World Brain Tumour day

World Brain Tumour day

On June 8, the German Brain Tumour Association declared World Brain Tumour Day for the first time. The brain tumour is a rare but life-threatening condition. The second most common type of cancer in children under the age of 12 is brain tumors. We all are aware that brain tumor could be one of the most horrendous diseases which one can go through, and over the years it has consumed multiple lives in the past.

As a result, it is critical to raise public awareness and support impacted patients and their families.

What exactly is a brain tumor?

A brain tumor develops when cells grow at an abnormal rate, resulting in a mass of aberrant cells, just like any other tumor in the body. Whether benign or malignant (cancer), these tumors grow for a different amount of time because the brain is encased within the skull; when excess tumor cells begin to form in the brain, the pressure within the limited area of the skull rises and causing brain tumor.

What factors contribute to the development of a brain tumor?

The etiology of the brain tumor has yet to be determined. The following are some of the factors that may increase the likelihood of it occurring.

  • Ionizing radiation exposure during brain or head cancer therapy
  • Gene factors that are passed down across generations
  • A serious head injury
  • Excessive chemical exposure
  • A bad way of life

Brain tumor diagnosis and therapy

The introduction of CT scans and MRIs has made brain tumor diagnosis simple, accurate, and non-invasive. Even before undergoing surgery for biopsy or excision of these tumors, imaging techniques such as MR spectroscopy, SPECT, PET, and cerebral blood flow investigations provide further information on the nature of these tumors.

If the tumor is detected early on and therapy is started right once, there is a good possibility of fighting brain tumors.

Most benign tumors can be eliminated. If a portion of a benign tumor is left behind to spare essential nerves, second-stage therapy in the form of a gamma knife or cyberknife for the remaining tumor may cure the condition.

In malignant tumors, a three-pronged approach is used: surgery, irradiation, and chemotherapy, depending on the stage of malignancy.

What is the background to World Brain Tumour Day?

The German Brain Tumor Association, a non-profit organization, founded World Brain Tumor Day. On the 8th of June, the Association declared World Brain Tumor Day.

The German Brain Tumor Association was created in 1998, and since then, it has grown to over 500 members from 14 different countries.

Patients with brain tumors, their relatives, and prominent medical organizations worldwide provide encouraging and inclined assistance to the association. This non-profit organization aids in the encouragement and recovery of those who the unrest has touched.

What is the significance of World Brain Tumour Day?

World Brain Tumor Day is observed to raise awareness among the general public about brain tumors and encourage them to get routine screening to diagnose brain tumors. The day is also commemorated for the following reasons:

  • Please support those who have been affected and give them hope for a speedy recovery.
  • Appreciate the individuals who are all combating the tumor in their daily lives.
  • Campaigns are held to gather donations to assist those afflicted yet unable to pay for their treatment.

There are thousands of people who have to battle through tumour right from a young age, and have faced a lot since then. Hence, on this day we must celebrate those individuals in the best way possible we can and also communicate to them how big warriors they are and have become.

Also the primary focus of the day is the same as the name suggests to raise as much awareness as possible, and make people aware of what is happening. People who have been affected by it, are also given proper guidance and assistance to combat.

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