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Norstrat Consulting Inc is among the best business consulting service providers and is located in Nepean, ON, Canada. This company is basically part of the Architectural, Engineering, and Related Services Industry.

The number of total employees of the company is 5 in number, and the total revenue generated by the company is generating $905,565. The main company task is to offer training in the following sector:

  • law enforcement,
  • immigration officers
  • the public health sector

Are you thinking of hiring an advisor to help you establish a business strategy? Are you experiencing challenges that make it challenging to choose the next stage of development for your business? Our last post should answer all your questions.

Faced with the constant evolution of the business world, a company should increasingly call on a business strategy advisor to establish an action plan or find solutions to specific problems.

However, choosing a strategy advisor can be very difficult, especially if you don’t know what he can do for your business and what skills he can put to work for you. Here are some tips that can help you when it comes time to choose your advisor.

What is a business strategy advisor, and why call on him?

The Business Strategy Advisor is the person who helps you make the tough choices that are necessary to ensure the growth of your business. Like a professional coach, he supports you in achieving your goals by providing you with specialized advice for your business strategy. In particular, it can help you:

  • identify the significant challenges that affect your industry;
  • build your future by developing new strategies and helping you make decisive choices;
  • take the different steps that will lead you to success.

By calling on an advisor, you benefit from an external and objective perspective that will allow you to take a move back from your problem. Thanks to his analysis of the situation and his strategic advice, you will be better able to find solutions and identify the means to put in place to achieve your business objectives.

How do you find a consultant who can help you?

Deciding to call on an advisor is an excellent initiative, but you still have to find someone who will know how to translate your objectives into strategic actions. In addition to his extensive management experience and ability to adapt, your business strategy advisor must be available and creative.

He must consider different options, analyze them and find the solutions to move you forward. He must also demonstrate interpersonal skills such as open-mindedness, listening and discretion.

The advisor’s job is also to build a relationship with his clients, and that is why he must have a keen sense of customer service. Its primary role is to understand the needs of its customers and provide them with solutions adapted to their problems.

Finally, all these qualities and skills are essential to the profile of your business strategy advisor. These characteristics will allow you to gain confidence and obtain quality consulting service. You can hire consultant services from norstrat.

Little known to VSE and SME business leaders, consulting allows managers to receive operational support from consultants, providing them with the insights and knowledge they need in the area of expertise and experience.

What Are The Possible Areas Of Intervention Of A Consultant?

The consultant is called upon to intervene on all the problems encountered by a company that it cannot resolve internally. The expertise he brings concerns many strategic aspects of the company:

Digital transformation

A consultant specializing in digital transformation is responsible for piloting his client’s digital strategy to achieve objectives such as:

Improve the customer experience to win over and retain customers

Transform operational processes to increase productivity and increase margins

Develop the business model through the use of technological innovations to become an innovative company

Digital transformation

Small companies often do not have the in-house skills to lead digital transformation projects, so they generally outsource to fill a lack of expertise.

Communication and marketing consulting

The business consultant, whose specialization addresses the concepts of communication and marketing, guides the business manager in defining the tactics to be carried out in these areas. This particular advisor, for example, supports the manager in developing his communication plan and the marketing tools to be deployed. He carries out an action plan to put in place to do this.

Among its missions

  • Release of a new product
  • Design of new services
  • Identification of new prospects interested in the company’s products or services
  • Search for market opportunities
  • Highlighting the company’s know-how
  • Establish a diagnosis on the current communication
  • Establish a communication plan to modernize processes and develop digital communication
  • Carry out a market study

Commercial development

The primary mission of the norstrat in charge of the company’s business development is to increase turnover by optimizing the company’s operating processes. One of the levers to succeed in its mission: the management of the sales forces and the support of the teams.

Focused in particular on the sales force’s performance, he provides management advice to get the best out of his teams. The prerogatives entrusted to it do not end there. Its objective is to:

  • Define the commercial positioning of the company in its markets
  • Train, coach and manage teams
  • Optimize sales aids (product sheets, sales proposals, arguments, etc.)
  • Implementation of commercial management processes and tools.

Human resources advice

Human resources management plays an essential role within companies. Indeed, it intervenes at all stages of the life of employees in the company. When a manager calls on an HR consultant, it empowers employees to enable them to make the most of their potential.

The well-being of employees within the company, the improvement of working conditions, and compliance with regulations are at the heart of this profession.

  • Staff management
  • Recruitment and integration of employees
  • Employee motivation and retention
  • Skills inventory and team training

Company strategy: organization and management

Mobilizing the actors of his organization around his entrepreneurial project is a challenge for any business leader. The norstrat specializing in strategy consulting aims to provide strategic advice and managerial assistance to the manager to enable him to exploit his company’s maximum potential.

The development axes supported by this organizational and management advisor are diverse, here are the main ones:

  • Define with the business manager the target vision and the associated action plan
  • Develop the business model related to this vision
  • Define the new processes and the new organization to achieve the target vision
  • Support the business manager in steering the transformation project

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