In the last year which was 2020, each one of us had an ample amount of time for ourselves. When the entire world was at home, all we looked forward to is to spend some quality time with our loved friends and with ourselves.

With so much happening around us, we resorted to our favourite past time and that was to watch movies. Of course, there is nobody who does not like watching movies right? We are all here who love watching movies from time to time.

Especially during the time when we get an off or when we have extra time off, we watch movies to calm ourselves as this acts as a great stress buster as well. Hence, earlier there was no internet so all we did was resorted to our DVD or CD’s to watch our favourite movies.

However, times have changed now and with the emergence of the internet, we have a plethora of options available and right in front of us. All we require is an internet connection and a laptop or a phone and we are sorted.

We can watch any movie we want to at any point in time, without paying a single penny. How interesting this is right? Also, the website’s overall layout is also super easy. So we are all sorted in every way, and we can watch whatever we want to in one go.

Vizio Partnered for Watchfree

Vizio has recently partnered with Pluto TV to add on their portfolio an online video streaming app known as ‘Watchfree’. The video website will be given access to all the SmartCast televisions.

The best thing about Watchfree is that it will get its own dedicated inputs, hence it will end up having a similar prominence just like that of HDMI inputs and all the SmartCasr screen.

Whenever the user switches over to it, the user will have the access to browse over to more than 100 live and linear channels that will cover everything right from the TV shows, news, sports, movies concerts, viral videos etc.

Watchfree as a platform offers a great unstoppable viewing experience that comes up with endless options of entertainment. Here are some of the channels that are advertised as a part of the Watchfree include: Pluto TV Movies, action movies, Black Cinema, News 24/7, NBC News/MSNBC, Fox Sports, Frontdoor, Cats 24/7, Crime Network, MST3K, The Surf Channel etc.

High-Quality Movies

Although there is a common notion that when we watch or download movies through such pirated websites, the quality is a big factor. However, the point is that that Watchfree has one of the best qualities of the movies to show. Each individual can always have the access to watch their favourite show at any point in time. The quality of HD is available in different categories.

A plethora of Options Available

When it comes it comes to the movies, then there are plenty of options available in the market. Especially during 2020, each one of us had an ample amount of time to do our favourite things, and movies have always been one of the most fun resorts for all of us.

Hence, Watchfree comes up with a plethora of options for us right from an old movie to a new movie, we can watch it all. Right from comedy, drama, emotional, romance to cartoons, on this platform, we can watch it all.

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