Why a Waste Baler Can be A Significant Investment for Businesses

It will not be an exaggeration to say that a scrap baler can be one of the essential investments for businesses, especially the ones generating a lot of waste during their business operations.

At first, an industrial baler may not seem like one of the most versatile tools. But, it is not so. The fact is the contrary.

Although you might know what a baler is, let us refresh our minds with the baler concept.

Balers are machines that compress and bind waste material into compact shapes called bales.

When waste gets converted into bales, it becomes easier to store and transport.

Again, you will see different types of balers in use–in agricultural, commercial, and industrial sites– to manage different types of waste.

You will find balers in different sizes—from fairly small to very large.

The working mechanism involves loading the waste into a baler, which then compresses the waste into bales.

Types of Balers Available

The following are the main types of balers:

Vertical Baler

It is a top-loading baler. The working mechanism of a vertical baler involves condensing the waste materials into a compact, easy-to-transport bale.

Despite its effectiveness, there is a constraint–vertical balers can produce only one bale at a time.

Horizontal Baler

The baler inserts materials on one side, compresses them, and then discharges the bales out the other side.

Usually, horizontal balers find uses in businesses producing large amounts of waste. And, these balers process waste quickly.

Auto-Tie Baler

These balers come in single or double ram types. Usually, auto tie balers are mostly used for processing large volumes of cardboard, corrugated materials, and paper products.

Again, these balers find uses in the printing plant, document destruction, and container or box manufacturing industries.

Closed-Door Baler

These balers are mostly used as a highly efficient feeding system, like a conveyor belt or cart dumper, where there is the need for feeding waste materials into the baler continuously.

Given the capability, closed-door balers can process many types of waste materials–paper, plastic, cans, textiles, and scrap.

Some of the waste materials balers can process:

  • Aluminum
  • Newspaper
  • Cardboard
  • Scrap metal
  • Paper
  • Shrinkwrap
  • Steel cans
  • Packaging foam
  • Radiators and other discarded car parts
  • Plastic wrap
  • PET

Know the Baling Materials

Therefore, you should choose a baler corresponding to your waste type–for example, you should choose an aluminum scrap baler if your business produces aluminum waste.

Again, depending on your waste mix, you should choose a particular baler model–a single-ram or two-ram.

A single-ram baler is ideal for handling fibrous products such as office, printer, or old paper waste.

The two-ram model is perfect for handling waste products that do not retain the same compression qualities after some time, such as plastic bottles or aluminum containers.

In addition, a two-ram model is a good choice for handling waste materials with odd shapes, high memory retention, or low compressibilities, such as plastic or styrofoam.

In addition, you should also take into account the horsepower and cylinder size. It will help to determine the best baler suited for your business.

An automated baler is a perfect choice if your business generates a high amount of waste.

Usually, single-ram balers are more automated than two-ram ones.

The advantage of an automated baler is that you will require less workforce to handle waste with the baler.

Workers must load the waste material onto the conveyor during the waste handling process and remove the finished bales.

Again, some waste can necessitate wires to keep bales together. For handling such waste, two-ram balers are the best choice. These balers allow the baler operator to change variables, like the number of wires and the distance between them.


A baler can be a significant investment. Given the results you will get from it. But, you should choose a trusted and reputed supplier. Only such a supplier can provide quality balers.




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