some of the best OLED sets available.

  1. Toshiba TV

Toshiba TV
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Toshiba was the preeminent name in Japanese television manufacturing for much of the 20th century, producing the first Japanese transistor TV in 1959. The decision in the mid-aughts to invest in Canon’s SED technology also turned out badly. It’s a shame for a business that once ruled as one of the pioneers in the manufacture of CRT (cathode-ray tube) and rear-projection TV. However, Toshiba is still chugging along just fine, producing other gadgets and electronic control systems.

  1. RCA TV

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RCA was once the most revered bastion of American television production for all the more experienced folks reading, having deployed the first-ever TV test pattern in 1939 (!) and pioneered the first color TV, NTSC (named after the National Television System Committee) in 1953.


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Philips has been best-known for its lighting, audio, and healthcare equipment since its founding in 1927, but they still sell several great TVs. Their 5000 series is based on the operating system for Android TV, with Google Assistant built-in right out of the box for hands-free controls.

The 4000 series uses the Roku platform, and you can still get access to virtual assistants to monitor your new TV and connected devices when combined with a smartphone app or a smart speaker.

Both models come in a range of screen sizes from as small as 24 inches to as wide as 75 inches, enabling you to select the size that fits your room best.

When it comes to Television, most of the US people are obsessed with it. Inspite of as many technological advancements happening here and there, TV is something that remains the favorite part.

Rather through TV we get the opportunity to interact with our entire family and sit and have a good fun time together.

hence, it is always important to choose a good TV brand that matches all the needy requirements and the considerations that you have been looking forward to.

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