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Huge Titan is also known as Colossal Titan, the strongest and biggest kind of Titan excluding Rod’s unusual 120-meter version. It rises to a height of 60 meters. It is supposed to be the most potent titanic form. However, Zeke Yeager is the deadliest Warrior and the principal weaponry employed by Marley itself against enemies.

The Rod Reiss Titan phase has been an enormous Monster yet known, at 120 meters in length. Moreover, since it was pushing itself on its belly, it was 40m tall but double the length of the Huge Titan, which is also the massive Titan raising its head over Wall Maria throughout the Fall of Shiganshima Arc.

So, there are two probable explanations for Rod Reiss’ transformation into a 120-meter titan rather than a 2–15-meter titan:

  • He didn’t consume enough titan serum.
  • There was a genetic component involved.

So, let’s begin with 1. Rod’s metamorphosis failed when he licked a little quantity of titan serum off the crystal cave’s floor. I suppose that the entire amount of serum restricts how large a titan can grow, implying that his titan grew indefinitely since Rod took such a tiny amount. It’s feasible that a pure titan may reach a maximum size of 120 meters, although this avoids since it might be unduly harsh.

It’s worth noting that, at least in the anime, Rod’s titan reached a point when it was nicely proportioned and looked very regular. But it simply continued expanding, turning into the behemoth that it eventually became.

Now for the second point. Now, this is only a notion, so please bear with me. Rod may have been aware that he would wind up at 120 meters. I have a hunch that only firstborn Reiss’ may safely become Founding giants.

I only have two instances to back this up: Uri and Frieda. They were both the eldest kid in their family at the time of their inheritance ceremony. I believe the general goal was for the firstborn to receive the Founding titan, and then the other sibling/siblings to have children, with the firstborn receiving the Founding Titan, and so on.

It’s conceivable that the second-born kid has a genetic propensity to poor titan transformations for whatever reason, and as a result, is often avoided when it comes to inheritance.

Because, let’s be honest, since the dosage controls titan size, Rod’s pure titan form should have been a deformed 2-meter class. It simply seems strange to me that a titan metamorphosis could go so wrong with such a little quantity of serum.

Granted, he consumed it incorrectly, but the principle remains. Plus, he didn’t want to be the heir to the Founding giant. But recall the language (God, I hope I remember it correctly).

He was confident that he would not become the bearer of the Founding Titan. He couldn’t, not because he wouldn’t, but because he couldn’t. It’s a stretch, but it’s undoubtedly plausible he understood what was about to happen and was prepared to go to any length to stop it.

Despite this, he consumed titan fluid, which I believe was because he thought he could eat Eren and restore to normally. After all, he was a desperate guy.

To summarize, the fundamental reason was that Rod consumed the incorrect quantity of titan serum in the wrong method, causing his pure huge titan form to expand uncontrollably and reach its extreme limit. It’s also likely that second and subsequent generations are genetically predisposed to terrible titan transformations.

Huge Titan Anime Preview

To explain, let’s look at the clues we may find on how Titan bodies are built. This comes after a blasted Zeke’s lower body. It will be a massive spoiler for those who have collected their bravery and read on beyond the spoiler warning if I tell you what it implies.

We observe a lovely girl named Ymir recreating Zeke’s corpse out of the sand. Perhaps in another reality where time moves much faster, the girl builds Titan bodies or fixes Titan and Titan shifter injured body component. Because of his royal heritage, Zeke can recollect this information that others cannot.

The important lesson from this occurrence is that we now understand how Titan bodies are formed. Another intriguing element is that Ackerman does not heal like the other Titan shifters we know from the Mikasa case. As a result, if I were to estimate how the process for switching to Titan works, it may be something like this: It goes like this:

Allow the serum to enter your body at first. When the serum comes into touch with Eldian blood, it transmits messages to Ymir. Then she constructs her Titan body. Titan shifters have it easier since they are direct descendants of Titan, the Founding Titan.

Finally, the author Isayama is responsible for finding a solution. He provided no detailed explanation of how the metamorphosis principle works. The preceding description is only my hypothesis based on the facts at the table) and, more crucially, what biological distinctions Ackerman’s have.

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