What to Know Before Servicing Your Car?

Do you own a car? If yes, you cannot deny that you need to spend significant money in servicing it periodically.

Despite the fact that you agree that timely servicing is essential to keep your car in good condition, the need to shell out money can act as a deterrent to prompt you to postpone the servicing.

Also, you might believe that if you postpone or do not service your car, you will save money, but that will be for the short term. However, in the long term, that can be why you spend significantly.

What can happen is that your car can develop minor defects, and those will get unnoticed if you do not service your car. And, the flaws can aggravate to emerge as significant problems over time. Then, you will have no other option but to spend substantially on getting the defect fixed. Moreover, it can also compromise safety.

On the other hand, the need for regular servicing also does not mean that you should not keep a tab on your expenses in servicing your car.

An excellent practice is to compare car service costs to figure out the best prices for car servicing. Then, you should take your car to the service station that offers quality service at the best price.

What Makes Up Car Servicing Costs?

For all car owners, it is crucial to know the various components that make up the servicing costs. It will help them assess the quotes more effectively and decide the best cost.

Typically, three significant factors make up the car servicing cost: the service’s complexity, the kilometres your car has travelled, and the mechanic’s charges. So, there cannot be ‘average’ car repair costs.

But, things are a bit different when you purchase a new car. Then, it usually needs a minor check-up after 30 days. Subsequently, a minor service follows after six or twelve months or a certain number of kilometres. After that, a major car service follows at the recommended intervals.

The car servicing schedule varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. And there are two types of car servicing–major and minor. Remember that the cost of a major service is always higher than a minor service.

In addition to the factors already mentioned, there can also be factors, like petrol or diesel, front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive, price capped or not.

But, the most significant variable is your car’s service intervals. While some cars require servicing every six months, some need after every 12 months. And that difference can impact your servicing expenditure.

What are Major and Minor Car Servicing?

We have already made a brief reference to the two predominant car service types. But, the reference was restricted to the mention of the cost difference between the servicing types.

Knowing the details of both car types is an essential prerequisite for a car servicing comparison.

Coming back to the moot point, we reiterate that you can categorize car servicing into two types–major and minor.

In a minor car servicing, the mechanic checks the car for engine oil and other fluid levels apart from greasing the car and rotating the tyres. Typically, a minor service is necessary every 10,000km.

In contrast, a major car service can include a full inspection and tuning-up of your car according to the directions in the logbook.

The service can include: wheel alignment, spark plug replacement, wheel bearings, suspension check, brakes and brake fluid check, filter checks and replacements, engine and transmission oil testing and replacement, battery tests and other general checks. Usually, a major service is necessary every 30,000km.


As servicing your car is essential, you should not avoid or postpone it. Instead, get yourself acquainted with the various aspects of car servicing, including the associated costs.




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