United Nations Public Service Day

United Nations Public Service Day

Every year on June 23, the United Nations Public Service Day is commemorated around the world. This day is observed to honour and commemorate the efforts of public service departments around the world to society.

Every year on June 23, the United Nations sponsors the UN Public Service Awards (UNPSA) to honour those who work selflessly and risk their lives to benefit the community around the world. It is widely regarded as the most prestigious worldwide award for public service performance.

Because of the ongoing COVID – 19 epidemics, the significance of this day has been highlighted like never before. We have all seen the hard work, selfless deeds, and efforts of public service departments from forefront health care professionals, teachers, sanitation workers, public health official’s social welfare officers, and others around the world fighting to ensure the well-being of the community as a result of the current circumstances.

People in multiple nations, working in the government department have had made sure to give out a long helping hand to provide utmost assistance and guidance to people.

The history, meaning, and theme of UN Public Service Day will be discussed in this article.

UN Public Service Day has a long and illustrious history

The United Nations General Assembly declared June 23 as Public Service Day by assuming resolution 57/277 on December 20, 2002. This day is observed to honour the public service department’s contributions to the community, commemorate public employees’ efforts, and encourage young people to pursue employment in the public sector.

The United Nations created the UN Public Service Awards (UNPSA) program in 2003 to commemorate this day, which was updated in 2016 to fit with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The significance of UN Public Service Day and its theme

This year’s United Nations Public Service Day honors all the women and men who put their lives and health on the line in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. June 23 is a day to honor all brave and dedicated workers who continue to provide important public services despite the current COVID-19 outbreak.

This includes employees in the healthcare, delivery, and sanitation sectors and those in social welfare, education, transportation, law enforcement, and other government positions. These individuals continue to work despite the pandemic, while others seek refuge in their houses.

This year, the United Nations hosts a virtual event to bring public workers and international leaders together to debate the value of public service and the responsibilities they play in society.

Other diverse ways from many countries would also be researched to better understand and mitigate the various elements at various levels.

The United Nations is organizing an orchestral work to be played at the UN Orchestra on June 23. It will feature a video that will include all public workers who labor at the grassroots level to address society’s problems. People from over 80 entries from around the world will be featured in the video.

Celebration of the United Nations’ Public Service Day

The UN Public Service Day is traditionally commemorated by hosting a lunch with guest speakers. Internally, some public service agencies or departments hold unique award ceremonies.

On this day, a variety of new or modified public service special announcements are also made. By promoting their labour, contributions, and other accomplishments, world leaders frequently urge others to pursue professions in the public sector.

The people of the countries must recognise the efforts of the public servants in all industries such as health, administrative, police, etc. Each one is going beyond their comfort zones to actually provide assistance to everyone around.

Hence, this day was consciously brought out to become a part of the list of all the national days, to help people recognize the efforts of the public servants who have been doing their bit.

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