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World Coconut Day – 2 September

The 2nd of September is World Coconut Day. The major goal of this day is to raise awareness about the value of coconut and its advantages all over the world. The Asian and Pacific Coconut Community (APCC) celebrates the day in particular in countries in the Asian and Pacific regions, which are home to most of the world’s coconut growing centres. Coconuts are regarded as members of the drupe family.

This is a fleshy fruit that is mainly planted in tropical regions. Coconut is considered as the rich and high source of lauric acid and electrolytes and is known for having some extreme properties of antioxidants, anti-fungal, anti-viral etc.

Currently, Coconuts are naturally produced in 80+ countries across the globe. Amongst all the countries, India is supposed to be the country that has the maximum supply of coconuts and is at the third name just behind Indonesia which is currently at the top.

History of World Coconut Day

In the year 2009, the inaugural World Coconut Day was observed. Since then, the APCC, or Asian and Pacific Coconut Community, has made it an annual tradition to commemorate the day with great zeal.

The Coconut Development Board of India held a World Coconut Day celebration at the NEDFI Convention Centre in Guwahati, Assam. During the ceremony, Chief Minister TarunGogoihonors 15 people who have outshined in coconut farming, industry, and other coconut-related endeavours.

Assam is India’s second-largest coconut-producing state, and the CDB decided to hold the national-level celebration there this year. Coconut agriculture covers around 33,493 hectares in seven NE states, with Assam alone cultivating 20,368 hectares.

The current serving headquarters of this organization is in Jakarta, Indonesia. The previous year’s theme was “Coconut for Wellness.” The Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology in Odisha hosted the 2019 celebrations.

In India World Coconut Day

The APCC and the Coconut Development Board (CDB) have a tight relationship. Every year on World Coconut Day, the organization organizes a variety of events and celebrations. The CBD’s headquarters are in Kochi, Kerala. The organization includes a large number of regional offices and state and central offices, and its work is well-received across the country.

They engage in a variety of coconut-related promotional initiatives, emphasizing the tree’s importance and spiritual value. Because of its divine connection, the coconut tree is also recognized as a holly tree in our country. Because every aspect of the coconut tree is beneficial to humans somehow, it is mentioned in most ancient religious books.

World Coconut Day’s Importance

The goal of World Coconut Day is to raise awareness about the importance of coconut. The Pacific and Asian Coconut Community kicked off the day. Their goal is to raise awareness about the value of coconut and how it can be used to combat poverty by promoting the growth of coconut industries and encouraging investment in them.

India is a member of the APCC, and over 500 coconut farmers from various states assemble to commemorate the occasion. The latest coconut technologies and gadgets are also on display at the day’s events.

World Coconut Day: How to Celebrate

The celebration of World Coconut Day is easy and basic. Coconuts are members of the drupe family, and they’re a big, muscular fruit that’s been growing in tropical areas for a long time.

Coconuts are high in electrolytes and lauric acid and antioxidants, antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties. The entire world reveals in one of nature’s healthiest foods on this day. Use the hashtag #WorldCoconutDay on social media to share your World Coconut Day celebrations.

Although there are a plethora of people who are aware of the importance of consuming coconut, in reality, people do not consume in numbers they should be. There are multiple health benefits of consuming coconut as stated above. Hence, that is why this day is celebrated to make people aware of having coconut regularly.


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