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In this modern generation of technology and digital advancements, there are huge amount advantages that people are experiencing in their life but, along with this boon there is always a curse.

The smartphones have become a friend of the kids of this generation. The smartphones releasing a tremendous amount of radiation are affecting the kids of minor age, kids of age less than 6-7. To overcome this adverse situation, Y-Phone came into existence. Y-Phone is an innovative product that was made for the kid coming of age.

These products are safe from any kind of additions. They have a rechargeable battery through USB port. Thus, making it convenient to use.

The products are made to enhance the fundamental skills, and basic knowledge of the kids. They are made up of mostly bright colour to make it attractive to the kids and they have LEDs that lit up to make it more appealing.

Along with the lights, there are sounds and music to keep the kids engaged in the most entertaining way possible. When they press any key or button, it plays a specific sound or music which feels satisfying to the kids and a fun way to learn things.

Along with its build-in functions, these products give a free environment for the kids to use their own thinking and creativity to work around this product and bring out the good in themselves.


In the present time, the world had been shrunken up into a little piece of smartphone. But these smartphones are affecting the childhood of the minors as they are spending a lot of time on it without learning the basics things that they should be learnt at this age.

  • Y-Phone is no doubt the best alternative for these harmful smartphones, effecting the eyes and health of the kids.
  • Y-Phone does not emit any kind of harmful rays that could affect the kids in any way.
  • Y-Phone are made to resemble the original smartphone, to make the assured of what they are using is not different from what their parents are using.
  • The company had put efforts to make it in best quality possible to make kids overwhelmed and make them think that they are not just using any toy just like others but something better.
  • Y-Phone is made up of ABS plastic, which is a non-toxic and safe material. It does not have any phthalates, as other toy does have and is very toxic for the kids or toddlers playing with them.
  • Along with being a toy, it is also an educational guide for the kids. Y-Phone has different modes to adjust the music or rhymes as per the requirements.
  • These are pre-recorded alphabets, through which kids could have at least the basic knowledge. While spending a lot of time with Y-Phone, kids will be able to learn the letters. Apart from just alphabets, there are several other options that will help them enhance and chisel out their communication skills.
  • Along with giving a lot of functionality and modes, yet they are limited to some extent, which prevents itself from becoming an addiction like those other digital devices have become one.



Y-Phone is becoming popular among the concerning parents because the technology today is not good for the kids to be in contact with. Y-Phone turns out to be meeting every demand of the parents.

With its elegant look and style, Y-Phone proves a whole lot of activities that only keeps them entertained but also in an atmosphere of constant learning while playing. As this product is not expensive or with a price tag that could not be afforded, this becoming one of the favourite toys of the kids and the first choice of the parents.

Y-Phone is not just a replica of a smartphone, but more precisely works like a phone but to a limit which is enough for a minor aged kid. The handy size of this phone fits perfectly in kid’s hand make it more favourable to use.

Nowadays, Y-Phone is increasingly becoming the first priority in terms of gifting. Y-Phone is a perfect gift for the birthdays or any other occasions, for a kid or a baby.

Even the toddlers are having a fun time with these products. Laughing and giggling over the different music and songs that plays at the click of different buttons. The lights changing along with the music makes it more adorable to the toddlers.

Happy costumers accompanied by their positive reviews and feedbacks are making the demand of these Y-Phone reach the skies.


Y-Phone is made to resemble the smartphones of the present days. But, the main resemblance of this phone is inspired by the iPhones made by Apple Corporation.

There are minor differences in the dimensional aspects of the phone made by different companies. One of the most demanding Y-Phone is ‘Cooplay Y-Phone Phone Toy’, which is currently running at a rank of 13 in ‘Best Pretend Phones and Smartphones of 2021’.

It has an Overall BVR Rating of 7.8 out 10, through which it had ranking of 8.2 and 8.0 for the design and Build Quality respectively. The measurements of the phone are, 12.5cn (L) x 5.8cm (W) x 0.8cm (Thickness), which makes it quite sleek and handy. It is lightweight as well, which counts to 80 to 90 grams.

It comes with a rechargeable battery; it has a Micro USB charging interface making it easy to charge anywhere and anytime. It takes basically 10-20 minutes to charge up the phone to full.

It had a main ‘Function’ button on the front panel, with a power logo imprinted on it. Pressing the button changes the functions accordingly. There are eight different modes. They are as follows:

  1. Mobile mode
  2. Piano mode
  3. Colour mode
  4. Fruit pattern
  5. Drum mode
  6. Game mode
  7. Maths mode
  8. Question mode

These different modes have the functionality as mentioned by their names. The question mode is the most important mode of the phone, in this mode the kid can ask questions for any answers they are having a hard time to find. Apart from these modes, there are pre-loaded songs for the children. Y-Phone has 10 ‘Classic Sleeping Music’ in the music mode and 10 ‘Classic Children Songs’ in songs mode.

Y-Phone has a camera icon that imitates the function of the camera by playing a ‘click’ sound, making the kids feel like they are capturing pictures. As per the instruction manual, it dictates that holding the main button for 3 seconds, turns the light on and off which imitate the function of a camera flash.

Y-Phone have two pretend icons, ‘Telephone’ and ‘Message’, these buttons play caller tone and message’s tone to satisfy the calling and messaging urges of the little kids as they see their parents calling on their smartphones.

The lights do play a vital role in enhancing the overall look of the phone on turning the phone on, the bezel get lit up by the lights that makes it look elegant and clean.

The buttons on the phone are imprinted with respective images, making it more interactive with the kids. It helps in improving the recognising skills, to identify numbers, colours and fruits. The song and music mode help the children in singing along with the phone and improve their verbal skills.


This pseudo mobile is surely a product that will fascinate and entertain your kids and even the toddlers. It has become very popular as a gifting choice among the parents. The elegant design, the interactive appearance and the functions help your kid grown and learn.

The Y-Phone is not far from your reach, they are certainly available on the shopping websites like Amazon. This product not only keep the kids engaged in fun, but also create a curiosity of learning new things, improving their creativity and even verbal communication skills. Y-phone fits perfectly in all the conditions, be it a play toy or a learning gadget or even a gifting idea.

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